Young and Restless


Hey guys, this is Mr. Moe and I have taken oven this story with the blessing of LONGNodaichi and I hope you will enjoy the ride. I have made a few adjustments but nothing that will affect the story too drastically. All the adult heroes are older. Let's say early 40's and Superman is Conner's father instead of older brother.

Chapter One

Conner arrived at their temporary base in Bludhaven. He was wearing clothes more formal than his usual, with black blazer and dress pants. Not that he wanted to wear them, mind you. It was because of the event he just came back from. Luckily his grandparents Martha and Jonathan Kent back in Kansas had just the clothes to fit him. They were Clark's old clothes from when Clark went to prom in high school. Though they fit him like a glove, he couldn't wait to get out of the stuffy suit. He went to his room in the Teams' temporary Bludhaven headquaters. He was putting back on his casual jeans when he heard a voice.

"Looks like you had a good time." He knew that voice from anywhere. He turned and saw M'gann.

She was wearing a white t-shirt, yellow cardigan, blue skinny jeans, and sandals.

"M'gann? How are you..." Conner's eyes narrowed.

"When..." he began to ask before she abruptly cut him off.

"Just a few hours ago actually." M'gann replied with a sad smile. "I picked up La'gann from Atlantis and came back."

"I see." Conner turned his back to hide his slight displeasure. "But you do know that this is the boy's room, right?"

"I know...I just wanted to see you." M'gann sat down on Conner's bed. Conner quickly put on his black T-shirt with the red "S" his new family's crest.

"Okay, what is it?" Conner sighed. "Are you waiting for La'gann or something?"

"No...I wanted to talk to you...and only you..." M'gann looked at him in the eyes for the first time in so many months. She tried to set up a mental link up with him, but Conner denied her access.

"Don't you even dare..." he growled.

"I wasn't going to read your mind!" M'gann said defensively, then looked away ashamed. "I don't want to do that anymore. I just wanted to link up with you, that's all."

Conner sat down on the adjacent bed. "Okay, he said… somewhat flustered. What is going on? Just tell me." Conner was honestly tired of all the tension between him and her. And he didn't want any more complications.

"I broke up with La'gann." M'gann said and Conner's face didn't change. His mind, however, was a different story. Half of him was happy that she had broken up, while the other half debated on whether he should be happy or sad for her.

"Why?" Conner asked.

"Because...he and I were together because he made me feel better. He indulged me...and I have seen what happened to those who suffered from my over-confidence and indulgence." M'gann admitted. "And...I needed some closure…. It was bound to happen, anyway."

Conner nodded slowly. "Well, if that is all, then." Conner stood up and began to leave the room, only for M'gann to reach out and grab his wrist.

"Please Conner. I am not done yet." M'gann's eyes pleaded. Conner sighed and sat back down. He twisted his wrist to make M'gann let go of it, something that made M'gann even more sad.

"So you broke –up with fish-boy." Conner shrugged. "You did what you wanted...just as you always have." Him saying that made M'gann's heart hurt even more. Did he really think she was that selfish? Well, she was. She rewrote his memory, got a new boyfriend, and broke up with him for the sake of convenience. "That really doesn't surprise me, M'gann." Conner looked at her. "Just tell me what you want."

"Nightwing told me that you went out with Wendy." M'gann blurted. Conner's eyes narrowed.

"Yes...we did...because it was our High School Reunion?" Conner raised his eyebrow. "You got the message, didn't you?"

M'gann mentally slapped her forehead. Of course! The High School Reunion! She just forgot about it since she was captured by Black Manta. "Oh yeah" she said rather bashfully. "That explains your formal clothes."

Conner nodded slowly. "They aren't mine. They are my dad's."

"Superman's? Do they fit?" M'gann asked. Despite Conner being Superman's "son", he was smaller than Superman.

"He wore them in high school." Conner shook his head. "Back to the subject. You thought I was on a date with Wendy?"

M'gann nodded. Conner rubbed his temples for a bit. "She and I went as a couple since Marvin was out of town on a business trip."

"A couple?" M'gann shot up. "You two went out as a couple?!"

Conner's face showed slight discomfort and displeasure. "Yeah...Marvin asked me too. The reunion had a dance sort of thing, so Marvin asked me to go in his place."

"Marvin and Wendy are dating?" M'gann sat back down.

"Yeah...they are." Conner smirked. "I was the one who helped Marvin ask Wendy out on their first date, remember?"

"Oh yeah!" M'gann smiled too. The two of them chuckled for a bit, then became silent.

"So...that still doesn't explain why you are here." Conner got back on the topic.

"Conner, I...I am ..." M'gann took a deep breath. "I am really...sorry..."

Conner didn't expect that. "What? Sorry for what?"

"For everything." M'gann sighed. "Going out with La'gann to rub it in your face, abusing my powers, all of that." She hopefully looked at him, but Conner's eyes said nothing. They were confused to be sure.

"Uh...yeah..." Conner cleared his throat. "I accept your apology. So...did you and La'gann break up on good terms?"

"He is know him..." M'gann replied.

"A dumped boyfriend would be. Can you blame him? He was really worried about you when you got kidnapped." Conner crossed his arms. "He had a broken leg and we had put restraints on him so that he would not injure his leg even more." He remembered when Nightwing called him to restrain La'gann. La'gann was giving the hospital staff a handful by transforming into his beast mode so that he could compensate for his bad leg. Conner had to give him a swift uppercut to the chin to knock him out.

M'gann bit her lip. "So...where does that put us?"

Conner did not expect that either. "Uh...excuse me?"

"Where does that put us?" M'gann said in a more demanding voice. "La'gann is out of the way. Now you and I remain. Are you and I going to be a couple again?"

Conner's temper flared. "Since when did you get so selfish?" he asked.

"I'm not selfish, Conner!" M'gann shouted back. "And for your information, I don't always try to get my way. It's not like I mesmerized you." She blurted and slapped her mouth. Conner's eyes widened.

"Didn't you?" Conner glared.

Conner angrily stood up to walk out. M'gann followed him. At the same time, the team returned with Sphere.

"Hey, Conner!" Impulse ran out to high-five him, but Conner ignored him, stormed through the team, and got on the super cycle and took off.

"Superboy!" Nightwing ran out. "Where are you going?"

"Away from here." Conner tapped Sphere's side and Sphere's motorcycle mode took off.

"Conner!" M'gann flew after him.