Second Chances

It was the Friday after Aria and Ezra broke up. Aria was thinking about the first time that she met Ezra at Hollis Bar & Grill. She broke up with because he needed a job to support him and Malcolm. who looks more like Caleb's dad.


"Can I get a cheeseburger" Aria asked. She was just in the middle of eating her cheeseburger when she noticed the missing poster for Alison. She missed her deeply. She and this one guy was next to her was drinking whisky.

"Are you ok" Ezra asked.

"Yeah, I'm just a bit jet jagged" Aria said while moving closer to Ezra.

"Where about were you"

"Iceland" Aria said while finishing her cheeseburger.

"I was in Scotland studying Robert Burns and other famous Scottish Poets"

"That sounds amazing better than me being in Iceland for a full year" Aria said while sipping on her coke.

"Omg i love this song"

"B-26" Ezra said.

Aria looked at him in amazement. Ezra smiled back at her. He said that he would like to get to know Aria better.

"I would like to know about you to" Aria answered him back smiling

Aria up to go to the bathroom, Ezra followed her and attacked her lips. He lifted her up to the bathroom and stood in between her legs, Aria stopped kissing him and smiled at him before starting to kiss him more. He moves his hands so they were cupping her waist. Her phone started ringing.

"Yes dad, I'll be right home" Aria said before jumping off the bathroom counter before walking out hand in hand with Ezra.

"Sorry I have to go" Aria said while giving Ezra a goodbye kiss. Ezra walked her out to her car before giving her one last kiss. She drove off, smiled and waved to Ezra whilst passing him.

(Flashback Ends)

"Aria" Spencer said.

"Aria!" Hanna said while waving her hand front of Aria's face.

"ARIAA!" Emily said shaking Aria.

Aria suddenly snapped out her daze and looked at her three best friends.

"Sorry i was just thinking about the first time that me and Ezra met" Aria said while looking down at her feet.

"I miss Fitzy" Hanna said.

"Really Han now?" Spencer said while comforting Aria who was nearly in tears, thinking of the good times she spent with Ezra.

"Sorry but I do miss him , the only time when I see him is when I'm babysitting Malcolm" Hanna said while eating her salad with a small smile.

"I miss him too" Aria said sadly.

"Well it's for the best , what if Malcolm isn't really his? Emily asked.

"Yeah that is possible, He doesn't really look like Ezra." Aria said once blowing her nose with a tissue.

"We need to find Maggie's diary, I heard that she keeps on in her car" Spencer said.

"How did you possible know that" Aria said confused.

"I heard Malcolm saying it to Maggie when she came to Malcolm when I was babysitting him" Hanna said.


Hanna was just walking towards the elevator at Ezra's apartment block when she heard part of Maggie & Malcolm's conversation.

"Mummy keeps her diary in her car"

Hanna just stood her confused. What was Maggie hiding? Was Malcolm not really Ezra's?

Malcolm looked a lot more like Caleb's dad but it couldn't be, how could Maggie know Caleb's dad. Hanna just kept on walking to the front of his apartment building.

(Flashback ends)

Aria, Emily & Spencer just looked at Hanna puzzled, Ezra looked over the girls who were talking. He reached them and smiled.

"Hello Ladies" Ezra said smiling.

"Sorry.. i have to go , see you's later" Aria stuttered and started walking away.

"What's up with Aria?" Ezra asked

"She's probably just got her period." Spencer joked. Emily and Spencer let out a small laugh.

"really.. what is wrong?" Ezra asked again, this time getting slightly worried.

"No she got a flashback of the two of you's meeting" Emily said while checking Facebook.

"Oh" Ezra said flatly

"She'll come around" Spencer said.

"Bye then, tell Aria her essay is due on Monday" Ezra said while walking away.

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