Mabel stood center stage, in front of a crowd of hundreds of adoring fans, all craning to get a look. Mabel, slightly nervous, just widely smiled and pull on the skirt of her designer outfit. She wore a silver, glittery sweater with the Big Brother eye on it. Along with it she wore a purple skirt and matching high heels, which Mabel unfortunately wobbled in.

"So, do you wanna see who's going to win?" Mabel teased.

The whole crowd roared with excitement.

"Well, you're gonna have to wait." Mabel laughed. Mabel then took a remote out and pointed to a large screen. "This is just a quick recap of the mishap and adventures from the "Gravity Falls Big Brother house" to refresh your memories." Mabel smiled.

The screen then began playing a montage of time in the house. The montage included many scenes from the show.

"Mabel's dorky, annoying brother."

"The names Dipper, Pathetica!"

"Aaaaaah! My hair! It's ruined!"
"Oh no."

"You did this!"

"You did this to me!"

"Grunkle Stan? What did you do?"

"Six housemates will be individually called to the diary room to try an original dish created by Big Brother. After eating, the housemate will guess from three options what the dish was."

"Goats eye?"

"Chocolate covered cockroach."

"Cooking oil."

"Seal fat?"

"I am not eating a taco!"

"Kangaroo ass?!"

"To Dippingsauce, you're doing really good. I know you weren't so keen on entering in the first place, but the public loves you and I'm super proud! I miss you and hope to see you soon, but not too soon. Love Mabel."

"What the hell?! I look like a freaking leprechaun!"

"Gideon is a complete jerk, I bet he did it on purpose because no one likes him!"

"Spin the bottle! In the garden! NOW!"

Montages then showed of all eight kisses...and Dipper's sad face when Wendy didn't kiss him.

"When you hear pause you must stop what you are doing and not react to anything happening around you."
"Pause." *Was then followed by housemates freezing and trying not too laugh...mostly failing.*

"The winner of Gravity Falls Big Brother 2013 will be crowned!"


The montage then finished. There was silence. The only sound being Mabel's braces whistling as she breathed. But the silence was then filled with excited screams and flapping sound of banners being held high for the cameras to see.

"So, enough times been wasted, let's go live to the house and see the first evictee from the finals!"

The cameras then began filming inside the house, as it was displayed on the same large screen as the montages had been played.

Meanwhile, in the house, all housemates were gavered in the lounge. Soos was wearing his usual cap with the pale outfit Stan had made him. Stan wore his fez with the patched pants and dark blue shirt. Candy wore the purple dress Dipper had made her, the silver beads reflecting all the lights. Dipper wore his Pine tree hat and orange t-shirt along with the red suit and yellow tie Wendy made him. Wendy wore her new long mint green dress Dipper had kindly spent all night working on. And Gideon sulked in his leprechaun outfit.

"Housemates, tonight is the official finals of Gravity Falls Big Brother 2013! Tonight, one of you will be crowned the winner." Mabel began. "But five of you must lose. The first runner-up will be evicted now!"

All housemates huddled together, fingers crossing.

"And that housemate is...Soos!" Mabel revealed. "You have 10 seconds to say your good byes."

"Oh, well I'm pretty glad I got this far." Soos said, standing up.

"See you soon Soos!" Dipper smiled.

Soos began walking away. "Congrats, on getting this far!" Wendy congratulated.

Soos had almost walked out. "Well done! See ya!" Everyone (except Gideon) began cheering.

Soos then walked out and stood with Mabel. "Sup ham bone!"

"Yo Soos! So, lets talk house!" Mabel laughed. "What was your favourite part in the house?"
"Well, hanging out with Dipper, Stan and Wendy had been fun. I enjoyed some of the challenges...and the overall experience." Soos remembered.

"Who would you like to see win?" Mabel asked.

"Dipper deserves it the most. But I'd be happy to see Stan or Wendy win. And I wouldn't be to disappointed if Candy did." Soos explained.

"And who would you like to see out next?" Mabel furtherly asked.

"I think we both know who." Soos laughed.

"Yeah...but seriously who?"

"Good. Good." Mabel nodded. "Well it's been fun having you in the house, Soos, congratulations on getting this far."

Soos then walked off stage. Mabel continued smiling and carelessly swinging her legs. "Who'll be out next? let's go back to the house."

"Can't believe Soos was first out tonight, he was good guy." Dipper sighed.

"Sixth isn't that bad." Wendy commented.

"I guess."

"Hey, we're back!" Mabel greeted.

"Oh, hey ya Mabel." Stan rolled his eyes.

"Want to know who's going to be fifth?" Mabel teased.

"Yeah, it'd be nice." Candy replied.

"Well...infact...the next housemate out, in fifth place is...Candy!" Mabel told them all.

"Oh." Candy sulked for a moment but then smiled as five was her lucky number. "Bye guys!" Candy called as she ran up the stairs.

"Bye Candy!" Called the other housemates.

"Hey, Mabel, how are you?" Candy smiled, greeted by cameras and screaming fans.

"Great thanks, and yourself?" Mabel returned.

"Oh, I had so much fun in the house." Candy smiled, "It's been awesome!"

"Glad to hear, so, who would you like to win?"


"And who would you like to see out next?"

"I hope so too!" Mabel chuckled. "Candy it's been great having you on the show."

"It's been great being on the show." Candy smiled then rushed off.

"Well." Mabel turned to the audience. "That's two housemates out already. Only four left, one of which will be the winner."

The audience shouted names of all four remaining housemates. A few even called names for housemates which had been evicted.

"Right." Mabel called to the housemates. "Let's see who's in fourth place." Mabel then began giggling. "The next housemate to fourth place is...Gideon! Now get out!"

"What?! That's not fair!" Gideon argued, while Dipper, Stan and Wendy laughed.

Gideon stormed out, scowling, but his glare then changed when he saw Mabel.

"Ugh! Gideon!" Mabel groaned. "Lets get this done quickly. Who do you want to win?"

"Me." Gideon snapped.

"Yeah, ha likely!" Mabel taunted. "And, as if it wasn't obvious enough, who do you want out next?"
"Your cheating Uncle and liar Brother!" Gideon snapped again.

"Whatever!" Mabel then began pushing Gideon off the stage until he fell flat on his face in the middle of the crowd. "Nice outfit by the way!"

"I hate you!" Gideon yelled, still lying on his face.

"Well, now he's gone, let's see who's third!"

Dipper, Stan and Wendy were all huddling together.

"The next housemate to leave is...Grunkle Stan! Sorry Stan, but you're time in the house has come to an end. Please leave." Mabel announced.

"Well, I didn't win but..." Stan shrugged "At least I beat Gideon!"

"See ya Stan." Dipper and Wendy both waved as Stan left.

"Hey Grunkle Stan!" Mabel called and began hugging the old man.

"Heyya Mabel!" He smiled. "So, this is the part where you ask questions?"
"Yeah, so what would you say was your highlight from your experience?" Asked Mabel.

"Probably ruining Robbie and Gideon's hair." Stan laughed. "And all the other annoying stuff I did for the secret task, that was great!"

"I agree! So, who would you like to win? Are you team Dipper or team Wendy?" Mabel asked.

"Team Dipper." Stan answered without so much as a second thought.

"Okay, well you go straight down to the audience, and we'll see who wins." Mabel instructed.

Stan then walk down into the audience and also began watching with anticipation as everyone else did.

"Well, as much as I would like to leave Wendy and my brother alone together, we need to have a winner and a second placer!" Mabel rolled her eyes. "So, Dipper. Wendy. One of you will leave now, one of you will win. The next name I call out will be in second place and will not have won but still had a great experience."

"I don't mind if I lose." Dipper whispered while he was hugging Wendy.

"Me either." Wendy agreed.

"This years runner-up, in second place is..." Mabel left a pause to build the tension. You could have heard a pin drop. Maybe even the flap of a butterfly's wing. Silence. "...Wendy!"

Dipper and Wendy both looked at each other.

"Looks like you won, Dip!" Wendy smiled.

"You did good to." DIpper returned a compliment.

"Well, well done Dipper!" Wendy smiled, then kissed him on the cheek. Dipper did the same back.

Wendy then sauntered out, leaving Dipper, the Gravity Falls Big Brother 2013 winner on his own.

"Wendy!" Mabel called.

"Mabel!" Wendy called back. "Wassup, Kiddo?"

"Not much. Anyways, how does it feel? Second place, huh?" Mabel pried.

"I'm glad I got this far. I did want to win but Dipper deserved more." Wendy admitted.

"Fair enough, what was your favourite moment in the house?" Mabel asked.

"Well, spin the bottle and truth or dare was fun. And Dipper was so sweet to make me this." Wendy said, gesturing to her gown, then spinning around multiple times.

"I'm glad you're so happy! Anything you wanna say to your fans out there?" Mabel suggested.

"Errr ok...Follow your dreams and be yourself. Errr...Don't take drugs and errr YOLO!" Wendy declared.

"Words of wisdom." Mabel added. "It's been awesome having you on the show, Wendy."
"Thanks." Wendy smiled and gave a thumbs up to the cameras before walking off.

"Now, it's time to get our winner, Dipper Pines, my brother, out the house and here to be crowned!" Mabel ordered. With that, Dipper came walking out, waving at each camera he passed.

"Dipper!" Mabel squealed. She rushed to her twin and pulled him into a hug. "You won! You didn't think you could, but you did! I'm so proud!"

"Thanks Mabel!" Dipper chuckled slightly.

"How does it feel to have won Gravity Falls Big Brother 2013?" Mabel asked.

"Alright I suppose." Dipper shrugged.

"Yeah, well now it's time to crown you!" Mabel then snatched Dippers hat and threw it into a crowd of fan girls, she then pulled out a plastic crown. It wasn't expensive or particularly special, it was just a small plastic crown which you could probably buy for $3. But it meant a lot.

"Dipper, I just want to tell you, you won by a lot! Everyone loves you!" Mabel chimed.

"So I guess I've been on TV all the time, everything I've done everyone's seen?" Dipper needed to clarify.

"Yep!" Mabel nodded. "Nothing escapes the all seeing eye of Big Brother!"
Dipper then looked around nervously and began shivering. "All seeing eye?"

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