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(Master to Kitten, Kitten to Master)


[Kitten speech]

The boys began their homework the day after they came home. Not all of it but they did some after breakfast and spent the afternoon playing. They didn't want to procrastinate and then panic to get it done.

Sometimes they helped Severus set up his shop. The man was very excited. On other days they played with Vasuki, Alexandre and Nicolas's new son. The boys were loving their summer. Now that Albus was gone they felt no fear to hide.

At the moment Harry was playing with Vasuki and Neville was with his parents. Harry was in his cat form and Vasuki was chasing after him. Alexandre and Nicolas were watching in amusement.

"I'm so glad to see them like this." Alex said.

"Me too. Both have come so far." Nick said.

"I'm pregnant."

"What?" He looked at his mate in shock.

"I'm pregnant." He repeated.

"Yes!" He cheered and kissed Alex.

Harry and Vasuki stopped playing chase and looked at the couple. Both wondered what made them so happy. Alex laughed into the kiss. The two older men were very happy. Harry changed back into his humanoid form.

"What has you two so happy?" He asked.

Nick and Alex looked at the two boys. "Vasuki is going to be an older brother." Alex answered.

"Really?" Harry was very excited about that while Vasuki was confused.

"Yes really." He confirmed.

"Congratulations." He said as he hugged them.

"Thanks Harry." The two said.

"You're welcome."

"Are you okay Vasuki?" Nick asked.

"Why are you so happy? Why will I be an older brother?" The child asked.

Alex and Nick shared a look. Nick knelt down and looked his son in the eyes.

"Alex has a baby growing in his tummy. That means we are going to have a baby and you will be that baby's big brother."

"Oh. Yay!" He cheered.

That made them all laugh. "Yes you are." Alex said.

"Will baby be a kitty like you and Harry?"


"Okay. Can we go back to playing?"

Harry chuckled. "Of course."


The children played for a bit before Nick and Alex took Vasuki home. Harry began planning the perfect gift for the two.


A man was sitting in the middle of what seemed like an abandoned library, He was cackling as he held onto a book.

"Soon master." He said through his laughter. "Soon I will bring you back."

"You better." A weak man said.

"Oh I will. We will then get revenge against Potter and you will rule the world."

"Good. You will be rewarded greatly."

(With Harry and Neville)

The summer went great for the two. At the moment they were planning for their birthday party. Well that was what they were supposed to be doing. They were really trying to find a way to keep Layla from showing up. They had found the woman and she was pissed. No one would put it past her to do something.

"Ugh!" Harry groaned. "I don't know what to do."

"Me either!"

"I can't stand her!"

"Me either." The fairy agreed.

"I don't want her ruining our party."

"I know. Me either."

Harry rolled onto his back and sighed. "Maybe we should go back to party planning. The adults are waiting for our guest list."

"That's true. Too bad Lola can't be here." Neville pouted.

Lola was in Japan with her parents. Her aunt was getting married the day before the boys's birthday and wouldn't be back in time. She sent her apologies and the gifts. The boys were disappointed but understood.

"Me too but at least the others can come."

"That's true. I'm just sad that we won't be in the same tower anymore."

Harry and Neville were in the Cross Room. The cross represented spirituality and healing. Self, wisdom, nature, and a higher power. Lola was in the Dove Room. Doves are a sign of peace and tranquility of the mind.

"Me too."

"Boys?" It was Fay. "How is the guest list coming along?"

"Almost done." Harry said. It was the truth.

"Okay. Take a break and come eat lunch."