Previously on Rocky and Gunther?...

Letting out a relieved sigh holding my phone to my chest and closing my eyes feeling in some way that everything was actually going to be okay.

Rocky's POV

And everything was okay. Camille didn't harbor any crazy vengeance towards me and it just so happened that her and Malik had more in common than both of them dating two exes.

Over the past couple of weeks Gunther and I have been taking things slow exploring the possibility of getting back together. It was more than obvious that we both had some lasting feelings towards one another and no matter how hard I tried to put all my focus into someone else he managed to stay in the back of my mind.

And it was like everyone around us were counting down the days until we made it official. But of course I had my reservations.

"I just got out of one relationship, I'm really not trying to jump into another one."

"But this is Gunther. Who cares about time." CeCe countered as we walked down the school hallway to lunch.

"That's not even valid."

"Uh, yeah it is. You two have history and history trumps breakup grieving time."

"Says who?"


A laugh escaped my lips as I walked through the cafeteria doors. "Are you not taking me seriously 'cause I'm being serious Rocky."

"I get it." I assured her as we stood it line. "You just have to let things happen the way they're supposed to."

"Don't insult me."

"You're being dramatic." I smiled picking up a tray.

"I'm being dramatic for wanting you happy?" She asked giving me a look clearly offended.

"I am happy." Picking up some food waiting on her so we could pay together.

"You'll be even happier if you with Gunther." She fought back with a smile as we paid at the cash register.

Shaking my head with a smile. "You are romance obsessed." Walking to our usual table taking a seat seeing that everyone was already there. "Hey." Flashing them all a smile before taking my seat.

"Hey, I was actually looking for you." Gunther spoke grabbing my attention and my curiosity as I raised my eyebrow. "I, uh, wanted to talk. Can we go out in the hallway?" He finished after catching my look.

"Okay." I softly agreed getting up slowly and exiting the cafeteria with him following. Resting my back and body weight against some lockers before looking his way expectantly. "What's up?"

"I just wanted to talk about us, and what we're doing. Talking again and all that." He expressed making the nervousness I was already feeling heighten. Having these type of conversations always made me nervous and the fact that I was actually feeling him again put me on edge. "Look, Rock, I like you and you know that."

Just deciding to stay silent seeing I could open my mouth and say something stupid to ruin the moment. "And I really wanna try this again. I just wanna know if that's what you want to."

Biting the inside of my lip I thought about the possibility of us actually getting back together. I had to fight a smile. But the logical and guarded part of me spoke up instead. "We have a lot to work on." I admitted. "Like me trusting you and you trusting me. I can't forget that you hurt me."

A sad and disappointed look taking form on his face making me feel bad for even saying that in the first place. But it was the truth. "But, that doesn't i don't want you to try and fix it." His expression quickly picking up. "If this is our chance to really get it all right, that's what I wanna do."

"That's exactly what i want too." Gunther instantly agreed with a smile and I couldn't help but smile right back at him. "So… where do we start?"

"By giving me a hug because I missed you." I told him and he just smiled once more before pulling me into his arms letting me close my eyes and rest my cheek on his shoulder holding onto him.

It actually felt like things were falling into place.

Pulling away from him not even trying to protest as his lips found mine and for the first time in a long time it didn't feel like it was forbidden or wrong. It was perfect.

"Hey! You two, stop that!" An authoritative voice called out making us instantly jump away from each other spotting a teacher who was patrolling the halls. "Get to where your supposed to be." He snapped crossing his arms.

"Sorry." I quickly mumbled making moved back into the cafe not missing him say 'gross' when we away far enough. Gunther and I bursting into laughter once we got through the double doors.

Okay, so there may be some places where kissing him wasn't the most appropriate. But besides authority and the unwritten rules of PDA nothing was gonna stop me from learning to love that foreign blonde boy all over again ever again.

'Cause it's Rocky and Gunther forever.



Alright y'all it's the end of an era. A long, dragged out era that has been ridiculously nostalgic and cliche. But, I am so happy I'm finally reaching the moment that should've been reached three years ago. The end of this book.

I just wanna thank everyone who stuck by the story and read it all the way until the end and decided to read this author's note (you're a true OG and I appreciate you). This means a lot to me. It took a long time for me to get here and as I'm getting older and changing and evolving into an actual adult I can say that I'm ready to close a chapter, and fulfill a little dream of younger me to publish a story. A story that could be wayyy better, but I did it. And 13 year old me would be proud.

Thank you all once again and we've had a great run and you a true homie. This is my goodbye, this is my final post, this is the last chapter. It's been a blessing.