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(Master to Kitten, Kitten to Master)


[Kitten speech]

Playful Banter

After the adults left Harry laid in the bed thinking. He was wondering why it hurt him when he thought that the blonde haired man had rejected him. It didn't even hurt as much when his relatives had rejected him. He was confused about how they knew his name, but he didn't know theirs. He also didn't know why they were taking care of him. He slowly drifted off curled up like a cat.

The next morning Lucas checked on Harry and smiled when he saw that the boy was curled up in a ball in the middle of the bed. The pillows and blankets were on the floor. Harry sat up and rubbed his eyes. Lucas started to silently laugh when Harry turned and stretched out like a cat. He opened his eyes and stared at Lucas.

"Good morning Harry."

"Good morning." Harry tilted his head to the side. "What is your name? You and the dark haired man didn't tell me yesterday."

"We didn't?" Harry shook his head. "Sorry I am Lucas Davet and the dark haired man is Severus Snape."

"It is nice to meet you." The neko said.

"You too, Harry. Now come along Harry, it is time for breakfast." He said.

"Okay." Harry slipped his hand into Lucas's, causing Lucas to smile.

Both made their way down to the dining room with Lucas pointing out each room they passed at Prince manor. Harry looked around the place in awe. He thought that it was the most beautiful house that he had ever been in.

"Do I have to clean this place?" He asked, worried.

"No. You won't clean Prince manor and you won't clean Davet manor in France." Lucas was horrified that Harry thought that he would have to clean the manor.


They continued on their way until they came to the dining room where Severus was already drinking his morning coffee. He looked up to where the pair came in and spotted their conjoined hands. Lucas sat down next to Severus on the right and helped Harry sit next to him.

"Good morning Sev." The blond greeted cheerfully.

"Good morning Severus, sir." Harry greeted.

"Harry, you can drop the sir and good morning to you both. Lucas, don't call me Sev." He scowled at his friend.

"Fine. I will call you Sevvy." He said.

"Don't you dare." Severus threatened as he glared at Lucas.

"Aww, but Sevvy." Lucas whined playfully.

Both adults were startled when Harry giggled. They had forgotten he was there while they were teasing each other. They did this every morning.

"And what is so funny Mr. Potter?" Asked Severus with one eyebrow raised.

"You two are." Harry said with a bright smile.

Harry, for some reason, knew that he was safe with them, especially Lucas. When he was near the blond he felt safe, protected, happy, and loved. He didn't know why, but he was just going to go with it and not think about it. He was only four years old after all.

Lucas filled Harry's plate and then filled his own. He smiled when Harry said thank you, smiled at him, and ate his food. All three ate their breakfast in silence. Lucas and Severus shared a smile knowing that they had gotten Harry to smile.

After they were done Lucas and Severus took Harry to the study. They were going to tell Harry what they were going to be doing today and try to explain what mates were. They were not sure what to explain to a four year old though,

"Harry, today we are going to put a glamour on you to hide your cat ears, tail, and make your eyes look human, okay?" Lucas asked/told Harry.

"Why?" He asked in confusion.

"Well we are going out and some people don't like nekos and others love them so much that they always want to touch them." He informed the neko.

"Oh. Why are we going out?" He asked.

"To get you new clothes." He said.

"I got new clothes? Really?" It hurt their hearts to see Harry like this. This will probably be the first time Harry will own new clothes.

"Yes." Lucas replied to a practically glowing neko.

Harry jumped out of his seat and gave Lucas a hug and then hugged a very surprised Severus. They both saw the bright smile that Harry had on his small face. Severus gave Harry a pair of shrunken clothes and told him to put them on. Lucas left to show Harry the way to the living room and Severus went into the living room.

Harry came bouncing into the room with Lucas. Severus told Lucas to hold Harry and use the floo. Severus went after them. Harry was amazed by the emerald flames and even more amazed by what was on the other end of the fireplace. Before he closed his eyes he was in a living room and when he opened them again he was in another place.