Disclaimer: The characters in this fiction are the exclusive property of DC comics I only take credit for the idea. I hope you guys enjoy.

Summary: Just more in the life of Conner (Superboy) Kent and his discovery of life, girls and being the son of Superman. I have made a few changes to the Young Justice storyline. 1) Cassandra Wayne is Batgirl and she found Project Kr along with Aqualad and Kid Flash. 2) She is also taking the place of Dick Grayson as he is Nightwing in my storyline. So for clarity instead of Robin you have Batgirl. 3) I have kept the close ties that Robin had with the rest of the team but just transferred them to Cassandra. 4) Cassandra isn't a mute, she has been "home schooled" for 2 two years before joining the team.

Young and Restless Chapter Eight:

Conner awoke in a hyperbolic containment pod. His heart began to beat fast as he saw three figures staring at him. He could not make out what they were saying. He knew he that he had to get away. The pod started to open and Conner bolted. Attacking the first person, an African-American male, Conner tackled him and gave him two quick punches and he was down. Then Conner's back was on fire as dozens of volts of electricity raced over his skin, shot from a tazer held by a woman. The second guy was very fast. He was on Conner before he knew what hit him.

"I can't let them put me back in the pod" Conner thought to himself.

Conner threw the second guy off him. He sent him careening in to another containment pod shattering it. The woman with the tazer was beautiful, beautiful but dangerous as she sent another jolt of electricity at him. The jolt made his teeth chatter. He grabbed the tazer prods and pulled hard. The woman came flying towards him. He grabbed her by the throat lifting her off the floor. For the first time he could see her clearly. She was Amer-Asian. The first guy hit Conner with something like a glowing blue sledgehammer. Conner dropped the woman and flew into a wall. The woman then threw some kinda bola at Conner which completely entangled him and tripped him to the floor, landing him hard on his back. The woman cart-wheeled and somersaulted towards him and landed on him in a straddle position. Now they were face to face. At first the woman looked like M'gann, then her face changed to Stephanie, then again to Zee before shifting back to the beautiful Amer-Asian girl.

The girl kissed Conner tenderly and then said "Remember me…"

Conner woke up startled and reaching out…. Saying "Cassandra."

Conner got out of bed and began pacing around his room. His heart was racing as images of the girl from his dream came rushing back to him. Feelings stirred inside the young clone, feelings of loss. Conner's chest ached in a way he could not explain.

"Who was she? And why do I feel this way?" Conner asked himself.

Conner sat on a chair close to his bed. He was trying to calm down. It was still dark outside as the sun hadn't risen. He heard a familiar ringtone, "YEAHHHHHHH BOOOOOOY!" (A Flava Flav ringtone that Wally gave him.) It was Diana.

"Conner, Are you okay" she asked?

"Yeah… I just had a really weird dream" he said.

"Do you want to talk about? She asked. He could feel her concern.

"Nah, I'm still trying to figure it out.. plus I'm still pretty tired" Conner responded.

"Okay…if you need anything, let me know, okay? Get some rest Kon, I will see you later" she said.

As he hung up the phone and layed back down to sleep he thought to himself "How did she know?"

Monday 10:30 AM

Conner wanted to sleep late but his cell phone kept ringing.

"Oppa Gungdam style, heyyyy sexy lady"… kept playing over and over. It was Stephanie.

"Come on Conner pick-up the phone" Stephanie said as she bounced up and down in place.

"Uh, Hello." A groggy Conner spoke.

"Conner!" Stephanie practically sang his name. It's so good to hear your voice! Are you okay? Are you busy? What are you doing? I like called you every day, and I talked your mom and she said you weren't feeling well. I don't want her to think I'm a pest or anything, I was just really concerned about you.

"Whoa, whoa slow down will ya?" Conner said, responding to the machine gun barrage of words Stephanie just sent at him.

"Okay…"she said.

"First, how are you feeling? Are you okay?" She asked.

"Yeah, I'm okay now thanks for asking said Conner. "I spent some time at my Dad's place getting better".

"Yeah, I talked to your mom for awhile, she seems pretty cool". She said.

"My… mom" Conner hesitated trying to figure out what to say about that.

Diana had taken care of him, and had agreed to train him and was in a relationship with his dad Kal-El and spent the most time with him. So for all intents and purposes she was like a mother to him. But does that make her his mom? He wondered.

"Yeah, she told me that you called". He said.

"Do you thing she likes me? Stephanie asked.

Conner blushed. "She likes everybody". Was the best respond he could come up with to answer Step's question.

Conner discreetly placed his cellphone on speaker and quickly got dressed and headed down stairs.

Stephanie asked "Conner, are you working out while we are talking on the phone? Because I can hear you moving around. I do that to! We have so much in common. That's why we are such a good couple".

Conner face-palmed himself and shook his head. Stephanie was the energizer bunny of talking. The Teams bunker though it looked rundown on the outside, it was state of the art with Folded-Space Technology on the inside. Each room in the bunker was equipped with modular dimensional compressor which had to capability of holding dozens of rooms. Conner had seen the same tech in Superman's Fortress of Solitude.

"Are you busy today? I'd like to see you. Are you working?" Stephanie asked.

"Yeah, I gotta check with my boss. I missed sometime outta work too. So how are things with you?" Conner asked. He was headed to the control room.

"See, I knew you couldn't keep your mind of me, you were probably dreaming about me too" she said.

"Huh, What? It's not like that "Conner responded.

"Well you gonna havta to work a lot harder to get me stud! Girls like me don't come around every day. I'll be at Roosevelt Park at 4:00 o'clock. I got softball tryouts. You can pick me up 6:00PM and we can have dinner. Your pass will be at the will call. Don't be late, See ya stud then she hung up.

"No, Wait, Steph…Hello! Hello!" Blasted! He started to crush his cell phone. "She did it to me again. She forced me into a date." I hate being manipulated, She just like M'gann Conner said.

"Who is just like M'gann? Asked Mal Duncan, Team Field Coordinator. His rich baritone voice echoed in the corridor.

"Oh hey Mal, just a girl I know" Said Conner. Looking at the now broken cell phone in his hand.

"Well, I hope you got your thunder pants on Batman is here and he wants to speak with you. If you're still alive after Batman is thru with you I could use help on Module 28 the room isn't opening.

Conner arrived at Roosevelt Park with thirty minutes to spare. Seems old Bats found out that the club Zee had whisked everyone to was 21 and older. Kara and Donna being the only ones legally able to be in the club instead of condoning Zee, Conner and Raquel being there should have sent us "home" as responsible adults and heroes. Stating they should have known better and set better examples for the younger members. Conner wanted to argue with the Batman and plead his case for Zee, Donna and Kara but he was immobilized by that damn Batglare. He physically could not move will Batman was reprimanding him. Every word slammed into him like a wave. Batman eye's seemed to glow an eerie yellow beneath his glow. His voice seemed darker and hollow. Batman seemed more like an angry shadow than a man. It wasn't until Batman turned away that Conner felt normal. He had never felt anything like that before. Conner had heard rumors about the Batglare from other members of the Justice League and even from Dick himself but he never believed it was real. It took several hours to reconfigure the compression module for room 28 but Conner and Mal finally got it done in time for Nightwing to use.

Conner shut off the engine of his bike, removed his helmet and scanned the area. He looked for the will call area as that's where Steph said she would leave his access pass. Shortly after making his way through crowds of people at the ball park. Conner found his seat in the stands. There were several professional players and media coverage was on hand to watch the tryouts. From his seat he could see Stephanie on the pitcher's mound, in her soft ball outfit. He recognized her bright red cap with the word BOSS on it. Once she saw him she blew him a kiss. From high above the stadium another figure watched with evil intent.