Ace was thinking as he lay on a bed. Yes, Firefist Ace was actually thinking. He was thinking and remembering the strange visions that had started to assault him during his time in Impel Down.

Ace sat, his arms chained above his head, bloody and exhausted. Suddenly, an image- not of the rows of cells in front of him -flashed in front of his eyes. He was in a crib, looking at a tall man with white skin (literally) and, strangely, no nose. Another image came, this one of the same man holding a piece of wood- a wand, he remembered –that was emitting a bright green light. After that, the images kept coming. A pudgy, angry man and a thin woman, reprimanding him with a fat boy smirking at him behind the;, being bullied by that boy and his gang; thousands of letters addressed to a "Harry Potter"; a big man- almost Oyaji's size, or maybe it was just the perspective -bursting through a door; a strange shop with a strange man, trying out millions of wands; a scarlet device giving out steam, similar to the Sea Train from Water 7; a couple of boys- Ron and Malfoy, their names were -; arriving at a giant castle; a voice shouting out "Gryffindor!", whatever that meant.

More and more images came through, sometimes with sounds. He remembered his friends, his (school) House, even some spells. The memories were still jumbled up, the only ordered ones being the first dozen or so. He remembered some names, but had yet to associate them to a single person. He remembered some events, but they felt as if parts were missing and had to be ordered.

He gasped slightly from all the information he had received so suddenly, making Jimbe look at him worriedly. Ace decided to take a nap. When he woke up, he'd start making some sense about what had just happened to him. Maybe he'd tell Jimbe? That seemed like a goo-zzz.

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