My second fanfic



Kick. Kick. Punch. Kick. Punch

"Nice uppercut."

Kick. Kick.

"Kim come on. Talk to me!"

Punch. Kick. Swing Punch.

The frustrated brunnette ran his hands through his soft hair.

The blonde, though thoroughly angered, had to force herself not to watch. She knew she'd break. She wasn't weak.

Jack was not about to give up just yet. In fact, he was not going to give up at all. If anyone could get through to her, he would.

Kick. Punch. Swing Punch.

Exhaustion slowly crept upon her upwards.

Kick. Swing Punch. Punch...

Soon her punchs weakened as her kicks ceased altogether.

She slumped on the mats, sickening sweat and all. She layed down and stared at the ceiling. Who knew it could be so interesting?

Jack walked over to where she was and layed down next to her. Close but still with some personal space between them. For once in the past hour silence filled the dojo. No furious kicks or punchs. No angry grunts or screams. Just silence.

There were no words exchanged. Jack knew that sometimes silence was the best way to help.

'I'm so sorry' or 'It'll get better' were so used, they now didn't seem to have any meaning.

Just silence.

If anyone had been watching, it would have felt like an eternity they had been lying there for. For the two close friends there, it felt like only a few minutes.

Jack sat up and looked at his friend who was deliberately avoiding his gaze. If he looked closely enough, he could see small tears.

Unshed tears. Tears she refused to let fall.

He stood up and stretched his hand out to her. When she finally looked at him, with his pleading eyes, she reluctantly took it.

Ignoring the tingling sensation she got, she stood up.

She couldn't help herself. She pulled him into a huge hug. He didn't pull away.

"Thank you Jack. For staying," she whispered into his ear, her warm breath tickling his ear.

"No problem Kim."