The Inazuma Games

Chapter Two: The Train

Akane's P.O.V.

I sit down on the sofa in the small room. It's time to say goodbye to all my friends and family. This is going to be very hard. The door opens and the first two persons that step inside are my mother and Miyuki. My little sister immediately begins to cry and wraps her arms around my waist.

''Akane, you can't go!'' She says smothered.

Instantly, I feel my own tears burning in my eyes.

''I have to, Miyuki. I don't have a choice.''

''I don't want it! Please, stay here!''

I swallow the lump in my throat away.

''You know very well that that's not possible.''

Miyuki slowly nods.

''Please do your best in the arena, okay? You have to come back! After that, I can braid your hair again and you can read bedtime stories. And you promised you would once learn me all the secrets of the forest.''

Now, I don't hold my tears back anymore. They slowly roll over my cheeks and drip on the floor.

''I'll do my best, Miyuki. I promise.''

Then, Miyuki steps aside and my mother wraps me in a hug.

''There are so many things going through my mind.'' She says.

I wrap my own arms around her lean figure and pull her closer.

''Don't speak them out loud, please.'' I whisper back.

''Good luck, sweetie. Miyuki and I will root for you. Everybody in district twelve will. Stay strong.''

''I will, mom. I'll do the best I can.''

My mother nods in approval, while tears run down her cheeks. Then, a peacekeeper of district twelve opens the door and beckons my family to leave. My mother silently leaves the room but Miyuki clings tightly onto my leg.

''No, I don't want to go!'' She shouts loud.

The peacekeeper pulls her away and lifts her up, while Miyuki begins to writhe in his arms.

''Let me go! Akane! AKANE!''

Then, the door falls back in its lock and I'm all alone again. I slowly lower myself on the couch, while I clasp my shaky hands together. Tears keep dripping and I've never felt so sad before. Two minutes, I stay like that. Then, the door opens again and Ranmaru steps inside. I immediately jump up and tightly hug his muscled body.

''Ranmaru.'' I say smothered.

He wraps his arms tightly around me and strokes my hair.

''Why did it have to be you.'' He murmured sad.

''I-I don't want to go! I'm scared. I'm gonna die!'' I blurt out.

''Don't say that. There is a chance you're going to make it. You know a lot about the forest. You know how to hunt, even though you don't want to do it. You're good in tree climbing, making snares, fishing and all that kind of things. You'll be okay.'' Ranmaru tries to sooth me.

''Ranmaru, I don't even know if the arena is going to be a forest. It could be made of ice or sand as well.'' I reply.

Ranmaru sighs.

''Just keep faith, Akane. I believe in you.''

I smile sadly.

''Thank you.''

We stay in that embrace for another two minutes, both now saying a word and just enjoying each others warmth. After a moment, he pulls away and starts untying the knot of the woven bracelet around his wrist. Then, he ties the bracelet around my left wrist.

''Please take this as your token. Make it remember you that I'm always by your side.'' Ranmaru says serious.

I nod and hug him again.

''Thank you so much.'' I whisper.

Then, a peacekeeper comes in to take Ranmaru away.

''No, not yet! Ranmaru!''


''Please, don't let my family starve! Take care of them!''

''I promise!''

Then, the door closes and Ranmaru is gone. I crouch down onto the ground and keep on crying. These short moments with my loved ones are so painful. I don't want to say goodbye to them yet. I don't want to die!

''Please save me.'' I whisper in the void.

A peacekeeper comes in and tells me its time to head towards the train station.

''Now already?'' I ask shocked.

He nods.

''There aren't more visitors for you.'' He replies.

It's not that I was expecting somebody else to visit me. Things are just happening so fast.

''I-I'm coming.'' I stammer, following him out of the room.

In the hallway, Hoshino is waiting for me with her way too excited smile.

''There is our pretty girl!'' She says.

I don't want to speak, my shyness returning. I look around.

''Where is Shindou?'' I ask.

''He already headed towards the train station with Kidou Yuuto.'' Hoshino replies.

I nod and follow Hoshino out of the town hall. We take the door on the backside and step into a car that's prepared for us. I've never been into a car before, so it's rather unusual for me. But I don't pay too much attention towards it.

''Tokyo is such a wonderful place! The food is delicious and there are party's everyday!'' Hoshino starts rattling, once we sit down in the back.

I shut out her sounds and stare out of the window, my hand resting on my hand palm. The crowd on the town square slowly disappears from my eye sight and the train station comes in sight. In five minutes, the car stops and somebody opens my door. I step outside and immediately get greeted by press people. Cameras are flashing everywhere and microphones are pushed in my direction.

''Yamana Akane!'' I hear everywhere.

I see big TV camera's and know that I'm being filmed. Hoshino puts her arm around my shoulders and guides me through the big crowd. I'm thankful that I don't have to speak with them.

''Just ignore them, Yamana-san. Just go on the platform.'' Hoshino keeps saying.

I walk onto the platform and see Shindou and Kidou talking with each other. Once I arrive, they look my way.

''All set!'' Hoshino says in a cheery tone.

At that point, a giant, expensive-looking, silver train enters the station and the doors open.

''Get inside!'' Hoshino orders, while the press appears again.

I feel a gentle push in my back and I quickly step into the train, my vision blinded by all the flashes of the cameras. Once the door closes behind us, the sounds fade away and it's finally quiet. I let out a sigh.

''Is it going to be like this in Tokyo too?'' Shindou asks.

Kidou nods.

''Get used to it. From this point on, you'll be seen as some sort of celebrity.'' He replies.

''We're just a funny joke for them.'' I murmur.

Shindou catches my sentences and I can see in his eyes that he agrees.

''Well, let's show you two your rooms.'' Hoshino says happily.

We follow her towards another train compartment.

''Your bedrooms are located here. The left room is Yamana-san's bedroom, the right one Shindou's,'' Hoshino tells us. ''You have time to rest now. In a few hours, dinner will be served.''

Then, she leaves us behind. I stare silently at Shindou. He stares back.

''What is it?'' He finally says.

I blush.

''N-Nothing. Sorry for staring. Excuse me now.''

I quickly enter my room and lock it behind me. Why was I staring? I hear footsteps and a door open and close. I guess Shindou also entered his room. I look around in my own. It's pretty small, with only one bed inside with white sheets, a wardrobe, a mirror, a nightstand and another door. I open the other door and enter a private bathroom with a toilet, sink and walk-in shower.

''Wow!'' I gasp.

I had never seen so much luxury in my life before. I walk back towards my bedroom and lower myself on my bed. It self very soft and comfortable. I lie down on the bed, resting my head in the pillow and slowly relax. Then, the fatigue of all the stress, camera's and sad goodbyes catches up to me and I fall asleep.

''Yamana-san! Time for dinner!'' I hear Hoshino's cheery voice.

I open my eyes in surprise. I take in my surroundings. This isn't my bedroom?! Then, it all comes back. I'm in the Inazuma Games. I slowly stand up from my bed and unlock my door. I walk back towards the dining carriage and see everybody else already there. I take the seat next to Shindou and in opposite of Hoshino. I suppress a yawn.

''Did you fall asleep?'' Kidou asks me.

I nod.

''I guess everything wore me out.'' I reply.

''That is understandable.'' Kidou says.

He smiles at me.

''I believe I haven't properly introduced myself yet, even though you must know me.''

I nod respectful.

''Oh yes, Kidou Yuuto, the winner of the 53th Inazuma Games. It's an honor.''

Kidou smiles back at me.

''The pleasure is all mine. Now, enjoy dinner.''

Hoshino beckoned some servants and dinner got served. I'm sure that me and Shindou's eyes bulged as soon as we saw all the food. We've never seen so much expensive food in our lives.

''That's… for us?'' Shindou asks.

''Yes it is, so enjoy.'' Hoshino replies.

''Oh, I'm sure I'll enjoy it.'' Shindou says with widened eyes.

I smile. Then, we all start to eat. I slowly take the first bite of a delicious pork dish that's on my plate. Instantly, a sensation of flavor fills my mouth and I immediately take another bite. Shindou and I stuff ourselves with all the food on the table, until I feel like I'm going to explode.

''That was delicious.'' Shindou sighs.

''It really was.'' I add.

''Glad to see you two liked it so much.'' Hoshino smiles.

''Now, it's time for me to get to know you two a bit.'' Kidou says to me and Shindou.

We both nod.

''Follow me.'' He says.

We follow Kidou towards the lounge carriage. Shindou and I sit down on a soft, beige couch while Kidou sits in opposite of us in an armchair of the same fabric and color.

''So, Shindou Takuto and Yamana Akane,'' Kidou speaks. ''You two must be very overwhelmed by everything that has happened so far.''

We both nod.

''I still don't believe that this is all happening.'' Shindou replies.

''I don't want to believe it.'' I add softly.

Kidou and Shindou look towards me and I stare at my hands in my lap.

''I understand you, Yamana-san, but you must accept that this is happening. You're soon going to be in the Inazuma Games. You need to be well prepared.'' Kidou says to me.

I nod.

''I know.'' I whisper softly back.

''So, any ideas so far?'' Shindou asks Kidou.

Kidou sits back and folds his left leg over his right.

''Well, the best advice I can give is: Stay alive. But I know that's easier said than done.''

''So, any tactics? Strategies? Plans?'' Shindou asks.

''Well, before I can make up plans for the two of you, I first need to get to know you two better. Like what your abilities are.'' Kidou replies.

Shindou nods.

''So, tell me about yourself, Shindou.''

Shindou starts telling about his life. That he's the baker's son and about his family. It's a fascinating story and I have to admit that I like to hear about Shindou's life. I don't know him that well.

''Right. I bet that's also the way why you're so muscled.'' Kidou replies.

Shindou blushes a bit.

''I'm not that muscled. I just carry large bags of flour everyday and knead bread.''

''That's impressive.'' I say with a smile.

Shindou smiles back at me.

''But not as impressive as what you do.'' He replies.

My eyes widen. How can he possibly know about that?

''Yamana is very skilled,'' Shindou starts saying to Kidou. ''She has a very wide knowledge about the forest and knows how to hunt.''

''B-But you're way stronger than me, Shindou. Don't talk yourself down. I look up to you in this games.'' I reply.

''Come on, Yamana. You know that your knowledge comes way more in handy than my muscles.'' Shindou replies.

''We're not even sure we're going to be in a forest arena!'' I defend myself.

''Easy, you two.'' Kidou shushes us.

He looks at the both of us.

''You both have potential to become fighters. It's important that you learn as much things in the training centre that you don't know. Like throwing knives and that kind of things. Don't show your specialties yet. Save them for the private session for the Gamemakers.''

Shindou and I both nod. We talk a bit further about the Inazuma Games, about Kidou's own experiences and about tactics. Hours pass by and before we know it, it's dark outside.

''Look at the time, it's ten p.m. It's best if you two go to bed. Tomorrow, we'll arrive in Tokyo. You need to look fit then. Now, good night. I'll see you tomorrow.'' Kidou says.

''Good night, Kidou-san.'' I say with a bow.

''See you tomorrow.'' Shindou adds.

Then, we both leave the lounge carriage and head towards our bedrooms. Just before I'm about to enter my own, I turn around and smile at Shindou.

''Good night, Shindou-san.'' I say.

''Good night, Yamana-san.'' He replies with a smile.

Then, I enter my room.

~End of Chapter Two ~

Author Note:

Hi everyone! Here's chapter two of my Inazuma Games story! I hope you all like so far. I'm a huge fan of the Hunger Games and this idea just suddenly popped into my mind. I really enjoy writing this story. Please let me know in your reviews what you think. Next up: Entering Tokyo. Please continue to support me. Lots of love! xoxo Ayasumi Mamera, aka Mamera-chan.