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(Master to Kitten, Kitten to Master)


[Kitten speech]

Fourteenth Birthday

(With Harry and Neville)

Harry and Neville were in Harry's room. They were getting ready for their fourteenth birthday party. Both were sad that once more their friends couldn't be there. Harry was also feeling a little guilty and blamed himself. Mostly he blamed the dark lord since the man wouldn't leave him alone.

"It's not your fault." Neville said.

"What?" Harry looked confused.

"Us not being able to have a party with our friends. It isn't your fault." He said.

"I know. I keep telling myself that whenever I feel guilty. Right now I blame the dark lord." He said.

"Good. It is his fault." He said.

"I know. At least we can still mirror call them." Harry said.

"Very true. I'm done." He said.

"So am I." He said.

"Let's go." He said.

The two left and went to the backyard. That was where their party was being held. A large mirror was set up. The twins were in their swings and were currently sleeping. Vasuki spotted them first and ran over to them.

"Happy birthday!" He said, hugging them.

"Thank you." The two said, hugging him back.

"Do you like the flowers? I picked them out myself." He proudly informed them.

"The sunflowers are gorgeous." Harry answered.

"They really are. Nice choice." Neville said to the naga.

"Thank you." He grinned.

The others came over to hug them and wish them a happy birthday. Then they ate their dinner. Once done they mirror called their friends. Everyone wished them a happy birthday. They caught up for a bit before it was time to open presents. Since Jason was the first person on the mirror call they opened his first.

He got Harry a book on magic art through history. Harry loved it a lot. For Neville he gave him some seeds he picked up from magical America. The two loved their gifts and thanked them. Next was Talia's gifts. For Neville she gave him some new fire and water plants. For Harry she gave him a few clothes. They were imp style clothes. He loved them. Neville loved the new plants.

Lucy's gifts were next. She gave Harry a silver kitten necklace. For Neville she sent him a mixed seed packet on wind plants. Her twin gave Harry a silver choker with a black kitten on it. For Neville she got him some more gardening tools. They thanked them.

"Me next." Lola said.

Lola gave Neville a book on fairy plants. For Harry she gave him a book on Roman art. Both loved the gifts that she gave them. They thanked her and next they opened Alex's gifts. He gave them both framed photos of their friends. The two really appreciated it. Melody was next. She gave Harry a harp. She knew he was learning how to play. For Neville she got him a book on fertilizers.

"Aqua is next." Harry said.

She gave Neville a special herbology journal. It self-updated whenever a herbologist published a paper. He really loved it. For Harry she gave him an art magazine that self-updated whenever a new issue came out. He too loved his gift.

Asim was next. He gave Neville some snake skinned boots that were charmed to make the person walk lightly. For Harry he got him a leather cuff. It was charmed to alert him of poisons. The two thanked him.

"Finally." Adam said.

"Impatient." Neville teased.

"Yes I am." He said.

The rest of them laughed. Soon the two opened their presents from him. He gave Harry some more art supplies. He gave Neville a new journal to use. He knew he was close to filling up his old one with herbology notes and sketches. They thanked him.

"You're welcome." He smiled.

After that they played a few games before they hung up the call. They ate some cake and now it was time to open up the rest of their gifts. Alice and Frank gave them their gifts first. They gave their son another herbology journal from the Hufflepuff line. He was very excited to have it. In fact he was so excited his wings fluttered so fast it knocked a few things off the table.

"Sorry." He blushed in embarrassment.

"It's okay." Fay said, picking them up.

"Oh wow. Thanks aunt Alice, uncle Frank." Harry said.

He held up a shadow box. It was filled with his first baby outfit, his first sonogram picture, a picture of him and his parents, and his first blanket. He really appreciated it. He carefully placed it down and hugged them. He then had a house-elf hang the shadow box up in his room.

"How?" Sirius asked.

"Scavengers. Kingsley Shacklebolt sent these over to us. He found that both our house and the old Potter house had been gone through by people. They took things and sold them on the black market." Frank revealed.

"Wow." Harry blinked. "People will do anything for money."

"Yes they will. Bottom feeders." Sirius wished to swear but knew better.

"Anyway here you both go." Augusta said, handing them over.

"Thank you." The two said.

The elderly witch had given him a few more dresses and dress robes. He thanked her for them. They were really pretty. For her grandson she gave him a few more formal robes. He really liked them. Next was Fay. She gave Harry a few more art supplies and for Neville she got him a few seeds. They thanked her.

Next was Lucas. He gave his mate a gold bracelet with little gold music notes. Harry immediately put the bracelet on before hugging the blonde. Neville received some charmed gloves to help him handle elemental plants. He thanked him.

Sirius and Remus handed them their next gift. They gave them a gameboy. An American wizard managed to get them to work with magic. Harry received a pokemon red and Neville received pokemon blue. Both systems were white. The boys had wanted one so they saved up to get them.

"Thank you." The two said.

"You're welcome. Just remember to tell us if the gameboys ever stop working. Just because the runes work doesn't mean it will keep working." Remus said.

"We will." They promised.

"Good." He smiled at them.

"Here you both go." Severus said.

"Thanks." The two said.

They opened their gifts. He got them a special cauldron cleaning kit, an expert level potion kit, and a few different kinds of cauldrons. He was determined to make sure they became experts in potions. He didn't care if they mastered it but they had to be experts. They thanked him.

"You think we are good enough for these cauldrons?" Harry asked, surprised.

He was surprised because using other cauldrons, like copper or gold, had different effects on potions. Those not skilled could really be in danger if they used them. It was very dangerous. It did make them proud since Severus was very strict and cautious. If he thought they could use them then that was saying a lot.

"I do." He confirmed. "Under supervision of course." He gave them a look.

"We promise." They said.

"Good." He smiled at them.

Alex and Nick were next. For Harry they gave him some new cat toys. They had noticed many of his old ones were broken. The young neko loved them. They had to put them away since Harry became distracted by them. For Neville the couple got him some gardening clothes for the water section of his greenhouse. This way he didn't have to worry about using charms. Some plants reacted badly around them.

Vasuki was last. "These are from the twins as well." He said.

"Thank you." The two said.

He gave them drawings and a handmade bracelet. The drawings were of them all and around the edge were the twin's handprints. Harry's bracelet was a green and gold string. Neville's was a blue and purple string. The two put the bracelet on immediately.

"These are beautiful." Harry said.

"We love them." Neville said.

"You're welcome." The naga blushed.

They ate some cake and played with the younger kids. Once it was time for bed they all cleaned up. The kids, minus the twins, went to Neville's bedroom for a sleepover.

(With Voldemort)

The dark lord was pissed. Potter would be celebrating his fourteenth birthday. He shouldn't have even celebrated his second one. That boy survived the curse and it pissed Voldemort off. He wanted that boy dead and yet he was still alive.

"If only I could get my hands on that brat!" He seethed.

Potter wasn't his only problem. There was a spy inside his faction and he had yet to find them. His horcruxes were gone and he was becoming weaker by the day. He knew it had to do with the fact his soul was very small. He wished he never split it so many times. He needed to find a way to fix the mess he was in.

'I wish those fools weren't so useless.' He thought.

He couldn't ask them for help. They would likely get themselves arrested. He already lost a couple thanks to that botched breakout. He blamed all his failures on his minions and on Potter.

'Somehow I will fix this.' He thought. 'Then I will rule the world like I was supposed to.'