Something's up with the Acolytes and the brotherhood of Mutants. And the brains behind the whole operation, is non other than Erik Lensherr. A.K.A Magneto. I don't own any of the charcters, just the story and ideas. Here goes!

At the Charles Xavier mansion, the mutant children were practicing in the danger room. Bobby, Scott, Jean, Jubilee, Kitty, Kurt, and Rogue. They battled the mechanical tentacles and other robotic probes. "Aw! Man, Why do I always have to be the first one to be eliminated!" Cried out a frustrated Bobby. "That's because ya got ice for brains." Rogue replied as she continued to battle with a tentacle. Just then, a plasma ray came out of one of the hatchets and began shooting. It aimed for Jean. She used her telepathy to evade being shot. However they were deflected to another direction, thus causing it to shoot towards Jubilee behind her back. Kitty was there next to her, so she phased Jubilee. Jubilee saw as the ray went through her and turned to her right to see Kitty holding onto her arm. "Gee Kitty, thanks." "Like, no problem." Jubilee, now aware of the machine, used her powers to short circuit it. "You all are doing very well. Keep up the good work. Remember, calculate your movements against your objectives. Patience is the best way to make an effective attack." Xavier told them via the danger room microphone. Everyone was pushing their very best and to their utmost abilities.

As they continued fighting, they didn't realize that there was a dysfunctional droid in the room. It lost control and began attacking wildly. Every 18 seconds, it would upgrade a level. Each level gave it a certain ability. It was able to dodge, block, shoot, form a protective shield; make itself move extremely fast, increase it's molecular density making it heaver. It made it hard for Scott to shoot it, Kitty to phase through to it, Rogue to use any kind of ability; Jubilee could hit it, but it wasn't doing any good. Kurt tried transporting to it. When he made contact, it had collected so much ionic energy that it shocked him into unconsciousness. The only one who stood a better chance against it was Jean. She lifted it from the ground with all her might with her telekinesis. But as it upgraded to level 15, it's molecular density became heavier and heavier. Jean tried shutting down the controls on the inside with her mind, but it wasn't working. Storm tried to shut it off in the control room. Still, it wouldn't shut down. Xavier used his mind along with jean to double the mind power.

During his time of telepathy, he could sense a greater energy coming from Jean. He didn't get a very good feeling when he felt another kind of power rising in Jean. The harder she pushed, it seem to come forward, trying to take over. "Storm! Listen to me!" He shouted out while grimacing with pain along with sweat rolling down his face. "You have to get that thing to shut down immediately!" "I'm trying Professor, but the systems for it isn't responding! I've tried restarting the session, but the circuits from the machine is effecting everything else!" She panted, trying every deactivation code they had.

While Jean was holding up the heavy machine, Her body began to vibrate, signaling that she had pushed to her limits. But the presence inside of her ceased the opportunity to come forward. Another wave of her power came forward and began to rip the machine apart. Scott saw the inside of the machine and took a shot at it. Apparently it had worked since the machine went down a level. When Scott took that shot, it located his position and return a plasmic blast. Scott didn't see it coming and it knocked him out. Jubilee stood in his place and began fighting plasma with plasma. "I don't know how much longer I can keep this up!" Jubilee screamed giving out of juice. Rogue ran over to Scott's unconscious self and absorbed his power. She joined Jubilee in the blasting. Jean continued to push, ripping the machine apart more. Once again, they decreased the level, knocking it down to level 13. it then lost the ability of ionic energy and some of it's molecular density. This made it easier for kitty to phase through it and dis-configure some of the wiring. This time, the level dropped all the way down to 2. After the dramatic drop, the power Jean and the Professor used on it, crushed the machine. While Jean exited her mental powers, the professor turned his telekinetic ability to Jean and used the rest of his energy to push back the force that threatened to come to surface. Both Jean and the Professor collapsed after much used energy.

The mutants have successfully completed the danger room session, but Kurt, Scott, Jean, and the professor needed immediate care. Storm called to Logan and Hank for assistance. Rogue, Jubilee, and kitty were the only ones who stood unharmed. The danger simulation disappeared and returned back to it's original blue colored wall.

Logan and Hank came in to tow away the harmed students. Logan had Kurt, and Hank carried both Jean and Scott. "We seriously need to get some things fixed around here before someone loses a head." Logan said in his gruff voice. Bobby saw as they walked out with the unconscious students. "What happened?" he asked with concern. "Tha probe in there just went ballistic! Ah'm glad I didn't get hit by that thing." Rogue answered with her arms folded. "Yeah me too." Kitty said. "Although I didn't get hurt by the probe, I'm going to have some burns tomorrow." Jubilee added. "I'm going to go to the infirmary to see how they're doing." kitty said and then hurried to where Hank and Logan were. "I sure hope that everything's fine in there." Rogue said. Storm came down to them and spoke. "You kids have done really well today. Your friends should be okay, but I suggest you to not worry. Carry on with your day and get some rest. You have all deserved it." She glided off afterward.

Rogue, Jubilee and Bobby went upstairs to their miscellaneous activities.

Soon after the professor was taken into the infirmary, he moaned and opened his eyes. "Are you alright professor?" Hank asked. "Yes. Yes I am. How are the other students?" "They're cooperating just fine. They should regain consciousness within the next hour." Storm entered the room, cutting the conversation short. "Professor? How are you?" "Fine. Listen, storm, I have to tell you something very crucial regarding Ms. Grey." Storm stood straighter, giving the professor her undivided attention. "There was a moment when I was using my power to aid Ms. Grey with the dysfunctional probe, that I recognized another force at hand. It was a stupendous amount of power, however scary. Horrifying I may say. But I was able to push it back. How long will it last? I don't know" "Well if it surfaces, wouldn't you be able to send it back again?" "That's the problem, I think this was the only and the last time I could ever achieve that goal. If it releases itself again, I don't think I can retain it. Which brings me back to the time when I saw a glimpse of the future after Apocalypse's defeat. I saw Jean, but she wasn't Jean. I was sure of it. But after today, I am absolutely sure that the being to become of Jean is known as the Phoenix." Storm's eyes glistened in sadness. "Are you saying that Jean will become lost to us?" "I saw the future. I don't know how long it will be before it happens, but I assure you unfortunately, that what is to come is an inevitable." Storm closed her eyes tightly and a tear streamed down her face. She finally spoke. "If it is to happen, then let us spend the time that is happening now with Jean. And let's make it good. Not only for our sake, but for hers as well." Xavier nodded his head in agreement.

At The Brotherhood

Lance was watching television, Blob was stuffing his face with three slices of pizza at a time; Toad was glancing at himself in the bathroom mirror fantasizing over Wanda. "Listen snookums, I will be yours if you want me to. What's that? You want me to? With pleasure, yo!" He began smooching the air as if it was Wanda herself. Pietro and Wanda weren't there. They were out at the park spending more time with each other. Since she lost the hatred for her father, she lost the hatred for her brother as well. "Why does dad always come to us and never allow us to go to him?" Wanda asked. "That's how he's always been. That's why it's pretty much the best to stay in one spot until he finds us on his time. But you don't need to worry about that. Soon after we take care of the X-geeks, then maybe we'll have some time to spare with him." Pietro conversed. "But the time we do spend with him is always because of some kind of plan he has to override humanity. Doesn't he just ever stop for a second. At least for us?" She said. "You know, I never really thought about it. I mean, I'm used to getting things done quicker, but I at least want a few moments with him myself. It feels as though I don't really know him any more." Pietro dropped his head. Both teens were in a melancholic mood. Even though their feelings were mutual, Wanda placed an assuring hand on Pietro's shoulder." One thing I can thank our dad for is bringing you back from the worst of times. Pietro thought to himself.

Their moment was soon interrupted by fire in the shape of a dog. It ran around the bench they were sitting on. In an instance, they knew who it was. "Pyro." They both said in unison. The flaming dog began running down the park's path. They followed. It disappeared by the time they got to a derelict part of the park in the way back of the woods. They looked around and saw no sign of Pyro. "Do you see him?" Pietro asked with his back against his sister's. "No. What is going on?" She said with a serious face. Just then, the ground beneath them caved in. It was a secret entrance. "Whoaaaaaa!" they both screamed as they slid down a metallic slide. Ahead of the slide was a wall. They thought they were going to crash into it, but it was opened and they slid right through.

They came to a stop once the slide ended. "Greetings children." "I know that voice. Father is that you?" Pietro asked. They saw a silhouette approaching them. As he came closer, he revealed himself to them. "My two dearest children. It's been a while. I see you two have become a lot closer now." Magneto said shrewdly. "Yeah, we have. We were just talking about you." Pietro responded. "Is that so? And just what were you conversing?" Wanda spoke up. "We were just talking about spending more time with you. And hoping that we would see a lot more of you." "And so you shall." Magneto followed up immediately. "I have a job for you and your friends." he continued. "Oh come on!" Wanda shouted. "This is exactly what we were talking about. The only time we ever get to see you is if we have to do something dealing with the situation between humans and mutants! Can't we just put a hold on all of that and spend some real time together?" "In time Wanda. The job that I will have you doing will lead up to something wonderful! That way, you can spend all the time you want together for as long as you would like. Until then, we have to make that dream a reality. All good things come to those who wait. Always keep that in mind." Wanda pouted. She really didn't feel like fighting. "Pietro? What say you?" Pietro looked unsure and then said, "Sure. I agree." "Excellent! Now here is what I want you to do. You will be working with the Acolytes." One by one, Sabretooth, Gambit, Pyro, and Colossus emerged from the shadows. "I have a grand plan in store and it will effect all of our lives." Magneto proudly stated. "What's the plan?" Asked a curious Pietro. "That will remain with me, my son. I cannot tell you so soon, I wouldn't want to risk the knowledge getting out. After my many speculations with the X-Men, they will fight to prevent the things they know of from happening. It gives them hope,courage , and an extra boost to push them to the limits to stop it. But how will they have either of those if they have no idea what is being planned?" he grinned an evil grin. "For now, I want you and the rest of the brotherhood members to gather at the Xavier institute and launch an attack. Give it your best." Wanda and Pietro were standing on a panel. The panel lifted them up and out before they could question their father further. "Oh! I hate it when he does this!" Wanda cried out. "But Wanda, you have to assume that what he's doing is for the best. Although I would love to know what he has in mind." Pietro said trying to calm his sister down. "But why would he want us to attack the institute? What could possibly be done there?"

To be continued...