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(Master to Kitten, Kitten to Master)


[Kitten speech]

Art Show

Harry was very excited. He had finished up the drawing he had done for the art show. He had submitted it and he waited semi-patiently for the day to come. To Neville's relief it was finally time for the art show.

"Calm down Harry." Neville said as they waited for their family to arrive.

"Sorry." He stopped bouncing.

"It's alright. I know that you are really excited." He smiled at the feline humanoid.

"I am." He agreed.

"Are there any awards?" The fairy asked.

"No. It's just to show off our skills. I'm just excited to see what you all think of my work." He said.

"I'm certain it will be breathtaking." The thirteen year old said.

"I hope so."

"I know so." He confidently said.

"You haven't even seen the drawing." Harry shot him a look.

"I know that but I have seen almost all the other works of art you have done and those were amazing." He said.

"Thanks Neville." That made him feel great.

"You're wel-oomf!" He was cut off by a body crashing into him.

"Hi Neville!" Vasuki screamed as he hugged the fairy close.

"Hi." Came the pained weeze.

"Are you okay?" The naga asked in concern, letting Neville go.

"I am." He coughed a little as Harry giggled.

"What?" He looked confused.

"Nothing." The two said.

"Where are the others?" Harry asked.

"Um…" Vasuki blushed.

"You ran from them when you sensed us, huh?" Neville asked.

"Maybe." He said, suddenly finding a small scuff on his shoe interesting.

"Oh Vasuki." Harry sighed.

"Sorry." He mumbled.

Harry hugged him before pulling back and looking the hatchling in the eyes. "We know you are excited to see us but you can't run off like that."

"I know. I put myself in danger and the others are probably worried." He whispered.

"That's right." He said.

"Vasuki!" Alex yelled and ran over to his son. "Thank goodness." He hugged his son just as Harry pulled away.

"Sorry daddy." He hugged him back.

"Never do that again." He said.

"I won't. I promise." He muttered.

"Good." He kissed his son's forehead before letting go.

"I'm sorry." He said again.

"I know honey. Never do it again and we will be just fine." He said.

"Okay." He sniffled.

Alex took out a mirror and called Nick. "I found him. He was with Harry and Neville." He informed his mate."

"Thank goodness." He signed in relief. "I'll tell the others and meet you over there."


The call hung up. Alex looked down at his son. He was still crying. He smiled and picked him up. He then cuddled him. He then looked at the other two boys.

"Hello Harry, Neville. It's so good to see you both." He said.

"Nice to see you too." They said and hugged him.

"Oh I have missed you both." The older neko said.

"We missed you as well." Harry said.

"It is one of the downsides to a boarding school." Neville pouted.

"Indeed it is." Alex agreed.

"But this year is almost over and then summer begins and we will be able to see you more." The black haired teen said.

"That is true." He smiled. "By the way, thank you again for the picture. The twins and Vasuki love it."

"I do!" The naga excitedly said. "The penguins sliding on heart shaped ice slides are super cute!"

"Aw. You're welcome. I'm really glad you liked it." He smiled.

"There you four are." Nick said as he walked up to them.

"I'm sorry pere!" Vasuki cried.

"Oh Vasuki." Nick sighed as he handed the twins to Harry and Neville before taking his oldest child into his arms. "It's alright."

"I didn't think before I ran!" He cried.

"I know. That's why from now on you will think before you do something, right?"

"Right." He sniffled.

"If you do run off on us again you will be in big trouble." He warned his son.

"I understand."

"Good." He cleaned up his son's face. "Better?"

"Yes pere."

"Good. Now let's wait for the others." He said.


"Stop spoiling the twins." Nick told Harry and Neville.

"Yes Nick." The two pouted.

"They don't need anymore toys." He said in fond exasperation.

"That is a matter of opinion." Harry said. "But we will stop."

"Good." He chuckled.

"I see Fay and Lucas." Vasuki said.

"Severus is with them as well." Nick said.

"Three more down and five more to go." Neville said.

"Hi mum, Lucas, uncle Sev." Harry said as he hugged them.

"Hello Harry." They greeted as they hugged him back. "Hello Neville." They hugged him next.

"Hi Fay, Lucas, uncle Sev."

"Did you like my gift?" Harry asked Severus.

"I loved it." He said.

Harry had drawn a potion bubbling in a cauldron. He used charcoal to make it. It was truly a masterpiece. What Severus loved was the sword and wand mounted on the wall in the background. He added in Severus's love for defense against the dark arts.

"Thank you." He said.

"You're welcome." His tail swished behind him as he smiled.

"Ah there you all are." Augusta said with the rest trailing behind her.

"Merlin, she is fast." Remus panted.

"Always have been." Frank said.

"She could out walk a wolf running." Alice joked.

"Oh shush." August rolled her eyes. "Good evening boys." She hugged them.

"Good evening grams/Augusta." The two greeted as they hugged her back.

"She just knows it's true." Sirius commented.

"Don't make me use a water spell on you." She jokingly warned.

"I'll behave." He moved away from her.

"That's what I thought." She said as Frank, Alice, and Remus hugged the boys.

"Scary." He mock whimpered.

"Brat." She rolled her eyes.

"Why thank you." He chuckled before hugging Neville and Harry. "Hello boys."

"Hi Sirius." The boys said as they giggled.

"Don't encourage him." Augusta told them.

"Yes ma'am." The two saluted.

"Brats. I am surrounded by brats." She muttered.

"Thank you." Sirius, Harry, and Neville all said together.

"Ugh!" Her smile betrayed her true feelings.

"Ready to see some art?" Harry asked.

"We are." The group said.

"Awesome." Harry grinned. "Follow me."

They followed Harry inside the academy. He led them to where the art show was being held. It was in the gallery. The art classes and clubs used the gallery to display art. Harry had seen most of the art when he put his art up. The rest gasped at the creativity of the students.

"These are amazing." Nick said.

"Thank you!" Many students said, really happy with that comment.

"You're welcome." He told them.

"My picture is this way." Harry said.

They followed the neko once more. Soon they came to it and they gasped in awe. It was of Lucas tending to his plants. It was beautiful. It really looked serene.

"It's beautiful Harry. Thank you." Lucas said, very flattered.

"You're welcome." He blushed.

"Harry!" It was Trina, a frost butterfly fairy.

"Hey Trina. What is wrong?" He asked.

"My statue broke." She pouted. "I ran out of clay. Do you have any?" She asked.

"I do. It will be in my cabinet." He said. "Take as much as you need."

"Thank you." She said before running out of the room.

"Will she have enough time?" Vasuki asked.

"Not today but her parents couldn't make it. They will be by in a few days. That is when they will see it." He answered.

"Oh. Well that's good. Wait, can't she use magic?" He asked.

"Depends on what happened. Most likely no."


"Don't worry about it. This time she'll remember to cast an unbreakable spell on her statue." He chuckled. "I did that before."

"Really?" He asked.

"Yup. Second time I made a sculpture. I finished it the next day and it was on the floor, broken." He told them. "I was so upset but I have cast the spell on every artwork ever since." He said.

"I remember that. It was before my parents got their memory back. You made a sculpture of flowers for me and when you found it broken you cried for hours." Neville said.

"I remember as well." Severus said. "Neville called me, panicked. I managed to calm them both down." He was pleased with himself that day.

"Wow. Can we go around and see everyone else's art?" The naga asked.

"Of course." Harry smiled.

They spent hours looking at art. The art professors were thrilled with the amount of people that came and happy to see their students so proud of their own art. The show would definitely happen again.

(With Layla)

Layla smirked as she adjusted her breasts to make them show more cleavage. Once she was satisfied she knocked on Lucas's door. Soon a house-elf answered the door. It rolled its eyes when it saw her.

"Don't you roll your eyes at me." She snapped.

"You are not my mistress. You have no right to order me about. You are also not allowed on my master's property. Please leave willingly before the aurors arrive to do it for you." It told her.

"Listen here you disgusting creature, I am human and that makes me above you. Whether I am your mistress or not you must treat me with the utmost respect. As Lucas's girlfriend I have every right to be here." She said.

"That's funny." A voice from behind her said. "I recall Heir Davet breaking up with you."

"And you are?" She sneered.

"I am auror Janvier." He answered.

"O-oh." She paled at that.

"You are under arrest for trespassing and messing with wards in a private residence." He said as he cuffed her.

"You can't do this!" She yelled.

"You will find that I can. Heir Davet will be informed." He told the house-elf."

"Thank you sir." It bowed.

"You are welcome." It felt odd but after his sister had gotten chewed out by a child he had been polite to them ever since.

He took the deranged woman away and the house-elf shut the door. He went to his master and talked to him. Lucas wasn't happy at all but really hoped that this problem would end soon.