31 August 1991 Saturday

We're on the train! Neville and I got up good and early so we could be the first ones on the train so we could see who else came in, in what order. I'm especially curious to see who comes and looks in our compartment first.

Remus and Mrs. Figg came to see me off and there were hugs and there might have been some crying and Remus took some pictures that he promises to send.

And the platform is starting to fill up, and various people are greeting old friends they haven't seen all summer. I see Prefect Jones in the distance, so I point her out to Neville, and he points out a couple of people he knows. We're both excited to meet our first muggleborn. It will be interesting seeing what all this looks like to a complete outsider, and I can't believe I was one just a month and a half ago.

I've got my new journal, the cordovan leather one, out of my backpack, and once I start meeting people on the train I will start using that one instead. This was the most exciting summer of my life, and now it's over. Am I ready?

But there's someone turning the door handle, so it's time to put this up and officially begin my new life. Bye bye spiral notebook! You were a good friend.