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Tony wakes with a jolt of pain that travels through his heart. His eyes roll back into his head as he desperately clutches his reactor, trying to assess the situation. Then, the burn suddenly disappears. His hitched breathing slowly returns to normal and his fists unclench.

Tony reaches for Pepper, until he realizes that she's at a conference in Tokyo. His anchor to sanity wouldn't be back for two weeks, and he was stuck at the tower with his fellow Avengers (excluding Thor). The constant destruction of his kitchen appliances, the violent training sessions and the steady decrease of his food stock is wearing Tony out. Although he would never admit it that he secretly enjoyed the company.

He grunts and scans his rooms for the soft, comforting, glow of the alarm clock. Squinting, he manages to read 5:50, which isn't horrible considering he wakes up from nightmares almost every week. Tony rubs his eyes, steps out of his large bed and blearily walks out of his room.

He reaches his customized laboratory after a small amount of time, and subconsciously rubs his arc reactor soothingly. The bolts of agony that had shot through his body had instantly woke him. This wasn't the first time it happened, and it was increasing in pain.

Four times. Four times Tony had bit his lip in order to prevent him from crying out in pain and alarming the rest of the household. He's beginning to worry, the sense of dread pooling in the pit of his stomach. He slumps down in his chair and starts preparing tests that revolved around the mechanisms of his arc reactor. An X-Ray and a blood sample would be enough for today.

Tony steps into the machine and stands absolutely still, the quiet whir of the instrument alerting him to the beginning of the X-Ray. He closes his eyes until the hum dies down, and returns back to his seat. He glances at his screen, checking to see if any of the Avengers were awake. The heat signatures show that they remained to be sound asleep in their beds.

He picks up the small device, pricking his finger until a small droplet of blood appears. Quickly wiping it off, he exhales in relief. No deadly blood poisoning this year. Smiling, he looks up to read the X-Ray results. Then he drops his elegant piece of technology and it hits the marble floor with a loud clang. His breathing becomes inaudible, his posture unmoving.

Tony Stark continued to stare at the medical results for a very long time. His eyesight begins to blur, tired of the fixation upon a single point. He's snapped back to the current, crappy, reality when JARVIS alerts him of his unusual silence. His eyes flit across the laboratory, before managing to settle on the computer. Again.

"Jar. Tell me, god, tell me that there has been a glitch." Tony asks, threading his hands through his hair. He can almost sense his AI's hesitation.

"Sir, I believe there is no miscalculation in these particular readings. Would you prefer if I analyzed them again?" Jarvis replies, a hint of sorrow beneath his British voice.

"No. No, that's okay. I want these files saved on my personal server and I want any trace of them immediately erased." The billionaire sighs, standing up and brushing the imaginary dust off his shirt.

"Sir. This is unwise course of action, I recommend you to alert the Avengers of your condition." Jarvis insists, although Stark's stubbornness was a force to be reckoned with. It was unlikely he would budge from his decision.

"No, J. I want this secret to be kept between us. I'll figure it out soon enough. I'm a genius, remember?" Tony flashes a grin, and quickly exits the laboratory before his AI continues to try and make him change his mind.

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