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(Master to Kitten, Kitten to Master)


[Kitten speech]


Severus and Lucas had finally finished healing Harry. He only had a few scars, but thanks to Severus and his potions you could barely see them. They had also removed the spells and potions that had been given to him. They were both surprised when Harry glowed a faint blue color before a long black cat tail and two black cat ears appeared on him. The lightning bolt scar disappeared.

"Severus, why is Potter a neko? Nobody in his family was a neko, right?" Lucus asked.

"I don't know. Potter's father was a pureblood and last thing I knew Lily was a muggleborn." He answered.


They looked over at Harry to see that he was waking up. Harry suddenly sat up scared. He looked around the room frantically. He looked over and spotted Severus and Lucas. He slowly backed away. They could see that Harry's eyes were slitted like a cat. Harry stared at them for a long time.

Harry realized that he wasn't in pain and looked down at himself. His eyes widened in surprise when he noticed that he was in clothes that actually fit and looked new. He lifted up his shirt and noticed that there were barely any scars.

Lucas sat on the bed and Harry looked up. For some reason he felt safe and protected around this adult. Harry's tail curled around his stomach and looked at it in surprise.

"Huh?" Harry was confused when he felt that the tail was connected to his lower back.

"You also have ears." Lucas said.

Harry reached up and felt that he did indeed have ears. He was now even more confused. He looked up at them both and started to cry, startling the two men.

"What is the matter, child?" Severus asked in alarm.

"I am even more of a freak now." Harry sobbed. Harry looked up when he felt a finger under his chin, lift it up.

"You are NOT a freak." Lucas stated empathizing the not. "You are a baby neko and a wizard. There is nothing wrong with that."

"But uncle Vernon and aunt Petunia said that I was a freak, just like my parents." He cried.

"They were not freaks either, Mr. Potter. Your mum was a healer and your father was an auror." Severus said even though he was defending Potter Sr. The neko looked confused.

"A healer is a doctor and the aurors are the police." Lucas explained.

Harry shook his head. "Aunt Petunia said that my father was a jobless drunk and my mum was a drunken whore."

"She said what? Did she tell you how they died?" Severus asked, trying to keep his temper in check so that he didn't scare Harry.

"Father was driving drunk, arguing with mum, and I was crying in the backseat. He crashed into a tree killing them and leaving a scar over my eye." He told them.

"Harry, your parents died protecting you." The dark haired man said. 'How dare they say that about Lily.'

"How do you know?" Harry looked at Severus in suspicion.

"I knew your parents." The child looked at him in surprise. "They loved you like crazy. They weren't drunks and your mum wasn't a whore."

"So Aunt Petunia lied to me. Was she jealous of mum?" This question surprised them. This was a good guess and question for a four year old.

"Yes she was. Your mum was beautiful, smart, and a witch." Severus stated.

"Was mum and dad nekos? Was only one of them a neko? Was dad a wizard too?" Again Harry surprised them with these questions.

"No, neither of your parents were nekos as far as I knew. Your father was indeed a wizard." He said.

"Why don't I hurt? Why are all the bruises gone and I can barely see the scars?" Severus could see that he took after his mum with being smart.

"I found you thrown away in a garbage can." They saw Harry's eyes tear up. "I brought you to Severus and we both healed you."

"I have created a potion that heals scars, but not completely. Haven't figured out how to do that yet. Before you woke up you glowed faint blue and then grew your cat appendages and your eyes are slitted like a cat." Harry was surprised to hear that. Harry narrowed his eyes.

"Prove that your wizards." Again they were surprised at how smart the four year old was.

Severus and Lucas took out their wands. They both muttered Expecto Patronum. Severus's doe and Lucas's panther patronus appeared. Harry was surprised. He nodded, turned towards Lucas, and asked his next question.

"Why do I feel safe and protected near you? Why do I feel drawn towards you, like I need to always be near you?" They both dropped their jaws.

"We don't know. My guess is that you're both are mates." Severus said.

"Shit!" Lucas exclaimed as Harry's eyes widened. "You can't be serious."

"Why? Do you not like me?" Harry asked as his eyes teared up again and thought that he was going to be rejected once again.

"No, I like you. It's just that you're young and I don't want to take your life away." He reassured him.

"Oh." Harry then yawned.

"Harry, get some rest, okay. You had a long night. We will see you in the morning." The blonde said.

Harry nodded and curled up like a cat on the bed. Lucas stood and they both left. Severus went to his room and Lucas went into the room he used when he visited.