Kitty and Pietro successfully made it all the way down. Except for one thing. Everything that was there that very same day. Was gone. "Oh come on!" Pietro yelled in frustration. "So you brought me all the way out here for a blank trip?" "No! Everything that was here, is gone. He must have relocated himself again." Pietro wanted to throw in the towel and work himself up to what his father wanted. But he wasn't about to give up just yet. There was a bit of silence at first, but both Pietro and Kitty hearkened the sound of another presence. Pietro took Kitty by the hand without warning and sped off in a dark corner. The corner was narrow and thin. Since Pietro was taller, he stood behind Kitty and she stood in front. "Will you stop breathing down my neck." Kitty whispered. "No one is breathing down your neck Pryde." He whispered back. "Just be quiet, like I don't want to be seen." They put their differences aside for a short period of time to watch as Gambit walked through a hidden doorway.

Once he was through, Pietro and kitty phased through the door and immediately took cover behind another dark corner. The saw Gambit taking a few large papers that was spread across the wall. He folded them up and tied a rubber-band around them. He headed back towards the door. As he walked toward to where they were, the pair dared not breathe. Thankfully for them, he walked passed without the slightest suspicion. I wonder what my father has him doing. Pietro wondered. When gambit exited, Pietro spoke up above a whisper. "Hurry. We don't want to lose him." "You mean you don't want to lose him. I came here against my will remember." "Are you always this incompetent?" Pietro asked while they phased through the walls. Kitty rolled her eyes. The best thing about their abilities combined, they moved as quick and quiet as ghosts.

Gambit came to a stop and allowed time for the door of the metallic sphere to open. Pietro knew better that this was his father's work. That meant wherever the sphere went, it would lead him to his father. He also knew that those things moved fast, so he was going to push to his very best and add some speed with his speed. Now that he had a motive instead of just using his powers for gigs, he just might have the ambition to do it. When the door closed, Pietro had Kitty phase them out. "Alright Katherine, when that thing takes off, I'm going to need you to hold on as tight as possible. Since you're not used to the speed that I'm about to go, you need to brace yourself. I don't think your fragile mind could handle so much anyway." For a minute, Kitty thought he was concerned. After his last sentence, she didn't know if he said that for her absolute safety, or just to brag. "You wish my mind was as fragile Maximoff." He dismissed what she said, setting a mark for himself to take off. He knelt down and allowed her to get on his back. "Remind me to buy twelve bottles of the strongest sanitizer." He said sardonically. "Whatever. Jut get ready to go." she said while climbing on. This is so awkward. First we're fighting. The next we're in a dark and abandoned bunker and he's calling me Katherine. Wait a second! Did he like, just call me Katherine?!

The sphere started to rise slowly from the ground. "Get ready to phase us through Katherine." he said in a serious tone. Kitty did as he said but still wondered. Okay, should I like, let him call me Katherine. No one never calls me that. But how does he know what my full name is? I don't remember telling him or any of the brotherhood for that matter. She didn't have enough time to think as Pietro took off like a rocket. She held on to him tighter than she would have imagined. The sphere shot off into the sky like a shooting star. It flew over the city, and was headed over the ocean. It was getting ahead of Kitty and Pietro as he ran on top of the salty water of the Atlantic. Come on! I can't let it get away! Move faster! Faster! Pietro though critically and crucially. His objective was becoming closer. He broke through to a new level of speed. He was moving so fast that it looked like an invisible force was cutting through the water. Since he was moving a lot faster, Kitty had to use Pietro's body as a shield against the hard wind that threatened her to loosen her grip. If she would fall, she would end up in the ocean. Pietro could feel her grip loosening. While keeping his eye on the metal sphere, he reached for her arms that was crossed across his chest. It felt awkward to him too, but he had to do what he had to do.

The sphere was approaching a mass of land. The sphere went into a tube like opening in the middle of a cliff. Pietro halted at the base of the cliff. He witnessed the opening close. Kitty was still holding on like a cat scared stiff. "Alright Pryde, Phase us in and up." he spoke like a true leader. Kitty opened her eyes. She let go of Pietro and climbed off. She glanced behind them and saw the ocean. They were standing on the beach of an island. It was still dark out so the breeze that blew over the ocean was cold. "How did we get here?" "You can't be serious! Did going that fast really scramble your brain?" Pietro yelled. "I meant, how did we get across the ocean?" "I ran." he answered in a duh tone. "You mean like, on the water." "What do you think? You know what what don't think, that shouldn't be hard for a person like you. But still, we have to get in there. Now!" he spoke quickly. "What do you mean I don't think!" "Didn't I just say we needed to be somewhere? You're so slow you're slowing me down." "Shut up Pietro!" "Shut up Pietro." he burlesqued. Kitty just grunted. She took him by the arm and phased them through the base. "Why didn't you just get Kurt to teleport you in and out of places?" "Because he's just not that much fun when it comes to teasing someone. I have to entertain myself somehow. And you fit the bill." "So I'm just some party pack for your entertainment!" "Of course you are! It was very nice of Lance to bring forth a pet Kitty cat." Kitty would have slapped him if she wasn't using her intangibility on themselves.

She phased them up slowly. "Can't you go any faster?!' "If I go too fast, then like, I'll probably end up phasing too far up and risk someone seeing us. I don't know what's up there." All Pietro could do was groan and mutter. "What's so important about your father that you have to risk fraternizing with your enemies?" "That's for me to know, and you to find out." Kitty felt the density of the cliff changing, which meant they had reached their stop. She phased even slower. Slow enough to yield with caution in case someone was there. She phased in a hidden lair. Everything was nothing but metal. There was a metal round table, metal walls, metal floor and doors; metal ceiling, chairs and so on. No one was there. Pietro walked over to two big screens on the wall. Next to the T.V screen was a computer screen the same size. "Whoa! I wonder what he could be doing here." Pietro said in an astonishing whisper. Kitty was getting nervous. She felt like a little lost lamb in a den surrounded by blood thirsty lions. "Um, Maximoff, I think we should go now." "No! Not until I get some answers." "Why are you doing this anyways. You know what you're doing is treason right?" "I don't care. I'm not doing this only for me, but for Wanda too." "Wanda? She put you up to this?" "No! She doesn't even know I went looking for Magneto. I just want to find out whet he's up to so we can get back to our common ground." Their first civil conversation was short lived when the doors came open. Before Kitty could say Pietro's name, he had already gotten them out of view. He stopped by the wall so Kitty could phase them through. Only enough to conceal themselves and still see what was going on.

Both of their hearts started beating fast when they saw Gambit, Pyro, colossus, and none other than Magneto himself. "Excellent work. You all have played your part very well. And I trust that you've gotten the blueprints Gambit?" "Sure ting boss." Gambit handed over the papers he had gotten out of the former bunker. Magneto removed his helmet and set it on the table. He took up the Papers and stuck them on the wall. "I couldn't risk carrying these with me while moving tons of metal. I wanted these to be perfectly preserved." Listen boss," said Pyro, "How come you said that we would be working with the brotherhood on this mission? I didn't see no sign of em'" "Yeah. How come?" Gambit questioned. "The brotherhood played a huge part in this maneuver. The job I had you doing, involving stealing nuclear solutions and sonar instruments would have surely drawn some attention. I sent the brotherhood as a decoy to keep Charles busy mind even busier. Not only that, but having Wanda there gave an opportunity for someone else." After he said that, Sabretooth walked in the room with someone over his shoulder. He laid out the body over the table. Kitty gasped in horror as the figurine on the table was Rogue. Gambit had a look of perplexity. "Gambit don't unda'stand. Why dis particular X-man?" "Because Mystique has informed me about Rogue's abilities to absorb power." While he was speaking, Colossus walked over to the Computer screen and began typing in some codes. The sound of an access approved beep was heard. The floor opened and brought up an incubator with the Juggernaut inside. Magneto continued speaking. "Since Rogue possesses that extraordinary ability, she would have been able to thwart my next plan." He pointed to the Juggernaut. "Play back the video Colossus." Magneto commanded. Colossus deviated from the computer and went to the T.V screen. It was an old video clip of the news when the Juggernaut made his second escape. They watched and understood that Rogue stood a better chance against the Juggernaut making it easier for everyone else. "But that's not all. She has also informed me that she is also able to absorb memories as well. That is why I did not include the brotherhood on this plan. If I was to use them as a decoy, there was a great chance that Rogue would have made skin to skin contact. Ruining everything that I have worked so hard to accomplish." Kitty wanted to go in there and show Magneto who was boss. Pietro was thinking hard. He used us! As decoys! He frowned with anger.

"And why was it a good thing that Wanda was there?" Pyro asked. "Because her power over probability leaves small particles of hexes. Those particles was able to shield Sabretooth as he entered onto the X property. Thus, keeping his scent hidden from Logan. While you two were out retrieving the sonar instruments and nuclear solutions, Colossus here retrieved the Juggernaut. Once again, undetected by the X men." "An' Jus' what are you gonna do with these toys." Asked Gambit, trying to keep his focus off of Rogue. "I'm going to use these things to warp reality into my image." Everyone raised a brow. "And how are ya gonna do dat?" "Do you remember when I had mastermind recreate Wanda's memories? I had to get her under control so she could learn to focus her powers more accurately. She has done well over time and now it's time to move forward in my plan. I needed the nuclear solution to keep Wanda's power level focused at the right amount of energy. Too much and it may go out of control. Too little and it won't work at all. The sonar instruments are used to collect those hexed charged particles and spread them further. Releasing a wave of probability. Although I have tested everything, there is a slight chance that Wanda won't survive the process." Pietro's heart sunk. He had become closer to his sister in the pass time being. He didn't want to lose her again.

Colossus walked back over to the table and spoke. "But, even if she doesn't survive, how are you going to tell the people that care about her?" "I have already thought about it. Yes it would be sad, but it's a risk for all of us mutants to overcome the human race and create a new world order. That is precisely why I couldn't let Pietro find out. I have seen how close those two have become. He just may oppose. That's why I have Mastermind to rearrange our memories of Wanda if such bereavement is to befall us." "And the X-men?" yelled Sabretooth. "Ah yes. The X-men. I have another space opened for one more X member to make my plan unstoppable." he replayed the same video of the Juggernaut being taken down. He paused it when Kitty was phasing the Juggernaut through parts of the dam. "Her!" he pointed at Kitty. Kitty's blood ran cold as her stomach released thousands of butterflies. She and Pietro exchange a look of worry. "Why would you need her?" Sabretooth asked. "Because of her intangibility. Her powers can be used to make this entire machine intangible causing it to be untouchable. And you can't stop what you can't touch."

As Kitty and Pietro stared into each other eyes, she no longer recognized him as her partner in espionage, but as an enemy who would double cross her and turn her in to his father. She began to back up, phasing further into the wall. "Pryde what are you doing?" Pietro wispered as soft as possible but still made his voice strict. "How do I know you're not going to turn me over?" "I'm not going to okay? Hurry and get back so we can finish hearing what's going on." Kitty was stiff. "I don't know. I'm scared." she shivered a bit. "Now's not the time to go acting like a scaredy cat. Look," He took hold of her hand gently, "If we get caught here, then I promise I'll zip us out of here as quick as possible." The way he earnestly stared into her eyes brought her some assurance. The reason was because he had never looked at her that way. Her face went scarlet and her face felt hotter. More so in her cheeks. She thought it was because she was scared. Little did she know, a new feeling was being born inside of her. She came back toward him and they continued their spying. "Now that you all know of my idea." Magneto spoke up, "Let's set move on to the next step. This here is a mutant known as Forge." Mystique walked in behind Forge, leading him in the room with his hands bound together. "This is the mutant that made everything Possible. He is going to turn these Sonar instruments into a particle aggregator. Sonars produce waves of sound. He is going to make it where it will produce a different kind of wave." Pyro, Sabretooth, Colossus, and Mystique gave magneto a round of applause. Gambit was caught in between feelings. "I appreciate your cooperation. In less than a month, This world will belong to the mutants. Take them away." He signaled for Forge and Rogue to be locked away. Kitty wanted to go in there and take Rogue back. She remembered what the Professor said. I have to calculate my moves and have patience for my attacks to be effective. If I barge in now, then they can get to me easier and I could jeopardize everything. It took everything in her to hold herself back.

Mystique led Forge away while Sabretooth handled Rogue. Upon removing her from the table, A rectangular piece of purple paper fell from her pocket. Gambit recognized the color and design. He picked it up and stared at the picture of the Queen of Hearts. He had given her that card when she helped free his father from an opposing family. He gripped the card tightly and a look of confusion crept on his face. What should I do, Cherรจ?