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Anyhoo, seeing that message clicked my mind to these things that I said I was going to do, and I was like whoops... So, here is the first one, The Wild Ones Outtakes. I decided to just add them to the back of the story. They were originally in their own document called Moments of a Human Life, which is why I forgot about them, but I found them, so I remembered! They're super short, around 1,000 words, I'm not going to crank them out, the reason why I stopped writing them was because I couldn't think of moments that I wanted. They'll be going in chronological order, if you guys have specific moments like from your own lives like first pet, date, kiss, prom, things like that, let me know. Or just anything, but nothing completely ridiculous. These are moments of Bella's HUMAN life that she is sharing, keep that in mind.

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The Wild Ones Outtakes

Posted: March 23rd, 2016

Chapter 1

"Mum, Heidi," Bella greeted when she opened the door seeing the two vampires on the front porch. "I didn't know you two were going to be stopping by."

Rosalie smiled and moved forward, embracing her daughter. "We didn't know if anyone would be here. We left Volterra just a few days ago and stopped at the Denali house first. No one was there, so we decided to try here before making further vacation plans."

"Victoria and Irina are here with us for right now," Tanya replied, walking up behind her brunette mate and wrapping her arms around the shorter vampire's waist. "They're only visiting though, they'll probably head back to the other house for privacy."

"Where's the rest of your coven… Covens? The rest of them?" Heidi asked as the four moved inside the house, and sat down in the living room.

"Carmen and Eleazar are at their villa in Spain," Bella replied, sitting next to her mate on the couch, but tossing her legs over the strawberry blonde's lap. "Vanhi and Valen are with them. They both prefer the warmer climate and Valen likes to visit her native land every now and then. Maria and Kate are at Maria's new bungalow in Mexico."

"New bungalow?" Rosalie asked, also snuggling up to her mate.

"Apparently Garrett and Esme were in Texas visiting with Jasper and Alice, and Peter and Charlotte last year. They popped down to Mexico when Kate and Maria were there, and when Esme saw the state of Maria's bungalow after some of their more… amorous love sessions, she insisted on designing a new, sturdier version for them," Bella supplied. "Esme was thrilled to be designing a house again apparently. Seems she might be getting bored being a nomad."

Rosalie smirked, "I always wondered how that relationship would work. It probably won't be long before she manages to convince Garrett to settle down somewhere for at least a little while. It's not like they need to constantly move around to hunt either with all the blood banks the Volturi have started setting up in major cities across the world."

"It does make it easier if you don't want to kill people, though I still enjoy the hunt every now and then," Tanya replied. "How has Emmett been? Is he settling down with his mate and her coven?"

"He is completely besotted with Maggie," Rosalie replied with a slight smile.

"Maggie is enamored with him as well," Heidi added. "I know she's been concerned that she wouldn't find her mate since she was changed so young but Emmett is good for her. His childish nature helps balance out her age, but also lightens up Siobhan and Liam."

Before anything else could be said, Irina and Victoria walked down the stairs, with Victoria toting a large file box. "Hey Heidi, Rosalie," Victoria greeted the two vampires.

"We thought we heard your voices," Irina said, hugging the two before taking a seat.

"Yeah, when I heard you were here, I remembered this," Victoria said, slightly shaking the box. "I had forgotten about it in the commotion with Carlisle and those idiotic Romanians, and then we all split up so it went out of my mind. I thought you might like to see them."

"What is it?" Rosalie asked, taking the box from Victoria.

"Scrapbooks, pictures, mementos from Bella's human life," the redhead replied.

Rosalie gasped as she opened the box and pulled out the first of the books and flipped it open, revealing a picture of her daughter only a slightly older than when she was forced to leave her. "You made these?" The blonde asked, looking up at her red-haired counterpart.

"Yeah. Watching my own children grow as a human, then their children later as a vampire made me realize how precious time is. So I decided to capture as much as I could, the good, the bad, and the scandalous." At the last word, Victoria sent Bella a smile and a wink and the brunette groaned.

"I still can't believe you took a picture of that," Bella muttered.

"What?" Tanya replied, glancing between her lover and her lover's adoptive mother.

"The walk of shame Bella experienced after losing her virginity," Victoria grinned. "I was furious at first, but then I realized that Bella was technically of age so I decided to capture the moment for future posterity."

"Will you tell me about these?" Rosalie asked, flipping through the pages of the book. "I want to know what I missed, anything, everything."

"I want to know too," Tanya added with Irina also voicing her desire. "I want to hear stories of Bella's human life."

Victoria glanced at Bella but the brunette just shrugged. "Alright," Victoria replied, "That's the first book you're holding, so why don't we start there."

"Okay," Rosalie nodded before pointing to a picture, "Explain this one to me."

It was a picture of a small Bella, no older than five, sitting in what could only be a restaurant booth with a giant stack of pancakes in front of her. She was stabbing the stack with her fork, an expression of glee on her face. A teenage girl sat across her in the booth and was laughing at the younger girl's facial expression.

The redhead smiled and her eyes held a faraway look in her eyes. "It was my first job after I found Bella. It had taken a few years, but I saved up enough money to purchase my own camera instead of taking her to a professional all the time. We were living in a small town outside of Philadelphia at the time, lived there for some time actually…"


Victoria roused out of her meditative state when she heard her small daughter stirring in her bed. The vampire glanced towards the small clock and flipped on the radio. After finding Bella in the woods two year ago, the vampire realized that the child would need more than the nomadic lifestyle Victoria had lived up to that point. At first, Victoria liberated money from those who could afford it during the difficult years, using it to find a small apartment for Bella and her to live and then finding a job.

When she heard Bella's heartbeat pick up speed, Victoria entered Bella's room and roused the little girl off of her bed. "Mommy," the little girl groaned, "Do I have to wake up?"

"You can complain all you want to," Victoria said, lifting the little girl up, "But you were waking up on your own, I just hurried it along."

"Mmph," Bella moaned, "I don't wanna."

Victoria smirked at the sleepy little girl and started scrubbing her teeth with her toothbrush and baking soda. "Here, swallow," Victoria tipped up a small glass of water for the girl to swish. "Now spit." After Bella had spit out the water, she seemed a little bit more awake. "Now do you want to finish washing up and getting ready on your own?"

Bella nodded and Victoria put her down. The vampire left Bella to wash up on her own while she pulled out clothes for the little girl and got ready for the day herself. By the time Bella wandered back into her room, Victoria was dressed for work and waiting to do the little girl's hair. Bella pulled off her pajamas and tugged on the white long sleeve shirt and blue jumper (dress). "Are we eating at the diner again for breakfast Mommy?" Bella asked while Victoria pulled her hair back into long brown pigtails.

"Yup," Victoria replied, "Miss Mandy is going to pick you up from the diner after breakfast."

"Yay Miss Mandy!" Bella cheered, thinking about her favorite babysitter. Victoria was grateful that school was out for the summer so that the teenage girl could watch Bella for longer during the day when she had to work. Truthfully, with her vampiric senses, Victoria could monitor Bella while she worked, but having a babysitter helped her blend in better. It also helped that humans had started developing heavy make-up and other things that would keep her from sparkling. She wore gloves and long sleeves most of the time, but needed something to keep her face from shinning when she had to work during the day. She also didn't want to tell Bella about her being a vampire, not yet anyway.

After both of them were ready, Victoria lifted the girl up and grabbed her bag before walking out the door and down the street to the small diner she worked at. The pay wasn't great, but it was enough to meet expenses for Bella and to put some away for future expenses. Not many people were in the diner when the two came so Victoria picked up a child's seat for Bella and sat her down in one of the booths. "Would you like to eat now or wait for Miss Mandy?"

"Wait for Miss Mandy!" Bella yelled, grinning at her mother. Victoria pulled out a pack of crayons and a few pieces of paper and set them in front of her daughter. The small girl squealed and pulled out her favorite color, green, and started frantically drawing lines on the paper.

Victoria smiled at her daughter before heading back to the kitchen to see her boss. "Hey Sal," she greeted the older woman who was assisting the cook plate food.

"Oh Victoria," the gray-haired woman looked at her in relief, "This food goes out to the people at the table and the men sitting in the different booths haven't ordered yet other than coffee. If you could take this food out and see to them that would be great. Oh, did you bring your adorable daughter with you?"

Victoria nodded, "Yeah, she's sitting waiting for Mandy. She'll probably want pancakes, but wanted to wait for Mandy." The vampire grabbed the plates of food and took them to the table that Sal indicated before taking the orders of the men in the booths." Just as the redhead finished delivering the new orders to the kitchen, a blonde teenage girl walked into the diner.

"Good Morning Ms. Victoria," the girl greeted before walking over to Bella.

"Miss Mandy!" Bella squealed, launching herself at the older girl.

"Hey Bella," Mandy returned with just as much enthusiasm.

"I waited for you to eat breakfast, and look, I drew you a picture!" Bella giggled, handing the teenager a piece of paper with solid green shapes on it.

"Oh wow, are these trees?" At the little girl's nod, Mandy continued to faun over the picture.

"Hey girls," Victoria greeted walking over to the booth, "Mandy would you like some breakfast?"

"I'll just take a fried egg on a piece of toast Ms. Victoria," Mandy replied before looking back at Bella.

"What about you sweetie?" The vampire asked.

"Pancakes!" Bella cried, clapping her hands.

"I think Mrs. Sal has pancake batter all ready for you," Victoria smiled before walking back into the kitchen. The redhead took the orders of food out to the other booths and soon Mandy and Bella's food was ready. "Here you girls go, one egg on toast and one stack of pancakes," she said, setting the food down in front of them. "Let me get you some silverware so you can eat."

Bella grinned at her stack of pancakes and the dollop of butter on top. She grabbed the small container of syrup in her small hands and immediately dumped the contents on top of the butter.

"Bella is just too adorable for words," Sal commented as she came out of the kitchen after Victoria gave the two girls utensils to eat their food. "You must be very proud."

Victoria looked back at Bella just in time to see her pull out her fork and stab her stack of pancakes, laughing gleefully with Mandy giggling with her. "Yeah, I am."


A/N: And there is the first moment, or what I like to call snapshots. Victoria is sharing her memories really, so they're Vic's memories of Bella's life. She's sharing them with Rose, like a mother to mother talk about their favorite subject.