You will noticed [and I'm pretty sure I tell this before] that I use the dashes ( -blablabla- ) instead of the quotation marks ( "blablabla" ) when the characters are talking. I know it's unusual, cuz all the fanfics I read here use the quotation marks, but I can't thrown away 19 years of writing in a minute and take me too much time to write and then change it all, cuz I'm a busy [lazy] writter. So, if you feel unconfortable with it, sorry :]

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Tsuna sighed once again as he tried to fix his tie. He narrowed his eyes, trying to focus on the tie, but he could barely think clearly. Tsuna glanced up and stared at himself in the mirror, and saw himself dressed in an elegant custom-made suit, with brown hair that was always defying gravity. Beyond that, he saw pale orange eyes; they were full of worry.

-Tsu.- Giotto put a hand on his cousin's shoulders. -Need some help with the tie?

The brunet sighed again, but nodded. Giotto stooped down to Tsuna's level and tied the knot, then looked at his cousin's eyes, the concern in them mirroring his own.

-Is there something wrong, Tsu?- He asked worriedly, laying his hands on the brunet's shoulders.

-This entire situation is wrong. - Giotto frowned as Tsuna sighed, turning to see himself in the mirror again - I look ridiculous.

-You look great. the blond said with a sincere smile, making Tsuna smile involuntarily. Looking at his cousin in the mirror; he noticed that when they were side by side, they really looked alike, even if Giotto was blond and taller. It was a pity that only the appearance was similar.

Someone knocked on the door, and both turned to see a man, sporting light reddish hair and a flame-shaped tattoo on the right side of his face, come into the room. He bowed.

-They're all here, Your Majesty. - the red haired man grinned deferentially - They're waiting for you in the hall.

-Thanks, G. - Giotto thanked him and patted Tsuna's shoulders, grinning. - Let's go, Tsu.

Tsuna nodded, following his cousin and his cousin's bodyguard and personal servant. Giotto's black cloak, which he had insisted on wearing that day, undulated gently with every step. Tsuna felt more and more nervous with each step. He was walking closer to the destiny of his country, the destiny of his people, but especially to his own fate. G stopped in front of the oak double doors, which were guarded by two men in uniform; only those barriers separated them from the hall. Tsuna inhaled deeply.

-Everything will be okay. - Giotto murmured, trying to calm him down. Tsuna straightened his tie, feeling as if it might suffocate him. One of the men opened the door, and the two royals entered. G took two steps forward and one to the side.

-I present you his Royal Majesty, Giotto di Vongola Primo, and his Royal Highness, Tsunayoshi di Vongola. - G called loudly; everyone in the room bowed deeply to the two.

Tsuna flinched under the looks that ranged from curious to sarcastic and disbelieving. He felt unsafe, but his cousin opened his arms receptively.

-It's a pleasure to welcome you all. - Giotto's gaze washed over the guests with kindness, his natural charm making them feel more at ease. - I hope you are comfortable and think of this castle as your second home.

Tsuna felt a chill go down his spine. This was not good. Whenever he had this feeling, something bad would always happen. He exchanged a glance with G, who seemed to have the same feeling as Tsuna, and then turned back to look his cousin; Giotto was still smiling at the guests.

-Could you introduce yourselves? - the blond felt his smile grow larger as a guest took a step forward.