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Story Summary: Forced to leave her daughter when first changed, Rosalie goes back for Isabella, only to be told she is dead. What if little Bella was found and raised by a human drinking vampire? What changes will this bring in the lives of the Cullens, and, more importantly, the Denali sisters?

Pairings: BellaxTanya, obviously. Others will be announced as characters are introduced

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The Wild Ones

Chapter 1

New York-1931

"Congratulations Miss Hale, it's a girl!" The midwife said, placing a squirming baby wrapped in a pink blanket in the young teenager's arms. 16-year-old Rosalie Hale looked down at her beautiful pink baby and smiled.

"A daughter," she murmured, brushing her finger on her baby's soft cheek, "She's perfect…"

"She's too small, it'll be lucky if she lives through the night," a voice from the doorway came.

Rosalie looked up and saw her mother in the doorway. "Mother how could you say such a thing, of course she'll live."

Mrs. Hale rolled her eyes, "I still can't believe you want to keep it, you're only 16! It's a good thing your father and I were able to keep this hushed up or else our social standing would've taken a hit for having a pregnant, unwed child." She would've continued but the baby started crying. "Well, if you're going to keep her, she needs fed, I think I can find a nursemaid for her," Rosalie's mother said.

"No mother," Rosalie replied, "I'm going to feed her and take care of her myself. There's no need to involve anyone else."

"Fine by me then," was the only response the older woman gave before leaving her daughter's room.

Rosalie watched her mother's retreating figure before looking back down at the beautiful baby in her arms. Her daughter opened her eyes and the most beautiful pair of deep blue eyes that she had ever seen greeted Rosalie. "I'll take care of you," Rosalie whispered to her daughter, "I'll always take care of you, my beautiful child, my beautiful Isabella…"

2 years later- 1933

Bella: Age 2

"So does Royce know about Isabella? I mean, you've arranged for us to marry so he must know I have a child right?" Rosalie asked her mother.

"No he doesn't know yet, we figured we'd break it to him closer to the wedding date, ease him into the idea," her mother replied, "Are you still going to see Vera tonight?"

Rosalie rolled her eyes as her mother change the subject, "Yes, will you be alright looking after Isabella?"

"Of course dear, now go on or you'll be late," Mrs. Hale shooed her daughter.

"I'm going, I'm going, just needed to say goodbye to Isabella," Rosalie replied, heading up the stairs to her room. Next to her bed was a crib set up with a sleeping toddler in it. Every month since the young girl had entered her life, Rosalie was happier than ever. She had always wanted to be a mother, and her little girl was the light of her life. "Isabella," she whispered, brushing the brown curls on the two-year-old's head.

The girl stirred and cried "Mama," when she saw her mother standing over her crib.

"Shush, go back to sleep baby, I'm going to visit a friend of mine, I'll be back later," Rosalie said despite knowing that her daughter didn't fully understand what she was saying. The blond cooed her brunette child back to sleep and kissed her head. "I'm going Mother," she said when she walked back downstairs, "I'll be back later."

Later that night

"It's done? Alright Royce… Yes, you'll be compensated, you won't get in trouble, alright, goodbye," Mrs. Hale said, hanging up the phone.

"It is done?" Her husband asked, walking into the room.

"It is, he said she was exactly where we said she would be."

Mr. Hale nodded, "So our disgrace of a daughter is gone, now what to we do with little Isabella up there?"

"I say we get rid of her. I mean, she can't exactly pass as our child with her dark hair, and people know that I haven't been pregnant in the past two years. And besides, she's nothing but a little bastard child. I'm still young enough to get pregnant again, we can start over with a different child," Mrs. Hale replied.

Mr. Hale felt a little unsettled at the thought of abandoning a child, but understood that it would hurt the reputation of his family if people found out his daughter given birth to a child. It cost a lot of money to keep the midwife quiet… "I agree, where shall we take her to get rid of her, I mean, I don't want the guilt of killing a child on my conscious."

"We'll drive her out to the edge of the city and dump her in between the city and the forest, get your car," Mrs. Hale ordered. She went upstairs and collected the sleeping child from the crib. In a momentary act of compassion, she wrapped Isabella in the blanket Rosalie had embroidered for her and picked up the stuffed bear that she slept with. Mrs. Hale placed on a large overcoat to cover the form of the small child in her arms and quickly rushed to her husband's car. "Drive," she hissed to him, "before she wakes up."

The two older adults drove to the edge of the city, stopping before entering a vast forest. Mrs. Hale got out and placed the girl on the ground, hidden behind a few bushes, out of sight of anyone who might see her. She placed the bear on the ground within reach of the little girl and hurried back to the car, not sparing a glance back at her young granddaughter.

The sound of the car speeding away was enough to wake the young girl. Isabella sleepily looked around and realized that she wasn't in her crib anymore, but a dark place. She clutched her bear to her and looked around for her mother. When her blue eyes failed to find the blond hair of her mother, she started to cry out for her. She cried for a while, before a rustle in the leaves scared her. Isabella started whimpering, clutching both her bear and baby blanket to her.

Suddenly a tall, red headed woman stepped into view, and she stared at the small child curled up under the bush shaking. The woman moved cautiously toward the girl, trying not to scare her and spoke quietly to her. "Shssh, it's alright little one, it's okay, I'm not going to hurt you," she spoke carefully. The young girl stopped shaking and just stared at the woman. She spoke to her like her mother, so Isabella quieted down and reached out towards her. The woman picked up the small toddler, with her blanket and bear in tow. "Hello little one," she whispered, a slight accent to her voice, "My name is Victoria, can you tell me your name?"

"Izabwella," she replied.

"Isabella?" Victoria interpreted. The toddler nodded her head. "Where is your mother?" Isabella shrugged. "Father?" The child shook her head. "Who brought you out here?"

"Gwamma, and Gwampa."

"Where did they go?"

"They weft," Isabella whimpered.

Victoria started to see red, that anyone would abandon a child out in the wilderness. She would've started growling if the young girl hadn't reached out and placed one of her hands on Victoria's face. Victoria instantly calmed down and started purring, comforting the child. She had heard of bonds instantly forming between vampires or even a vampire and a human, but didn't realize that it would happen this quickly. A bond forming between them could only cause the intense feelings of protectiveness and care that the young girl invoked within her.

"Isabella," Victoria said, causing the young girl to look at her, "I'm going to try to find where you come from, where your mother is. I run really fast, so I need you to press your face against my chest." She could tell that Isabella didn't really understand, so she just maneuvered her in her arms so that she was protected from the wind.

Victoria followed the very faint scent back to a fancy house in the higher end of town. Inside the house, she could hear a woman talking on a phone to someone named Royce, arranging a payment for him killing her daughter. The redhead growled slightly, realizing what had happened. The two people in the house, Isabella's grand parents, were so concerned about their social statuses that they hired their daughter's fiancé to kill her so people wouldn't find out that she had a baby. She flashed up to a window on the second floor that had Isabella's scent coming out of it. Victoria took a deep breath and caught a different scent; one close to the child's but a little different. Her mother, Victoria thought, children tend to smell like their parents.

Little Isabella had fallen asleep on her chest so Victoria didn't have to worry about her seeing something she really shouldn't. The vampire followed the scent to where it ended in an alleyway. Victoria hissed at the scent of other vampires in the same place, and the faint traces of blood on the ground. Victoria was never more grateful for her gift of evasion, which eliminated her scent after she left an area, in case the vampire came back.

The child's mother was most likely found dying by a passing vampire and put out of her misery. Victoria now had a problem, what to do with the child currently cuddled on her chest? The bond that had formed between them, the one that tied her to this little girl, called to her to take care of the little girl, to be her… mother? That realization gave her a start; the bond between them was one of mother and child.

Victoria moved to shelter and gently nudged the girl in her arms awake. Isabella stirred and opened her blue eyes, and stared up into the red eyes of the woman holding her. "I'm not sure what happened to your mother little one," Victoria said, "But I'm going to take care of you. I'm going to be your mother now, and I'll always be there for you."

"Wewee?" Isabella asked, staring at the red haired woman with her large blue eyes.

"Yes, my beautiful Bella, I'll take care of you," Victoria whispered, kissing the young girl's head, "Always."

3 days later

Rosalie's eyes fluttered open to find 3 pairs of golden eyes staring at her. She jumped back away from them out of instinct, but realized she moved faster than normal. "What am I?" She whispered as she noticed each individual dust particle in the air, "Who are you people?"

"My name is Carlisle?" One of the men spoke, "I found you in an alley way dying and I bit you, changing you into one of my kind, a vampire. This is my wife Esme, and my first changeling, Edward."

"A vampire," Rosalie whispered, horrified, "How could you do this to me?"

Carlisle looked confused, "But you were dying, I had to save you."

"So you save everyone who's dying?"

"Well, no, but I thought maybe you would make a good companion for Edward," he said, motioning towards the bronze haired, broody boy standing next to Esme.

Before Edward could even speak, Rosalie shot the idea down, "I don't think so, broody boys aren't my type, why is my throat burning?"

Carlisle blinked before realizing what she just said, "Ah, you need to feed, we only feed from animals so if you follow us, we can show you how to hunt."

Rosalie followed them out of the house and found herself isolated in a forest. She smelled something mouth watering, but Edward grabbed her arm before she could take off after it.

"That's the smell of human blood," he sneered, "We drink from animals to keep from killing humans."

The blond nodded and followed the three vampires into the forest and quickly caught 3 deer, ripping their throats out and draining them completely. "What about my daughter?" Rosalie asked once she had cleaned up from her hunt.

Esme gasped and Carlisle stuttered, "Dau-daughter, what daughter?"

"I have a two-year-old daughter at home, are we going to go get her?"

Carlisle looked mournful and shook his head, "I'm sorry Rosalie, but you don't have enough self-control to be around someone so fragile as a child. I'm afraid you might drain her and never forgive yourself."

An overwhelming sadness crashed into Rosalie's heart and she found, in her new form, that she couldn't cry. She couldn't cry for her daughter, couldn't cry for what might have been with her, for all the moments she would miss. "When do you think I'll be able to see her again?" Rosalie cried, staring up at the man that just helped ruin her life.

"Five years, maybe longer," Carlisle said, reluctantly.

Rosalie took that time frame in and stared at the ground, pulling herself together. The other three just looked on in pity. "Alright so," Rosalie started, "I can't see my daughter for fear of killing her until I get control over my blood lust, that's basically what your saying." Carlisle nodded. "So I'm assuming we have to leave this city so that I won't be seen, before we leave, I have some things I have to do first."

"Like what?" Esme asked, speaking for the first time.

"Killing those bastards who beat and raped me, taking me from my daughter," and with those words, Rosalie disappeared out of the house before anyone could stop her.

5 years later

Bella: Age 7

"Mom, I've been meaning to ask you something for a few years now," a seven-year-old Isabella (Bella) Swan said to her red headed adoptive mother. She was standing near the couch where her mother sat, clutching her teddy bear in one hand and pulling at braids with the other, a sign that she was nervous about something.

"What's that Bella?" Victoria asked, putting the newspaper down. They had just recently moved to a new city in a single bedroom apartment. Victoria had job working at a local diner during the night shift and Bella went to the local public school.

"I need you to answer me seriously this time and the truth," Bella clarified before continuing on, "Why don't you look any different than when you first found me? Why is your skin so cold and why are your eyes red? Why do you sparkle in the sunlight?"

Victoria blinked and sighed, "Well those are a lot of questions… You really want to know?"

Bella nodded, stubbornly.

The older woman sighed again, "The explanation behind all of those things is that, well, I'm a vampire."

Bella blinked, "A what?"

"A vampire. I was turned into a vampire when I was 25. I was born in Ireland around the 16th century. I worked on a farm for most of my life, but shortly after my 25fth birthday I was out in the fields when a man with dirty long blond hair attack me and bit me. I started changing and he talked to me, telling me all sorts of… things about what he was, what I would be, and what he would do with me, none of them very nice."

"What did you do?" Bella asked, eyes wide.

"I woke up after three days of intense pain and my heart stopped. The man, James I had learned, was bending over me. Quicker than I imagined I could move, I killed him, ripping his head off and lighting him on fire using a flint and piece of steel like my father taught me how," Victoria answered, sparing no details.

"It's a good thing you got rid of him," Bella exclaimed, "or you never would've met me!"

Victoria smiled and held her arms open for the little girl who quickly ran into them, settling herself on her mother's lap. "That's right little one, I never would've met you. Anyway, ever since then, I've pretty much stayed away from other vampires, only running into the occasional nomad. My eyes are red because I drink human blood, I've heard tales of vampires that drink animal blood but-"

"They drink Snow White's friends!" Bella yelled, "How can they do that, the animals help her." Snow White had just come out to theaters so Victoria took Bella to see it when she saved up enough money. The country was still technically suffering from the Great Depression so money was tight, but since she only had to purchase enough food for Bella to eat, they had a little bit more than most. "What type of peo-people do you drink from mommy?" Bella asked hesitantly.

"Just bad people sweetie, people that try to hurt others," Victoria answered her, softly stroking her daughter's head.

"You mean like people that took my Mama from me?"

"Yes little one, like those people."

Bella nodded, feeling slightly sleepy from her mother stroking her hair. "Good," she murmured, "then they can't hurt people anymore."

Victoria hummed, slightly shocked at the opinion held by the young girl, but realized that she still held some pain and sadness from when Victoria told her about what she thinks happened to her mother. Not the part involving her grandparents, that would have to wait until she was older, but about her mother being attacked by ruffians.

"Mommy," Bella's voice broke Victoria out of her thoughts.

"Yes baby?"

"Am I gonna be a vampire like you one day?"

That question caused Victoria to freeze momentarily, her thoughts racing around her head. Did she want Bella to be a vampire? Would she have the strength to turn her, causing her intense pain? But if she didn't change Bella into a vampire, would she have the strength to let her go, live a human life and eventually die? The very thought caused her to shudder.


Victoria realized that she has been thinking too long. "What do you want baby?" She decided to ask.

"I want to be like you, I don't want to live without you, you're the only mother I have left," Bella cried, tears rolling down her cheeks.

The red head quickly shushed her daughter, wiping away her tears. "Don't worry baby," she soothed, "I'll change you, I'll change you, but when that will happen will be discussed at a later time. Now it's time for you little one to go to bed, I have to go to work."

"Must be nice," Bella said yawning, "not having to sleep."

Victoria smiled, "Well, it does give me more time, but I do miss it sometimes." She tucked the little girl in, kissing her on top of her head and giving one to her teddy bear too, their nightly ritual.

"Mhm, I love you mommy," Bella murmured, quickly falling asleep.

"I love you too baby," Victoria whispered, brushing the braids out of the little girl's hair. The vampire sighed as she watched the little girl sleep for a few minutes before checking the time on the clock. "Time for work, maybe I'll grab someone to eat before I go in though." Victoria grabbed her clothes and left the apartment, life couldn't get any better than this.

Approximately same time: New York

"So we can go see her now right? I mean, I haven't slipped at all and I have really good control right, so we can go see my little girl?" Rosalie asked, eyes pleading with Carlisle.

He looked hesitant for minute, before nodding his head. "Alright, we'll all go. It's night time so it should be safe."

Rosalie flashed the biggest smile any of them had ever seen from her and took off out the door. They were living in a grand house in northern New York. Rosalie begged to stay close enough so that she would be able to go to her daughter when the time was right. It didn't take anytime at all for the four vampires to run back to the city. Rosalie traced the steps back to her former home but stopped just short of it, a confused look on her face.

"What's wrong?" Esme asked.

"I don't… smell her," Rosalie said slowly, a disturbed look coming over her face. She climbed up the side of the house to look in the window of her old bedroom. The others followed her up and looked into the room; it was transformed into a paradise for a little girl. Toys and stuffed animals littered the room, and a giant canopy bed sat in the spot where Rosalie's bed once sat.

"Isn't that her?" Carlisle asked, referring to the blond head poking out from under the covers.

"N-no," Rosalie stuttered, "My daughter has brown hair, and would be over seven years old now. That girl in there is barely four." Anger crossed Rosalie's face as she started to growl lowly. "Where is my daughter?" She hissed, fingers leaving an imprint on the windowsill. She jumped down and raced inside before anyone could stop her, appearing in front of her startled mother. "Where is my daughter?" She repeated, growly at the older woman.

"Rosalie?" Mrs. Hale whispered, horrified, "H-how? We thought you were dead?"

"Where is SHE? I will not repeat myself again."

"S-she's gone," her mother stuttered hesitantly, slowly edging her body away from her.

"What do you mean gone?"

"You never came back! Your father and I didn't want to take care of your bastard daughter," she yelled, completely forgetting her fear. Rosalie growled and Mrs. Hale shrunk back, cowering. "Please don't hurt me, m-my daughter Rosaline needs me."

"My daughter needed her mother, needed her family," Rosalie hissed out.

"Please Rosalie please."

Rosalie just stared at her mother. "I'm not going to kill you," she said slowly, "because I don't want another girl to grow up without her mother." The blond glared one last time at her mother before disappearing out the door.

"That wasn't very smart Rosalie," Carlisle said once she was back outside. They all took off back to their house, Rosalie working out her aggression on the forest along the way.

"What was she thinking Edward?" Rosalie asked.

Edward looked hesitantly at Carlisle and Esme, before looking back at the irate blond. "I don't think you really want to know," Edward said carefully.

"I probably don't, but I have to know," Rosalie said.

The bronze haired teenager sighed, "Your mother and your father abandoned your daughter when you didn't come back. She didn't think about it long, but there was a flash. They took her to the woods, it's doubtful that she survived."

At his words, Rosalie broke down. "My baby," she gasped, "My beautiful baby." Esme hugged her while the other two watched on in pity as the normally icy vampire wept invisible tears for her lost daughter.