Second Chances - Chapter 3 Part 3

(Ezra's POV)

I was just sitting at the park bench when I saw Aria & Jake walking hand in hand. They were laughing and stealing kisses every 5 minutes. It was hard seeing Aria with someone new and her own age


"Ezra don't push me to high I could fall off" Aria said through laughing and screaming.

"Okay, I'll be careful" I said, Aria fell off the swing landing on top of me and I wiped away a piece of her hair before going in for a kiss.

"Come on Ezra" Aria said while getting up and sorting herself out.

"Okay I'm up" I said while pecking her on the lips.

"I love you" Aria said going to get her handbag.

"I love you too Ar" I said while going to get my things aswell.

(Flashback Ends)

I missed going to the park on saturdays just laughing and kidding about not caring about the people walking suddenly I bumped into a small brunette.

"Ezra?" Aria asked not knowing what to say.

"Aria" I said.

"Oh sorry I didn't mean to bump into you here, what are you doing here?" Aria asked.

"Oh I'm just here with Malcolm , we're going to get ice cream. what are you doing here" I asked not wanting to know that she was on a date with the new boy in my class.


"Hi Mr Fitz" a boy said while walking into my classroom.

"Hi and what's your name" I asked.

"Jake Jake Mathews, it's nice to meet you Mr Fitz" Jake said.

"Oh take a seat" I said while going to write something on the board.

He took a seat next to Aria. She looked so pretty today.

(Flashback Ends)

Aria suddenly covered her mouth and ran to the toilet. It couldn't be. I must not be thinking straight. Aria came back over and asked Jake if she would go home. maybe she is ill. I went and took Malcolm's hand before going to the ice cream shop. I went home and sighed. The paper bags which me and Aria covered our heads with for our first picture as a couple


I was sitting sleeping peacefully then Aria put her arm over me to get the remote and switching of the tv.

"What are you doing Aria?"

"We're taking our first picture as a couple" Aria said smiling and finishing the brown paper bags with faces on it, one was a woman and one was a man.

"Really Ar?"

"Get in the bag Mr Fitz" Aria said while putting hers on.

"This is nuts" I joked while putting mine on.

I went and put my arm around her shoulders and smiled into the camera then we took them off, I wiped away a piece of her hair and started kissing her.

(Flashback Ends)

I laughed before going to the fridge, I needed Aspirin or something so I went to the pharmacy. I was about to walk in when I saw Aria getting something, It was a long box which said 'Pregnancy Test' luckily she didn't see me.

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