It was six months later, Aria was huge. She was near her due date it was the end of January when she was due.

Aria was complaining that she can't see her feet and Ezra was consistently telling her that she looked beautiful. It was the 24th of January 2014. Aria water broke as soon as she got ready to go to bed at their apartment. She thought she peed herself when Ezra asked if she peed herself but it turned out that her water broke.

They arrived at the hospital. Aria got on a wheelchair and pushed along to a room where she was going to give birth. It was a long 4 hours before Aria gave birth to a little girl called Evie Ana Fitz. She was a carbon copy of her mother. Everyone in her family was there.

Spencer was in the delivery room with Ezra. Ezra was crying at the sight of his new daughter in his hands. Everyone got a hold of the new baby before the nurse told them that they had to leave so the mother and daughter could have a rest.

Evie got put in the baby bed beside her hospital bed before the doctor left the room so that Ezra, Aria and their new baby could have time to their selves.


The next day, in the afternoon Aria got discharged. She got her medicine and then was allowed to go home with her new daughter.

Aria put Evie in the car seat while Ezra put Aria's bag in the back of the car. Aria got settled in the front before they drove off


(A/N –should have a sequel to this story soon, Evie will be a year old, they will be living together and they will be married.)