She Feels It Now


"Who the hell are you?" he asked, grabbing Ichigo's arm and pulling her into an embrace, despite her constant struggles to get back to her parents.

The figure wiped blood his nose, and smeared it onto the cloak, his face still hidden behind the darkness of the black cloak.

"That isn't the question at hand. The question is what the hell are you doing with my mate?" he asked with a primal growl. Kisshu could feel the hard glares from his cloak burning into his skin. Kisshu just gave a wolf glare and his fangs were starting to peek out his lips.

"What the hell do you mean mate?"

As he clutched Ichigo tightly within his hands, he reminisced the feeling of touching her once again, as he had done so many years ago.

Looking back from his trophy, he glared heatedly at the alien standing in front of him. He had the audacity to touch her? His mate?

"The word means exactly what it means. I guess in this case, it would count as 'fiance' since we haven't gotten married and had-"

"EWWWWW." Ichigo yelled in disgust, trying to punch him in the chest. Although, the tactic didn't work very well, seeing as how her hands were trapped to the side, it didn't stop her determination to be free. He chuckled darkly, her spitfire never went out, he thought to himself. Hugging her resisting figure closer, he put his nose in her hair, sniffing it slightly.

"Get. Off. Of. Her."

"YEAH, I'D RATHER BE IN KISSHU'S ARMS THAN IN YOURS, YA JERK!" she yelled. Ignoring her completely, he threw Ichigo in front of him as a shield, a smirk painting across his face as his elbow hooked around her throat. "You want me to get off of her so badly? Try it." he growled out, his eyes lighting up with sadistic pleasure.

"I suggest you do something fast, because Ichigo is needed somewhere more important than this dingy earth full of humans."

"Wait, you're not taking me anywhere until I get a complete, logical explanation for this!" she yelled, trying to take hold of her heart-shaped weapon.

"Ahh, Princess. Don't worry, you'll get your memory back soon enough."

Suddenly, the door slammed open with a hot and angry blue human bird, panting and sweat beading down her face. A green haired girl, a wolf girl, and a monkey girl had equally the same physical apperance.

"YOU-" she stopped in the beginning of her sentence, seeing the situation that Ichigo was in. All heads snapped towards her and Ichigo was motioning with her eyes; 'Help me!'

Suddenly, a purple light enveloped the arms that were holding Ichigo, and he suddenly felt a sting, sizzling on his arm before he could take the pain no longer. With a yelp, he let go of Ichigo, going to tend to his burning arm.

"Ichigo-oneechan! What happened na no da?" the monkey one asked, running to Ichigo. Ichigo was holding her throat, coughing, yet gasping greedily for breath.

His eyes shot up, and using the reflexes of a cat, he quickly reacted and brought his own hidden blade visible, using the weapon to block an impending attack from Kisshu's Dragon Swords.

The two stay clashed together until Kish jumped back. The knockback from the blow had made the hood of his cloak fall, revealing a man with blue hair, dark blue eyes, and just a bit taller than Ichigo.

The most noticable thing though...was...

He had cat ears, a tail, and a bright blue shaped crystal necklace of his neck, the aura of the crystal nearly drawing Ichigo towards him.

He cursed under his breath and pulled the cloak back over his head, pointing at Kisshu. "I have declared this a war between the Cyclonians and Reyals. You have been warned." he hissed, and snapped his fingers. He suddenly disappeared from the room, but not before meowing something only Ichigo would understand.

"Everything will make sense soon."

Kisshu hadn't tried to attack any of the mews after that, rather, he sat near Ichigo as she held onto her mother's pale, weak hand.

A nurse came in a hurry, not noticing the alien's ears or style of clothing. "Ms. Momomiya...we need to talk." she said softly, looking down at the pad of paper on the clipboard.

Ichigo made the audible sound of a gulp and followed the nurse out of the room. A doctor came in a few minutes later, and told everyone they needed to wait in the waiting room. By then, Kish had already left the hospital grounds, wincing a bit and rubbed his stitched wound soothingly as he teleported back into the other dimension. During the heat of the moment, he had truly forgotten about the injury in his haste to protect Ichigo.

Ichigo walked home, a depressed and foreign look within her eyes, which was something that had happened ever since she came to the chaos in her home.

"Ms. Momomiya...I'm sorry to say, but...your parents are in a coma."

"For how long?"

"...We are unsure."


"There is also the possibility that they...may die during their coma."

She held no more emotion after that. She stumbled out of the door like a drunk, and when her friends asked her what was wrong, she had placed a ghostly smile on her face, saying "Nothing. Everythings just dandy." she said with a laugh before walking out of the door.

Her tail and ears were dropping as she tried to drag herself to her empty house, filling herself with the faint memory of her father watching television, and her mother cooking dinner, smiling happily at her as she walked into the door.

She heaved a sigh as she went into the blood smelling house, her sensitive nose picking up every dead blood cell within the room, her auds picking up the faint sounds of screaming and mayhem. The sharpening of a knife. The spurt of bl-

She ran into her room, tears streaming out of her eyes, closing her ears tightly, hoping it was all just a dream, none of this was ever happening.

"You shouldn't force her to work. Did you know that her parents were near close to murdered, and now they're in a coma?! What kind of crappy boss are y-"

Lettuce was in the middle of finishing her rant before the door slowly opened, revealing a shy Ichigo.

Walking into the dressing room without a word, she changed quickly and walked out, preparing the shop for customers.

"I-Ichigo? Are you al-" Lettuce started.

"I'm perfectly fine, why wouldn't I be?" she sounded cheerful but it was futile. On her face, was the biggest smile in the world. In her hand, she clutched a broom tightly, her knuckles nearly white.

Everyone backed away as an ominous aura came off of Ichigo in waves, her eyes falling to the ground as she swept the dust 'happily' into the trash.

"YOU FAILED?! HOW DARE YOU!" the burly man yelled.

"I am terribly sorry father, though, I had her in my clutches, one of her allies had stung my arm very painfully with a purple whip." he hissed through his teeth, glaring down towards the floor.

"That girl is the only chance we have CLOSE to survival. The only reason why we are alive, is because she has been unconsciously been making Mew Aqua! The Cyclonians and her 'Mew Mews' have been collecting them, and we barely have any! We were lucky enough to find some mew aqua before them. We need Ichigo to come back home, now that she is of age. Do you remember what happened the moment the Queen, King, and Princess were taken away from our planet?"

"Yes father."


"We all perished, father."


"Barely 500 father, all quickly dying off."

"And who is she to you?"

"My fiance, father."

"My mate, father."

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