And all I've seen since 18 hours ago is green eyes and freckles and your smile in the back of my mind making me feel like
I just want to know you better know you better.-Taylor Swift

Raven's P.o.v

"Hiya Raven!" Said Love as I walked towards her. Happy giggled and skipped off leaving me with, well myself.

"Hi... so..." I looked my emotion over. She looked similar to Happy but instead of the bright pink the naive version of herself usually wore Love wore a faint purple outfit. She'd have to remember that later.

"Nice to see you again! Considering last time we meet you ran off. But oh well. Isn't it a lovely day to day!" Love spoke in a high pitch voice and had a pink rose crown in her hair.

"I kinda wanted to know why you're here, I don't love anyone." I usually only had a new emotion come in after feeling a new emotion, so surely if I was in love I would know it.

"Of course you love someone! Everyone does sweetie!" I cringed as Love said sweetie. No one calls me sweetie.

"Um no." I was started to regret coming to see her, but I was curious why she was even here.

"Yep! For instance we're in love with that cute little gree-"

"Nope you must be mistaken I'm not in love with Beast Boy, I mean he annoys the hell out of me!" I noticed that I was pacing as I spoke.

Love just stood there grinning as I paced. "Face it. You're in looooooooove and in denial too. But don't worry you'll admit it eventually!" With that Love winked and walked off leaving me just a bit baffled.

"So not only are you crazy you think you can see the future too." I yelled after Love but she didn't turn. "Whatever.." I pressed my fingers to my temples trying to relieve the slight headache that I began to develop and reappeared into my room.

"Raven... RAAVEN?! Come onnnnn we need a coach for arm wrestling!" Screamed Beast Boy as he banged on my door.

I sighed. Love must have been mistaken. Right?

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