Stormtime Snuggles

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As the last of the previews faded away, and the intro credits began to roll, Rod shivered slightly. The rain and an issue with the heating had leeched all warmth from the apartment, and the normally even temperature of the living room had turned into an uncomfortable chill. Nicky, ever the nice one, slung his blanket over his friend.

Rod smiled "thank you Nicholas"

"No problem buddy" was his reply. After that the film began to truly play, and the duo fell silent. As the film opened on the ocean, the two still couldn't help thinking about the muted thumps the pipes made, and how they sounded eerily similar to footsteps.

101 minutes later

Somehow, and neither could really answer how, the two of them had wound up in a position semi resembling that of a kangaroo and its mother. Rod was curled up on Nicky's lap, half hiding under the blanket, with the top of his head peeking out. Nicky, meanwhile, was clutching Rod protectively, while at the same time, using the smaller mans frame to shield his eyes when needed. As the screen finally faded to black. The duo finally seemed to relax; and in doing so, noticed their position.

"Um, ahem" Rod said nervously, as he tried to extricate himself from Nicky clutch without tripping.

"R-right" Nicky said, slightly blushing, though one would be hard pressed to tell thanks to the darkness of the room and the greenness of his skin. As the two finally righted themselves, they once again noticed the thumping of the pipes, which had died out during the movie, and seemed to have only now struck up once more.

Rod was a rational person, he was a smart person, he was a grown person, so he knew that the likelihood of there being a psychotic killer with a hook for a hand in the building at the moment was slim to say the least. However, it was dark outside, and the thunder rumbled ominously, a dim gray light fell through the window, casting strange shadows, and that was enough to make him uneasy.

That and he was with Nicky, and the other man always had brought out his childish side, including the fear that came with it. Nicky rose to turn the lights back on, and nearly tripped as his feet got tangled up in the cover. With a speed he didn't know he possessed, Rod caught his friend, who immediately thanked him before continuing to switch on the light.

The bulb in the ceiling flickered on briefly before, with a flash, a bolt of lightning cracked across the sky, an orchestra of thunder trailing behind. Seconds after that, the light flicked out. "Uh, no problem, I think we have a few spares in the closet." Rod said nervously. "R-right" Nicky said, before glancing at Rod.

"What, why are you looking at me like that?"

"Well it was your idea."

"Yes it was, which means you should go get the box."

"That's not how its supposed to work."

"Well that's how its working this time."

"I'm not going to go get it."

"Well neither am I."


"Fine." The duo crossed their arms and looked away from each other, but as usual, neither could stay mad for long. "Look, I'm sorry Rod."

"I am too Nicky, I guess I'm just a little tired."

"Well maybe you should go lay down?" Nicky offered gently.

"I suppose your right." Rod turned toward the door that led into their bedroom, when the muted thumping shifted and became lighter, almost like someone tapping their foot repeatedly, as if waiting impatiently for someone. It was also coming from inside their room.

"M-maybe not just yet" Rod stammered out, retreating back to the couch.

"Y-yeah" Nicky agreed, taking his previous place opposite Rod. After a few minutes of relative silence, Nicky spoke up.

"Soooo, you wanna watch another movie?"

"Not just now Nicholas" Rod yawned "but I'm off tomorrow, so I promise I'll watch movies with you then, oooookay" he said, finishing the sentence with yet another yawn.

"Su-suuuure" Nicky agreed, already catching Rods yawn himself. "I'm k-kinda tired too" Nicky said, yawning again.

"Great" before either of them could nod of though, lightning flashed, and the sound of the thunder almost shook the apartment. The thumping in the room became more pronounced, like whoever was waiting was about to lose all patience and come out. The two men almost subconsciously drew closer, until they were sitting shoulder to shoulder. The apartment quieted once again, and this time, the two did nod off, heads leaning on one other another.

In the morning, though he would never be able to say how, Nicky awoke in the strange position of being used as a teddy bear. Rods shock of red hair was planted firmly on his chest, and as he tried to move, the red heads arms tightened around him, and he buried his face into Nicky's shirt, nuzzling it. The green man could have tried to get out of his friends embrace, and he probably could've succeeded, even though Rod might've woken up, but he didn't. Instead, with a small smile, he wrapped his arms around Rod, and held him close, resting his head on top of his friends, and nodded off again. Everything was peaceful.

Until Rod woke up that is.


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