Magneto directed Sabretooth to guard Forge in case he got any ideas of trying to escape again. Colossus programed the juggernaut's incubator to go back below the floor. Once he was done, he received his directions from Magneto. Colosuss was to go down and assist Forge by moving heavy objects around for him. Mystique went to handle other business. Pyro and Gambit were set to wait for the transformation of the sonar instruments to be transformed and then spread across the seven continents. "It's about time!" Said Pyro exiting the room, "I thought this meeting would never end! I want more action than words." Gambit went through the same door as Mystique and Sabretooth. Magneto left as well. His destination unknown. Once the coast was clear, Pietro turned to Kitty, "Alright. I got all the information I needed. Let's get out of here." He said disappointed. "No! We can't leave just yet. I want to check something out." Kitty insisted. "What could you possibly want to check? Didn't you just hear what was going on. You're a part of this plan. Would you really risk getting caugh?" Pietro explained. Kitty put on a face of perplexity. "Is it me? Or does it seem like you're trying to help me?" "I'm not trying to okay." he blushed a bit. He didn't understand why, but he did. "Like, just bear with me one moment. I have to see something." Kitty pleaded. Pietro sighed and gave in. "Fine. But be quick about it." Kitty phased them into the now vacant room and then through the door that Gambit went through a few moments ago.

"Where are you taking us?" Pietro whispered. "We're following Gambit." "Again? Why?" "I want to speak with him." Pietro pulled back and made it difficult for Kitty to pull him. "Why are you stopping?" Kitty asked. "Why would you want to talk to him? You forget that he's part of the group that's supposed to take you captive right?" "I have to give this a chance. If I don't do this now, I'm afraid I may regret it somewhere in the future. You have to let me do this." Pietro didn't want to go, but he figured that he should let her. He continued walking. "Thanks." she said with a smile. "Don't thank me yet. It's not like either of us can see in the future." he shrugged. Kitty rolled her eyes. Pietro used his speeding ability to glide quicker through the walls. They caught up with gambit in no time. "Blast!" Kitty shout-whispered. "What is it?" There's a doorway in front of us. We would have to walk out to go through the other wall. But Sabretooth and Colossus is in there." Pietro had a look for himself. Forge was sweating and slaving over machinery. Sabretooth kept a close eye on him. Colossus was taking huge amounts of forged metal and building them onto some king of satellite dish-looking contraption. That room too was made out of metal.

"Alright Pryde, keep up your intangibility." Kitty did as she was told. "Okay let's move."He commanded. "I just told you if I do, then we would risk showing ourselves." Kitty argued. "You do realize we're in the opposite wall don't you?" kitty peeped out. They were indeed in the opposite wall. "When did we..." "I'm speed remember. I think you might want to get checked for short-term memory loss." Kitty frowned and kept walking. Gambit headed to the room where Rogue was held captive. He was the only one in there. He stood in front of where Rogue was and looked at the card. He recalled when he first placed it in her hand. He sighed a sigh of isolation.

"Hey." kitty said shyly. Gambit whirled around to the first sound in combat mode. "Whatta you doin' here at this time of night?" Gambit said with his staff staff pointed at them. Pietro stood in front. "Pietro? Are you here with her?" He demanded. Kitty phased through Pietro to stand in front. "Listen we didn't come here to fight. I saw how you looked when they brought Rogue in." Gambit eased up a little. "And what did you see?" he said defensively. "I saw a look of loneliness and wanting." kitty said sincerely. "Rogue told me about you, her, and the card. How you gave her new hope when you two went down to Louisiana to save your father. Rogue is my roommate so she tells me everything." Gambit unfurled his brows and lowered his staff. "She never tells anyone, But I know she thinks about you all the time. I know because she just like, stares at the card as if it's talking to her. Sometimes she even whispers your name in her sleep. Would you risk losing her trust if she found out that you put her in harms way and you didn't do anything to save her? I know rogue. And once you lose her trust, you pretty much lose it forever. The look you gave tonight makes me wonder if you feel the same way about her." Kitty spoke like a true dramatic actress. Pietro alternated his gaze between the two. He saw the tension ease in gambit. Wow! I never knew you had it in ya Pryde. He thought in amazement. Gambit turned to look at a helpless Rogue latched up in her glass prison. He gripped the card in his hand ever tighter. He turned back to face them. "Why are you here with her Pietro?" he asked. "That's my business. I plan on keeping that to myself." he said with an attitude. "Well whateva' tha reason, you two betta head on outta here before someone sees ya." "But, what about Rogue?" "Worry about her later, we have to go." Pietro took kitty by the hand. Kitty didn't want to leave without her friend. "Why do we have to leave her?" kitty begged for an answer as she phased them out. "Because if they go back in there and find her missing, then they'll know someone was here." Kitty made since out of what Pietro said. She shed a tear and continued to go.

Gambit saw the pair leave. He turned back around to Rogue. Kitty's explanation rung in his head. Just starring at her made him feel guilty. As if he had already lost her trust. He began typing the access code in the control panel when Pyro entered the room.

Pietro and Kitty left the way they came. Once they got back out to the beach, Kitty climbed on Pietro back. It didn't feel as weird as the first time, but still weird. She looked back one final time hoping that Gambit would make the right decision. Pietro took off across the Atlantic from the remote island. It took thirty seconds for them to reach the institute. He eluded the mansion's weapon system and ran kitty to the front door. The lights were out which meant everyone was sleeping. Kitty felt a draft and rubbed her burning eyes. Pietro grabbed her firmly by the shoulders. "Listen Pryde, I don't want you telling anyone about tonight.." "How am I going to keep that a secret when I'm living with two telepaths? Besides, how am I going to explain where I've been?" "Jut say you were being chased by a dog." "Why a dog?" "Because dogs chase cats." "Don't start with me Pietro. Like, I oughtta beat you up for half the things you said to me." She balled her fist. "Fine, just say you wanted to go for a walk and you lost track of time." "That's better." She said easing up. For some reason, Pietro looked to the right and saw a shadow of a person. "Hold that thought Pryde someones' coming. Kitty phased them through the wall of the mansion where they stood in the shadows of the room with the grand staircase. They was able to see the night visitor as she came in. Mystique! Kitty thought. She morphed into Rogue and Proceeded up the stairs. It took Pietro five seconds to rush them out the front door, run through the back, and brought kitty to her room.

He threw her onto the bed. "Don't let her know that you know she isn't Rogue okay." "Pietro why are you helping me?" Kitty asked. Pietro looked the other way. "I have to go now. Remember don't let anyone know." he used the window to leave. "Wait Pietro!" she called in a whisper. She heard the reverberant sound of the door knob and hopped to a sleeping position. She trembled in bed as she heard the footsteps of the stranger who was posing as her friend and roommate. She swallowed a big gulp and tried not to make a move. Pietro must have been moving really fast since we got here before she did. I just hope I can keep it together around the others. Mystique entered the bed as the form of Rogue and lied down. After 20 minutes of lying in the irking stillness, kitty was sure that the imposter was well asleep. She phased from her bed to avoid the springy noises from the mattress. She crept across the room with her eye on fraudulent Rogue. She moved her hand through the dresser to grab a change of clothes and continued her trek across the room. She walked right through the door and went to the bathroom to take a shower. While in there, she let the hot water run down her face as she tried to untangle the thoughts in her head. Why is Pietro helping me? It was just a few hours ago we were battling right outside. Then he's asking me for help and now I don't know whether to look at him as an enemy anymore. I just hope everything turns out okay in the end.

A few miles away at the brotherhood house, Pietro made it back in. The lights were out there too. Although it was dark, he could still see that the kitchen was a wreck from earlier. There's another thing they can add to the seven wonders of the world. First ever half kitchen half bathroom. Now how about that. He thought. Before he went to his own room, he stopped in front of Wanda's door. He creaked it open and walked over to his sleeping sister. All he could do was stare at her and remember what his father said. How could he? Why risk her life? It's just not worth it. Wanda I don't know how you knew, but you were right. He is having us fight for what he wants. If he's willing to put you in harm's way, then there's no guarantee that he won't do the same to me. I just wonder what he'll do to me if he finds out that I was spying in him with a member of the X-Men. The very same one he's planning on using. Pietro didn't want to think on it anymore. He silently walked back out of the room. He wanted to take a shower, but that was in the kitchen. "I'll just go somewhere else in the morning." He said to himself. He went to the room and closed the door.

Both Kitty and Pietro found it hard to sleep. Everything that they heard weighed in on them. Kitty was scared for her life and Pietro, for his sister's. They tossed and turned all night, restlessly. Hoping to find a way out. If there was a way out. Then they figured to play it by ear. until then, they'd play along and get through whatever come what may.

The next story is going to explain how Sabretooth got to Rogue. In the meantime, I hope this was a good story. Hopefully I can get the next up within a week or two .