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Act I: Marriage

Chapter 2: Reactions

When lord Alaude, a tall blond with harsh gray eyes, passed him with a unfriendly face, Fon knew there was something wrong with his brother in law. When Alaude completely ignored the request of the Chinese to have tea, Fon knew a storm would befall Nebula's castle. Placing the cup on the saucer adorned with drawings of dragons and cherry blossoms, he got up and followed the other at a rapid pace, keeping his face serene, while putting his long braid over a shoulder and couldn't help but sighd seeing the Lord enter unceremoniously in the room of his only son.

-Kyoya, we need to talk. - Alaude said staring at the boy sitting on the window sill, he could be considered a carbon copy of the father if not for his black hair.

And with just that phrase, Fon knew Kyoya and Alaude would enter a monosyllabic discussion which would result in the further destruction of the youngest room.

-I'll make some more tea. - he said calmly and made a brief bow before retiring from the room, closing the door behind him.

Just a few steps to get to the end of the hallway and he heard his nephew screaming "WHAT?" in full lungs, which itself was troublesome considering that Kyoya never, and that should be emphasized, Kyoya never raised his voice. One of the maids who was replacing one of the Lord Alaude's pitchers porcelain on a small table let it fall when he heard the voice of her young master.

-Pardon my lord. - she said putting the smaller pieces of the jug in a higher

-No need to apologize. - he said with a quiet smile - Please leave some employees ready. And keep them away from Kyoya for now, we don't want that incident happenings again."

-Yes sir. - her eyes widen slightly before she bowed to the chinese and exit hastily.

Fon observes the maid as she walked down the central staircase, resting his crossed arms over the railing. He hear a slight whistle and sees a ball of yellow feathers flies down at his side, heading for the nearest exit.

-This will be a long night. - he said to himself and sighed at the sound of wood being broken, would have been the bed he had bought two weeks ago or the door he had bought a month ago? Sighing again he pulled the long braid over his shoulder - Very, very long.

-Marry? - Mukuro repeated, his heterochromatic eyes turned to the bed when he heard a low moan and then turn to Elena, who just confirmed with a gesture - But who mother?

-Daemon didn't give many details in the letter, but it seems that it is a political decision. - Elena placed a golden hair lock behind her ear and hold the soft robe when a cold breeze passes through the halls of the castle.

Mukuro looks at his sister sleeping on the bed. How Daemon could do this with his own daughter knowing her conditions?

-Your father will arrive in the morning. Rest a bit, is not yet time to worry about these things. - she gave one last look at the boy before moving to the next room. Mukuro closes the door and lies down on the bed. His sister opened her violet eyes, rubbing it to try to drive away the sleep.

-Mukuro-nii? What time is it?

-It is still night, you can sleep. - he said pulling the sheets to cover his sister, she yawns and hold to his hand, bringing it close to her cream face. With his free hand he removes a few strands falling over her eyes - My sweet Nagi. I'll do not let anything or anyone harm to you.

-Thanks Mukuro-nii. - she said half asleep.

Mukuro frowns looking pale and delicate sister, now asleep. A single question occupied his mind: why?

Asari opened the door of the cousin's room seeing he was slept; a pair of ears stand up, and blue eyes look at him curiously when the dog looked at the door. There were several objects dropped here and there around the room and he smiled wondering what new game Takeshi had invented that day.

-Ugetsu? - A firm voice called, he turned seeing none other than his uncle in his usual dark blue kimono holding in hands a candlestick with a single candle.

-Good evening uncle. - he spoke in a respectful tone. Even though he is the current Lord of Piogge, Tsuyoshi was someone who deserved his respect especially after all he had done.

-I thought you would only arrive in the morning. - Tsuyoshi frowned. - Did something happen?

-I'll need your help ncle, and councils. - Ugetsu closed the bedroom door. Tsuyoshi realize in the nephew' serious expression that wouldn't be something easy to solve.

-Let's go to my room.

The other only agree before following his uncle with a serious expression. How could he give this news to his cousin?

-I do not want to get married! - Lambo stubbornly repeated tapping his foot, his bright green eyes filled with disbelief.

-Stop acting so childish. - a man sitting in a comfortable leather chair replicated watching the brunette who was in front of his desk, a vein appeared on his forehead with the attitudes of his youngest son.

-But father why me?! Lampo is the oldest! He should get married first! - he said pointing accusingly at the older twin sat beside him with his legs stretched out, Lampo just yawns part bored, part sleepy for being out of bed before ten o'clock.

-The great Lampo would not marry anyone. - Lampo said before yawning again then put his elbow on the arm of the couch. Lambo would replicate, but they both fell silent at seeing his father get up from the chair in front of them.

-What I said is said and you will obey me! - he gazes at the two children seriously - Now get out.

Lampo rises, making a brief gesture with his hand in salute while his brother went out of the office like a hurricane. Lambo was very angry. How his father, his own father, had been able to do something like that? His twin keep up with him, he had to admit that despite the endless lazy, Lampo could be fast when he wanted.

-I bet it is an old ugly woman, if it wasn't father wouldn't have kept secret about who she is. - Lampo said with a small smile to seeing the younger huffing angry before entering the room. Lampo follows him with a small smile - It seems that now your life began to end bro.

Now Lambo was really angry. Giving up on staying a second more with his older brother, he left the room slamming the door as hard as he could heading to the only place he could find some solace: candy in a kitchen drawer.

Gokudera saw his sister, well half-sister, was about to retort something but stopped herself shaking hands into fists. No doubt she would have some cuts for the way her nails dug deeper into the flesh

-Anything else or can I withdraw? - she was obviously trying, and failing, to control the anger in her voice.

-You can go Bianchi. - said the man in front of them and both see the girl turn around, making the pink hair flutter up as she almost run out of the room - The same goes for you Hayato.

-What?! - The boy turned his forest green eyes to the man, thinking he heard wrong.

-You will marry a duchess as agreed by the treaty.

-I do not want to marry a stupid woman who I don't even know! - he said angrily, a brand formed between his brows.

-I am being very kind achieving a marriage of that level for a bastard child.

-I do not need your kindness! - he screams in protest.

-Lower your tone with me boy! - shouts the man back - I am lord of Tempesta and your father! You WILL obey me!

Gokudera mumbles some profanity before leaving the room like a storm. He would not accept the orders of that old fool! Not while he was Hayato Gokudera!

Ryohei looks older brother in disbelief and get up from the chair in a jump

-That is EXTREMELY wrong! - he shouts closing hands in fist angrily staring Knuckle - Even if it is a war, I ... - He stopped when feels a hand on his shoulder.

-Onii-chan, it's okay. - Kyoko said with a smile, nonetheless he could see the sadness in the brown eyes of his younger sister - If my marriage can save the lives of innocent citizens, don't care about getting married.

-But Kyoko, you ...

-I'll be fine onii-chan. - She turned to the oldest, Ryohei and Knuckle were extremely similar the only difference they had was the hair color - When I will meet him aniki?

-Very soon. - Knuckle smiled, so proud to see that his sister had accepted the responsibility - You're going to the Vongola family's castle in Caelum and spend two months there with nobles of the other regions. Only then you will know who your future husband is.

She just confirmed with a firm nod and release her brother's arm.

-Ryohei you will also go with Kyoko.

-And Hana? - he asked almost automatically.

-She is your wife. If both agree, I won't stop you.

-Aniki. - Kyoko called and he saw her bitting her lower lip - Is he... Much older than me? - Knuckle laughed briefly.

-He has your age my sister and is a great man. I'm sure you will be fine.

She smiles a little more relieved and look at Ryohei, her eyes filled with hope. After all his brother also had an arranged marriage and lived happily with Hana, despite the huge personality differences. It wouldn't harm have hope, would it?

Fon sighed looking his daughter. I-Pin was a sweet girl and always did her best for others, but her greatest weakness was living with the opposite gender. She couldn't have a concrete conversation with any man or boy who wasn't her family.

-You sure about that Alaude? - Fon asks keeping calm and sees the girl holding the pants with trembling hands.

-It was the decision of the king. - Alaude speaks, his gray eyes move to his niece - I-Pin I hope you won't embarrass our family.

-I'll do my best. - she said still looking at her feet.

-Great. And Fon call someone to take care of the mess created by that cheeky boy.

-I have already called. They must finish before dinner.

Alaude only nodded. Knowing that there was no more to talk about, the two make a brief reverence and retire from the room. Fon looked at his daughter seeing that her eyes were teary, but she held them at all costs.

-My flower. - Fon placed a hand on the girl's shoulder, she hugs him tightly, moving her legs around the waist of her father. "Calm down, calm down." He stroked the hair of his little girl feeling the shirt get wet because of her tears, but he couldn't care less. He walked carrying her in his arms.

-How do I do that dad? - She asks in a small voice

-We'll find a way, dear. It'll be okay. - they passes through the corridor, avoiding stepping on debris still left there because the fight of his relatives.

-Not even Hibari was saved this time. - she said raising her eyes slightly to see over the shoulder of her father. The corridor was a complete mess with broken windows and porcelain, paintings torn and ripped from the wall and parts of the door shattered also thrown here and there.

-Yeah. Try not to talk about it with your dear cousin now, he is still emotionally shaken by the news.

She nodded and saw her cousin get out of a room in that hallway. His face was as expressionless as ever, but he carried silver tonfas showing that he would beat mercilessly anyone who approached.

Lambo was sitting in one of his hideouts in the castle. He and Lampo always found new places to hide from classes.

-Hahi! Lambo-kun!

He looks up seeing a girl standing in front of him. She wore a pant of comfortable fabric, a blue shirt and the chocolate hair was caught in a tight ponytail.

-Haru-chan. Were you practicing riding? - he asks recognizing the costumes she wore.

-Yes, I was. - she said cheerfully, but then frowns when see his face - Something happened?

-I have to get married to avoid a war. - he placed another grape candy in his mouth, the jar on his lap was already on the middle - I'll leave the castle in a few weeks and probably will not be back anytime soon.

-Oh. I'll go with you Lambo-kun, so do not be sad.

He chokes on the sweet and Haru gives some pats on the boy's back until he stopped coughing.

-What do you mean?

-I will also have to marry Lambo-kun. - she had a sad look, a hand on his shoulder to show her support - So don't worry. We'll get through this together, okay?

-All right. - he speaks placing a hand on her shoulder too.

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