"Raven...? Ray?" Shouted a familiar scratchy voice. I began to hear another voice as well, both being male.

"Dude... She's been out cold for three hours now. I don't think she can hear you." I assumed the voices came from beside me but they sounded miles away.

There was a pause before the other person continued."But. But. You said she'd wake up by now Cy..." Their voice was almost too familiar. I swear their name was on the tip of my tongue but I couldn't remember it for some reason oh well.

"No. I said she might wake up in a few hours since Ray has nothing physically wrong with her, that I can see at least..."

I listened carefully. Nothing wrong with me? That was good I guess since I didn't feel like I was in pain. Actually.. I didn't feel anything. Should I be scared?

"Look BB. She probably just wore herself out. You can stay here if you want but I need to get this " Said what I now assumed to be was Cyborg.

I heard heavy footsteps moving away from me for a moment then a door shutting. Was I alone now? Where was I?

"Stupid Cyborg... Don't worry Raven I won't leave ya here by yourself." Alright no. I wasn't alone.

I could hear a heavy sigh coming from what I had found out was Beast Boy as he drew closer to me.

"I'll be right here when you wake up. I promise." I felt a cool chapped hand being placed over mine as he spoke. "I mean I know you won't be like this long but... I know it can be scary to wake up all alone. Specially in Cyborg's creepy lab thingy." He squeezed my palm lightly, laughing nervously as He then removed it.

And surprisingly, despite normal circumstances Beast Boy's squeeze actually made me relax a little. So instead of stressing out about my current situation I decided to listen to Beast Boy talk.

"You know you scared me back there Ray." I could here him shifting his weight around as he talked to me. "I mean when you first passed out I didn't do anything stupid obviously. But while Cyborg was doing scans I admit I freaked out a little. I thought something might seriously be wrong so... You know."

He began to walk away from where I was laying as he continued to speak. "But I'm glad you're ok. Really really glad actually..."

I spent the next couple of what, maybe hours just listening to Beast Boy talk. About his plans for what movies to rent for Flick Night this coming week, and how he intended to beat both Cyborg and Robin in their current game of Mega Monkeys four. Also about his excitement for Robin and Starfire's date thats apparently happening right now. He then promised that the second they got back to the Tower, Starfire would be right next to him making sure that I was alright. He then told me that the only reason she wasn't here already was because Cyborg made him promise to not tell them.

I wasn't surprised by this actually nor I wasn't upset by it. I say this mainly because it isn't at all a secret that Robin and Starfire are attracted to each other. Cyborg, Beast Boy and even.. I 'ship' it. So I don't want to interrupt their first date.

After some time I began to get tired again, letting my mind slip out of consciousness with ease. Knowing that A) I probably did need the rest and B) because nothing would happen to me with Beast Boy here with me. I say this with confidence because even with my… Undecided feeling about Beast Boy I know that at the very least I can trust him. And well…

I guess that's a start.

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