Okay, here it is, the last chapter. I had a lot of fun with this week and with these drabbles and I will try to be more active and write more. I hope you enjoyed reading these things as much as I enjoyed writing them. :)

I apologize beforehand for this chapter though, but given the prompts, this was the best I could think of.

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More Than Words

Day 7: Jack Daniels

She gets home to find him sitting on the couch, eyeing a bottle of whiskey, and debating whether or not to give into temptation. He's told her everything about his addictions, and, in fact, she hasn't seen him touch alcohol for over ten years.

She won't let him start now. Every couple has problems and they're no exception. They simply have to sort them out.

"Are you gonna leave me," he asks, voice breaking, a broken shell of a man.

She doesn't answer. She sits on his lap and kisses his lips softly. "We'll be okay."

They'll be okay.