Act I: Mariage

Chapter 13. Gossips.

Lambo looked around. He was bored. Actually, he was beyond bored. Since he was forced to stay on these parties where only a few people were interested on him, he could dedicate himself to eat sweets. But he was deprived even for that, so he would dedicate himself on the second thing he liked: gossip. And because his twin was entertained chatting with the king and he truly didn't feel like going there, his eyes darted to the one (and probably only) person he could have some decent conversation: Haru

Haru was beside her older sisters, not gaining any attettion if compared to the others, and looked without any focus to whoever was speaking with her sister. He loved Haru because she knew everyone and could get all the attention with a few worlds, but this didn't happen when she had to stay by her sisters side and play the good, obedient and invisible youngest sister. He got up and walk to her, tapping two finger on her shoulder.

-Lambo-kun. - Haru said with a smile.

-Wanna dance? - he offer her a hand. Haru hold it with a thanks and they gone to the center of the ballroom, where he conducts her. He could be lazy and a damn glutone, but he was still a noble and know how to dance was like a requiriment for every noble - You don't need to thank me for saving you from your sisters. - Haru whacked him on the shoulder, only enough force to make him know that she was angry without hurting him, a frown over her brown eyes.

-Don't speak like that Lambo-kun - she looked around distracted - Looks like the prince come today too. - she was looking somewhere over his shoulders.

-Why don't you call him to dance? - he asked and Haru get a soft pink on her cheeks - C'mon Haru, you like him. At least enjoy your little time as single beside the prince. And it won't kill you just call him for a dance you know. - they made a spin and he saw the prince talking heatdly with a blond that showed something on his arm.

-He's talking with Yema's king. - she looked down - Maybe tomorrow. - he made her spin - Why are you with the cow shirt Lambo-kun? - she gave him a smile.

-I like it. - he watched gladly the brunette giggling. Haru was one of the few thaat didn't care about that twin's superstition. She always was on his and his brother side, even defended them, that why he was really fond to the brunette, even looked up to her - Ne, Haru, do you also think these marriage are unfair? - he asked in a low tone

-They are for the good of the country, to prevent a war. - she frowned a little before resting her chin on his forehead - But I don't like the idea. There were other ways to solve this, but I guess some nobles just wanted more political power and without internal support the kingdom would'nt last against the Millefiore. - he heard her sigh before taking a little distance between them - There was nothing useful on those documents. It didn't say who would marry who, but it have the name of the people.

-Beyond me, you and the prince how many were unlucky? - he also liked the fact that Haru was much more smart than him. She could read reports of comercials and political trades as easy as any romance. He was able to get inside his father office where he kept the documents and showed them to Haru, in a few minutes she read it all.

-Seven more.

Haru looked around for a few seconds and after a little squeeze on his hand, he let her guide the dance. She made them spin and he could see the big gates that lead to the garden.

-The one with the blue shirt, without tie is Takeshi Yamamoto, cousin of Lorde Asari and son of Piogge's Protector. - the raven she talked was drinking a glass while talking to a woman in a kimono, a esay smile on his face - The one with silver hair is Hayato Gokudera, son of Lorde Sasori. - he moved his eyes to the silver haired that looked the ball with a deep scowl, hand on his pockets with his back on the wall.

-He looks like a troublemaker. - he said making a mental note to see how far the silver could be pushed. They made a half spin and Haru moved her head to the right

-Of the twins, the girl over there is Chrome Dokuro - he saw a guy with dark blue hair, a little taller than the girl with purple hair. Probably the only thing that showed then as twins was the shape of the face.

-Could she be the one I'm going to marry? - he ask looking at Haru - It would be killing two birds with one stone, because nobody would want any of us.

-Don't said this, I like you and she is a sweetheart.

-Do you know her?

-No, but yesterday she asked me a napkin and when I gave it she said thank you.

-That means she polite not sweet.

-Haru never made a mistake on her judgements desu~. - she said angrily and Lambo chuckled - Her twin is Mukuro Rokudo. Did you know their names are anagrams? Chrome is pronounced Kuromu, wich is Mukuro with the letters changed.

Actually he wasn't surprised, but it was to come the day where he would understand the parents and their taste for names; just because they were twins it didn't mean they need to have similar names. Particularly, he though that his father was too lazy to think in another name so he changed the 'p' of Lampo for a 'b'. Haru giggled before looking to her side

-Kyoko-chan is the one sat, with the orange hair

-Kyoko-chan? - he looked to the girl, a cheerful one between a brunette and a woman with pinkish hair, both with more mature air.

-You don't know her? - Haru's eyes widened in surprise - Remember me to introduce you later. She is the youngest sister of Lord Sasagawa, she's very funny and also know a lot of things. The one with pink hair sat by her side is Bianchi Sasori, older daughter of Lord Sasori and Hayato's half-sister. She's mature.

-How do you know that?

-She and Hanna send letters to one another and Hanna only talk with mature people - Haru made a movement with her hand to show the brunette on Kyoko's other side - Hanna is married with Ryohei-kun, Kyoko's brother. Looks like they are going to stay here too.

They kept dancing a little more while Haru looked over his should looking for the others

-That one in red is I-pin Hibari, niece of Lord Alaude, her mother was an embassator at China. The one with dark hair near her is Kyoya Hibari, Lord Alaude' son - he saw a chinese girl wearing one of those costumers chineses red dress with a golden dragon that goes since the bottom until her chest and a raven, who also had some oriental shapes, sat beside the girl ignoring everything around him.

He conducted Haru in the ballroom again, making the brunette spin twice before putting his hand on her waist again

-Hahi! Why is Lampo-kun with green hair?

-Something about be different one and for all. He also made a thunder tatoo under his eyes. - Haru jaw comically fell with surprise, but after she recovered and laughed. He stopped the dance and walk away of the middle of pairs still dancing on the floor - If you can't stand your sisters, you can stay in our table. I asked a few sweets.

-Deal. - she intertwined their arms - Thanks Lambo-kun

Louis looked around with fear. He didn't knew where he was or even why he was cuffed with a tissue on his mouth preventing him from speaking. The last thing he remembered was walking out of the kitchen because Flavia had asked for him to see if the guests had finished the second plate when someone put a tissue with a too sweet smell over his nose and he woke up on that place.

He looked up scared, while trying to get rid of the cuff that were on his wrist but they hurted in every move. A noise beside him made him turn his head and he saw two shadowed figures of men, one of them holding an oil lamp.

-You idiot! - the one with the lamp roared - It's not him!

-Of course it is him! - the other pointed to Louis. The one with the lamp grunted and steped closer, grabbing Louis long red hair and pulling it back forcing the redhead to look up, the pain making tears come to his eyes.

-Look to that face your asshole - the hand pulled harder and a whine muffled by the tissue came out of Louis mouth - Does he look to have any tattoo?

He heard the other making a displeasure grunt and the lamp let go of his hair. Louis tried to put some distance between them, but his back meet the wall. This men were after mister G? Beside Louis, he was the only redhead on the castle with a tattoo on his face. He looked around frantically searching for a way out. He needed to get out of there, to warn mister G and the king.

-And what do we do know? - the other asked

-Get rid of him. He'd seen too much. - the lamp one answered and Louis eyes widened seeing the other with a large grin.

-What a pity. - the other said taking from a inner pocket on his jacket a long knife - All because of a little tattoo. - the knife slides on his skin next to his eye and he saw a large and terrible smile go across the mands face, faithfully reflexed on the blade - Then I guess I can have some fun.

Giotto go inside his room. It was past midnight and the wine he drank in the party allied with his drowsiness make his view blurry. He saw through the semi transparent bed curtains that there was a figure on the bed. He narrowed his eyes noticing a red tone on the person's head.

-G? - he asked stepping closer with suspicious. He remembered that the redhead had stayed behind talking with Cozarto. He moved away the thin curtains that surrounded the canopy bed and couldn't restrain a horrified scream; he moved away scared, but tripped on the carpet. Reborn and Tsuna throw open the door of his room, seeing Giotto on the ground next to the door.

-What happen? - Tsuna asked, but the brunette froze on the spot and felt his stomach turn inside him when he looked at the bed.

There was a corpse over it, tied in a way that made it kneeled on the sheets. He recognized with horror it was one of the guys working on the kitchen. He still wear the clothes he saw him use earlier, the red hair was untied and was cutted on his shoulders high. He had a horrible gash on the right side of his face, something like three lines going down until the chin where the blood oozed and dripped on his clothes. The shock was settled between the three of them for a few seconds before Reborn moved closer to the bed.

-Looks like he was strangled. - Reborn said keeping a calm face while examining the body - There are finger marks on his neck. This cuts on the face could be done with a knife and probably while he was still alive.

Tsuna had gone to the bathroom, the boy's stomach couldn't keep the dinner inside it anymore, not after seeing the corpse and the smell that come with it.

-Why would someone do this? - Giotto asked with a hand in front of his face, trying not to end in the same situation as his cousin.

-I would say to scary you. - Reborn kneeled down in front of the bed, looking for something that could help to identify who was the murderer of the poor servant.

-What is going on? - G asked coming inside with large steps and stopped when he looked the scene with wide eyes - What happen in here?

-Somebody kill this man. - Reborn looked to the redhead that faced the body atonished - And looks like a treat to you G, since whoever did this made sure to imitate your hair and the cut has your tattoo shape.

G looked the man with wide eyes before moving them to the servant. The boy was so young, barely on his twenties and maybe the only reason he got killed was because he accepted to work temporarily on the castle again this year. He saw Giotto trying to calm Tsuna down, but the brunette coudl'nt handle with these kind of things and was puking anything that was still inside him.

-Ah, there you are. - Reborn said in a cold voice and the redhead looked behind him to face a blond with dark pants and a social white shirt and the captain Lal Mirch, who was wearing a knee lenght short and a dark blouse. The captain looked around with surprise

-What happen here? - Lal asked taking the control of the situation

-That's a good question. Weren't you supposed to keep these things to happen? - Reborn asked crossing his arms.

-Don't make accusations kore. Nothing had gone past us or the elit guard. - the blond said also crossing his arms in a angry way.

-Somebody must have put him here. - Reborn arched his eyebrown - Or do you think he just came here, made the scar on himself, tied his own arms and then strangulated himself, hein Colonello?

Colonello was about to answer when Giotto cutted him, with a slightly trembling voice

-Discuss ineficence won't help. - Giotto put an arm on Tsuna's shoulder, who looked still paled and had a hand over his mouth.

-We'll check all the floor and see if they let any evidence Your Majesty. - the captain said in a composed tone - I suggest you to stay in one of the rooms on the lower floor. I'll let two of my best guards on duty all night.

-Thank you Lal. - Giotto gave her a weak smile - Tsu, I want you to stay in my rom tonight.

Tsuna nodded weakly and followed Giotto to outside the room. He heard Lal shout some orders and heavy steps on the hallway. G turned his eyes back to the boy, regret filling him. He remembered the boy saying that he would only cut his hair when his girlfriend accepted his proposal of marriage.

How would he look to that boy's family and tell it happen because of him?

Tsuna walked the hallways bitting the inside of his cheeks. It still bothered him to remember what happen to that man last night, and if he was like that how would be G? Despiste the short temper, G really cared about people and someone dying just to treat him must have be a shock. That's why he was going to the redhead room, maybe some talk could ease both their minds. He knocked on the door before coming in.

-Oh, it's you. - the redhead said with a relieved sigh, he was shirtless only a large strip of black tissue around his chest - You scared me, don't come in like that.

-Sorry. - the brunet gave an weak smile, putting his back against the door - Still wearing this?

-It's a tradition that the warrior use when they are way from home - G pick up a towel and trow it over a shoulder - Need something?

-Actually no - the brunet's eyes darted around while he though how to talk about the subject and his eyes stopped on the table - You did these? - Tsuna walked to the table where a dozen necklaces and bracelets made of colofurl stone with what looked like some thin lines also in diferent colors around it.

-I did it. - said a female voice and Tsuna looked up seeing a woman walk out of the bathroom; she had light brown hair that goes til her chest, eyes of the same color and a delicate face, she wear a simple green dress. She turned to G and said something in another language, probably seik.

-She said that you look a lot like Giotto.

-You know my cousin? - he asked surprised and she nodded with a smile.

-He was sanyuni… Fourteen. - she said slowly, as if to be sure of the word, and then smiled again; her voice was smooth but she didn't speak well Caelum's language - I sell to come here.

-It's beautiful. - she nodded again still smiling - Ah, my name is Tsuna, yours is…

-Fiore. - the seika answered

-Can you show how to do this? - he showed her a bracelet. The seika seemed to think about it, her browns almost comig together but after G said something, she made an 'Oh'.

-Maybe - she tapped her chin with a finger - But I stay two days only. - she raised two fingers, probably afraid of saying the wrong word.

-It's more than enough. - Tsuna smiled to her and then look from her to G and back to Fiore - Am I… interrupting something?

-More or less. - the redhead said getting up of the bed were he sat while the other two were talking. Tsuna rubbed the back of his head shyly and walk to the door, but stop when he remembered something

-Are you going to watch the games? - the brunet asked looking the redhead over his shoulder.

-When the horro show is over. - he saw him walking inside the bathroom. Tsuna gave him a small smile, he knew that G hated to see those games where some wild animals were captured and then trained to please some nobles. He go out of the room, seeing Fiore pushing G inside the bathroom talking something he didn't understand, before closing the door and lead to the little arena set a few meters of the castle.

G sighed a little more relaxed, feeling the warm water with the scents Fiore had specially brought to him. The water was in some dark green tone, and gave him the feeling of being in a giant green tea cup. If he stretched his legs a little, he could touch the little bags with the herbs that he had put on the tub.

-Done. - he could feel Fiore's hand sliding his back and stop on his shoulders - Come here. - she pulled him lightly on the shoulders.

He laid his back on her chest, putting the head on her shoulder while feeling her soft skin against his skin. Fiore hummed a seik song while washing his hair with a hand. He closed his eyes and for a moment, just a moment, he though he was back at his home country. But he couldn't come back, not yet.

-I missed that. - the redhead said in seik settling better his head to Fiore's shoulder - I missed you. - she put her face against his hair and he felt her arms around his chest.

-Me either. - he put an arm over her arm, Fiore's voice was full with sadness and a little of fear and rage when she continued - I didn't want you to com back.

-It's my duty. - he said with a sigh and feel the hug tighter a little.

-I know. - she answered in a low voice and let go of him - But if G don't go to Seik, Fiore will bring a little of there to you. - she said more cheerful, the voice sounded much more smooth and fluid when she spoke her mother tongue, before pressing her lips against his cheeks in a kiss, making a loud 'plop' when she move away giggling - Baba said you couldn't come back soon this time so I have to come and ask for myself.

-How is the Aeghin reacting to the wedding? - G smirked

-Pretty well. Sometimes he talks about you. - he could imagine what his brother talked about him, half were insults and the other half curses; a pretty comum family trait, at least on his family. - What o you think I should choose as a punishment?

-Cut his tongue, then he can't command anymore. - he said and she giggled.

-Baba said I should take what makes him a man.

-Not a bad idea. Just to make sure, do both. - she laughed, the sound echoing in the walls.

G smiled. It was a costume on his clan to have a punishment in case the husband or wife was unfaithful to the marriage, which only the groom's family could suggest one for the bride and vice versa. He remembered that his mother's was killing his father with a poison during a party. Of course, this punishments were not serious, but it was hilarious to hear someone shouting "I wil skin you alive and trow you to the wolves" during dinner.



-Baba also said you needed to talk to me about… that. - she said in a low voice and he raised his eyes seeing that she had a soft pink coloring her cheeks. G smirked with the timid reaction from the woman he knew for so many years thinking how could he explain it to her.

-I don't think explain will be enough. I think I'll have to show you.

Leila was just one of the maids working on the Vongola castle. And as expected for all employees, even with all the work that had to be done, the conversation (and gossips) were inevitable. Since the parties started, there were lots of talking about the youngs who would stay there, but particularly she wasn't interested on that. One of the few things she liked to hear was about the king's Guardian (geez, he was hot) and the own royal family (beauty must be on the genes of this family, there wasn't another explanation for that).

But she didn't seem to have the chance for that one and only night with a guy she dreamed of. Master Giotto liked woman with black hair, she heard one or two girls on the kitchen talking about it, but she was blonde so her chances were zero. Master Tsuna, well, he was still too inocent for this things so she don't even keep hope. And G-sama… Well, nobody ever heard about he taking some woman to bed on those ten years he worked for the king. There was even a rumor saying that G-sama actually liked men! And he was so critical about Master Giotto's 'going outs' because he had a crush on the king. It was hard to believe but the bad tongues never stopped.

Knowing that it's easy to imagine how surprise Leila was when she come inside G-sama's room to put some clothes on the wardrobe and heard some not discret feminine moans coming from the bathroom. Keep her excellent work of putting every clothes on its correct place (it wasn't espionage ok, the door was locked and she needed to be sure that every clothe was on its correct place and take some more minutes was just a consequence of her eficient work). It was hard not imagine what was going on the inside when she heard some words in a different language followed by a 'G~' said in luscious voice and some moans. She smiled to herself. That would be a gossip for the rest of the week!

The sounds got lower after some time and she heard nothing for a few seconds, except for a splash of water on the tub. When the door opened, she couldn't help but look to that side and saw a woman, probably around her twenties, using only a towel to cover her naked body. The woman stared her for half a second before her face became completely red, put a hand in front of her face and talk something in seik (sounded like one of the curses G-sama used when he was mad). She made a quick bow for the woman, but she go inside the bathroom again in a rushed pace closing the door with enough force to break it and she heard her talking something with G-sama in seik. She took advantage of this to go out of the rom, ignoring the few clothes that were still on bed. The girls in the kitchen will never believe her! It was brief, but she saw the woman wearing a ring.

-Leila, what's with that smile? - asked Sara, one of the kitchen staff.

-You won't believe it! G-sama is married! - she said without holding her tongue. The five people in the kitchen looked at her like she had gone mad.

-What? Really? - asked another woman.

-I just came out of his room. There was a seik woman there and she was using a ring right here. - she said pointing to the ring finger, a smiled going from ear to ear.

-G-sama also wears a ring, but I didn't imagine it was because of this. - said Luchio, the cook, scratching his chin.

-That's so romantic! He is faithful to her even when he's not in Seik! - said Flavia with sparkling eyes hugging herself - You can't find men like that these days!

As more employees came, the news spread like wild fire getting a little different each time someone spoke. The 'G-sama is married and his seik wife came to visit him', was heard like 'G-sama is an old romantic that values the marriage' and spread like 'G-sama would never betray his seik wife even there were kilometers between them'. Some of the maids who had a crush on the punk redhead didn't knew if they were desapointed knowing that he was married or sighed even more knowing that he had a romantic side under the untamable temper.

Yes, just another day at the Vongola castle.

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