Rocky's POV

We were all at Deuce's house watching a movie, it was the weekend and we just decided to stay inside. I was next to my boyfriend on the love seat, while Deuce was in front of us on the the floor with CeCe and Tinka and Ty where on the other couch. If you haven't figured it out, yes Gunther Hesssnheffer is my boyfriend, wait but before you say 'Ewww' or 'what's wrong with you'. He turned cute when he and his sister lost their accents and sparkles telling everyone they grew out of it. He currently had his arm around me and i was laying my head on his shoulder, watching the movie peacefully with the others. Once and a while I would sneak glances at my right arm just to stare at my gorgeous bracelet Gunther gave me for our year anniversary. I really love him and he loves me that's what made me smile when I'm around him we where in love everyone around could tell. We may be the unlikely couple but we might be one of the happiest. aww tear tear lol

We were all laughing at one of the funny parts in the movie when we heard Gunther's phone go off blaring Usher. I changed it a couple days and be didn't change it!

" Hello?" He asked answering the phone, " Wait slow down, what's wrong" he added. " okay I'll be there... Yes I'm sure, bye" and he ended the call.

"Who was that?" I asked turning to him.

" You know my lab partner, Kelsey?" I nodded. " What's up with her?" I asked.

" I couldn't tell between all the sobbing" he admitted.

" Go see her" Deuce said. " Yeah go ahead, I'm staying all day" I added. " you sure?" he asked concerned. " Go" I said getting up and pushing him towards the door. " Be a good friend to other than us" CeCe said from her position next to Deuce. We chuckled, he gave me a quick pop kiss and went out the door. I plopped on the couch, continuing to watch the movie CeCe and Tinka sat next to me.

" You just gonna leave me like that Red?" Deuce said turning around. " yup" she replied popping the p. I let out a giggle as he threw a gummy bear at CeCe. She there's one back. Then Deuce the one with the bad aim hit me with a popcorn and that's how we started a food fight right there in the living room

"Hey what did I- what happened?" Gunther asked walking through the door.

" well Deuce hit me with a gummy, so I there's one back then-" CeCe started

" I get it Ce" Gunther said. " wheres Rocky" he asked nervously. I turned around from my position nor the floor I was picking up licorice. " I'm right here I said getting up, " what's up" I walked up to him.

"can we talk?" He asked. Then looked around the room "Alone?" he added. " okay..." I replied confused, what does he have to tell me, he's worrying me. He took my hand a lead me to the other room. I sat on the couch next to him.

" what's wrong?" I asked taking his hand. " well, I went to Kelsey's she was crying cuz he boyfriend broke up with her, talking about how I'm her only friend and she felt like a loner" he explained. " I don't know if she got the wrong impression of my kindness but we kissed." I was so mad I let go of his hand and started walking of, when he grabbed my hand pulling me to his lap. I refused to look at him how could he do this to me. " hey, hey, hey" he said lifting my chin to look at him. " It didn't happen like that, she kissed me and it was a mistake she was upset, I would never do that to you, I didn't even kiss her back I ran off." He added and pulled me into a hug. I looked at him.

" I love you" he told me in his cute voice. " I love you too" I i muttered and he pulled me it to a great kiss. " sorry to interrupt but they need help moving the table for truth or dare" Tinka said jerking us away from each other . I blushed and got off his lap. " okay" he replied and walked into the living roommate leaving his phone on the table.

" so what did he tell you" Tinka asked intrigued sitting next to me. Just the. His phone ran. " hello?" I answered. " oh hey Rocky, it's Kelsey" she said in the other end

" oh hey Kelsey" I replied

" I just wanted to apologize to Gunther, but I guess I should be apologizing to you too. I don't know if he told you" she explained.

" Yeah he told me" I told her " it's okay"

" Really!?" She replied shocked. " I thought you would kill us if you found out we made out in my room" she sounded relieved

" WHAT!" I screamed into the phone, gaining Tinka'a attention.

" I thought he told you" she sounded scared.

" not about this!" I exclaimed. " but ima bout to tell him something!, bye kelsey" I slammed the phone on the table in anger.

looks like Gunther is a liar and a cheater and Rocky's not too happy about that, she looks like she's in her ghetto mode in the end lol jk jk! til next time my lovelies! Don't forget to comment, I wanna hear what you have to say and pass it on to friends if you like it! :)