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"Hey, you alright?" Naruto heard a voice call out to him and he blearily opened his eyes to find himself sprawled on the ground in the forest. Sitting up, he held a hand to his aching head and tried to figure out how the hell he'd gotten out here. The last thing he remembered was fiddling around with a seal he'd gotten from his trip to the ruins of Uzushiogakure, a flash of bright light and then nothing.

"Hey," the voice repeated closer this time. "Are you alright?"

Naruto nodded stiffly and when he spoke his voice was a bit scratchy. "Yeah, I think so, not sure how I got here though." Actually looking up at the speaker, Naruto blinked in surprise and cursed. "Oh, Hi dad, did I die again?"

Minato looked at the strange black and orange teen in confusion before he felt a pain in his head and a memory hit him and he pointed in shock. "You again?"

Naruto blinked and pointed at himself. "Me?"

"Yes, I remember you, you're that time traveling kid from that mission in Roran. Wait, did you just call me dad?"

"Roran?" Naruto mumbled confused. "Never heard of it. And ya, I called you Dad, you're my father and the guy that stuffed this grumpy-ass fox in me."

Minato slumped to the ground as he tried to process what the boy told him. "You have the Fox?" He asked weakly. "What happened to Kushina-chan?"

"I don't know," Naruto replied bleakly. "All I do know is that somehow the Fox got loose the night I was born and you had to seal it in me to save the village."

Minato's mouth opened and closed as he had no idea what to say. "I did that?" He finally asked when the silence became extremely uncomfortable for both.

"From what I understand, you didn't have much choice," Naruto said grimly. As Hokage, you had to know that any children you had with Mom would be potential jinchuriki for the Fox."

Minato shook his head sadly. "Yes but given how long Uzumaki live, we had hoped that it would be several generations before the issue raised it's head."

Naruto snorted. "Come on dad, 'Men plan, fate laughs.' You wrote that in your journal."

Minato looked thoughtful at that. 'No, I haven't," he finally said, the beginning of a plan forming in his head. "So, since you're here, tell me about your life. I want to hear all about it."

Naruto flashed his father, though not actually yet his father a shy smile. "Wouldn't it be better if mom were here as well?"

Minato shook his head and made off-hand motion as if tossing something away. "Nah, we don't know how long you'll be here this time. I'll fill her in but I don't want to miss out on hearing about your life."

Naruto shrugged and began to talk. He told his father about the early years, hated and mistrusted by the village, his pranks and Mizuki's betrayal. He told him about the early missions, his team, defeating and befriending Neji and Gaara in the chunin exams, his marriage to Temari and her pregnancy. He chuckled when he explained some of the ups and downs of the relationship causing his father to smile at how deeply he obviously cared for the girl.

He growled as he explained the circumstances of the twins birth and his threat to destroy Iwa. Winding down, he explained his theory about how he'd gotten here causing Minato to palm his face.

"Son, Uzumaki fuinjutsu are very powerful and notoriously fickle. Promise me that you'll leave experimenting with them to those clones of yours in the future ok?"

Naruto chuckled sheepishly. " I usually do but was bored and it looked harmless. Guess it wasn't huh?"

"Nope," Minato said with a ghost of a grin. "The good news though is that I don't think you're stuck here. I remember Kushina-chan telling me about a forbidden seal sends someone through time for up to 12 hours. Why the limit, not a clue but it's really the only thing I can think of that could cause this. Based on that, I don't think you have much time left here."

Minato stood up and placed his hand on Naruto's shoulder. "Son, you've had a very hard life and I'm sorry about that but I am so very proud of you. From what you've said, you've taken everything life can throw at you and you've come out on top."

Naruto's eyes lit up and he gave his father a brilliant smile. "Thanks dad, that means a lot to me." Before he could say anything else, a bright light flared up around him and he was gone.

Minato stared at where his son had been for a few moments before he turned back towards the village, his eyes narrowed in determination. This time, he wasn't going to blank his memory and it seemed he had some work to do.

Naruto found himself sprawled out in the forest again, his headache even worse than the first time. Taking a moment to allow the pain to recede, Naruto dragged himself to his feet and forced himself back towards his home.

Passing through the village, he was confused when he didn't receive so much as a single hostile glance, in fact people he knew loathed him were smiling and waving. Unsure of what was going on, he automaticly waved back but picked up the pace. He'd have time to think at home, he was sure of that.

Slipping through the gate with a sigh of relief, Naruto noted the grounds seemed different somehow but he couldn't put his finger on what was bothering him. Spotting the familiar form of Temari's hair out in the garden, he made his way over and froze, his mouth hanging open in shock when he found Temari, Ino and Sakura laying out in the sun and apparently trying to avoid tan-lines.

Completely unsure of where to look safely, Naruto was surprised when Temari waved lazily at him. "Oh, hey Naruto, welcome back. Your mom has the kids, told us to get some sun but your dad said he wanted to see you when you got back."

He words further froze him in place and Ino flipped up her sunglasses with a smirk. "Hmm, not sure he got the message Temari, I think our husband is a bit busy perving on us."

Sakura snorted from her sun-chair and didn't bother to look over. "Didn't hear you complaining about it last night Piggy. You obviously 'forgot' the silencing seals again. Since tonight is my night, I might just return the favor."

Temari snorted and with a motion Naruto barely saw, two clones popped up behind the other girls and whacked them on the head. "No, bad little girls," she said with a smirk. "You both know the rules, no way this would actually work if we started feuding." Turning her gaze on a still frozen Naruto, she frowned. "Your dad seemed a bit jumpy when he told us he needed to see you, you should probably get going."

Shaking his head and covertly trying to dispel the genjutsu he simply had to be stuck in, Naruto finally managed to speak up. "Sure Temari-chan," he shot the sun a quick glance and saw it was shortly after noon. "Do you think he's back from lunch yet," he said fishing for information on where his father would be.

Temari shrugged and Naruto tried really hard to avoid following the motion intently with his eyes. "Probably back in his office, don't think he mentioned anything important happening today. Probably just wants an excuse to get away from the paperwork." Closing her eyes, she shifted to get more comfortable on her chair. "Now shoo. If you're a good boy, we'll show you the results later k?"

Turning around, Naruto clamped a hand to his nose as the innuendo sank in and he fled towards the Hokage tower. Popping in through the window, Naruto was less than shocked to find a woman who could only be his mother dancing around the office with his kids wrapped up under her arms. Judging from the giggles, Minato and Karura were enjoying themselves greatly but what really caught his eye was the two sleeping children in the stroller next to his smirking father.

Ignoring everything else including the way his mother stopped playing to turn and watch him him, Naruto made his way over to examine them carefully. It was very easy to tell who their mothers were, one of the boys had light pink highlights in his hair and the other looked like a miniature version of Ino.

Reaching out, he lightly touched he sleeping Ino clone and feeling the soft warmth under his fingers, he couldn't help a soft sigh. "So this is real then?"

Minato watched his son carefully with a sly grin. "Welcome back Naruto," he said. "I thought I'd figured out when you'd return to this time. I suppose I should introduce these two then." Pointing at the boy with the pink highlights, he smiled proudly. "This is little Hiruzen, I don't think I need to mention who his mother is?" Getting a wordless shake of the head from his son, his grin widened even further. "This little monster here," he said waving at the boy Naruto is still touching," is little Inoichi. You can believe the older one was pleased with that."

Withdrawing his hand, Naruto sank into a nearby chair and stared at his father. "What? How? This isn't how it was," he finally managed.

Minato sat back in his chair with a grin as he watch Kushina stealthily creeping up behind Naruto. "No, it's not," he admitted. "While I remain extremely proud of what you accomplished, I decided I was going to make things better."

"How?" The still stunned Naruto replied.

Minato's grin became sly. "I am a fairly strong shinobi son. With a little forewarning and a lot of determination, things turned out much better this time."

"Uzumaki Group Hug!" Kushina yelled, to the cheers of the children tucked under her arm as she draped herself across Naruto and the chair. "Welcome back Naruto," she said brightly. "I didn't believe your father when he first told me about things but he had some proof and now you'll never be alone ever again."

"Proof?" Naruto asked, still numb from the repeated shocks.

Kushina smirked and pulled out Naruto's old frog wallet Gama-chan. Opening it up, she pulled out the pictures of his family he'd kept there. "Yep, took me a bit to really believe it but they do say pictures don't lie"

"Ok, I get that, or at least I think I do but I was only married to Temari-chan and that was only because Suna invaded. What the hell happened there?"

Minato and Kushina sobered for a moment and exchanged glances. "Well," Minato said. "I got you your Temari-chan back as part of an agreement to fix your friend Gaara's seal. You'll be happy to know that the two of you are still best friends and the he never had that breakdown you described. I'm very pleased with your Temari-chan, she has been a model daughter-in-law and she keeps you in line pretty well too."

"You're probably wondering about the other two though," Kushina cut in getting a firm nod from Naruto. "Well, I'm sure that you're aware of Uzumaki marriage practices right? Growing up this time as our son, you were very close to the other clan heirs, especially little Ino. Your father and I argued about it actually, hearts don't just change and we knew we needed to bring Temari here for you but with how close you and Ino were, it would have crushed her. Longish story short, when Temari arrived here for the engagement about 5 years ago, there was a great deal of fighting between the two and then out of the blue, Temari simply agreed to it."

Naruto looked at her skeptically. "That sure doesn't sound like something Temari-chan would do. Are you sure Ino-chan didn't mess with her head or something?"

Kushina nodded emphaticly. "Yeah, we suspected the same thing given that Ino is a Yamanaka but nope, she hadn't and neither girl will discuss it."

"Alright, so that leaves Sakura-chan and that seems really odd. Her parents more or less aimed her at Sasuke for most of her life."

Minato and Kushina began laughing leaving Naruto a rather irritated with them. "Hey, what's so funny?"

Minato wiped a tear from his eye and finally managed to suck in enough breath to answer. "That was all you. She got upset because Ino, her best friend was marrying you and the two of you got into this loud argument and yo must have said something that really pissed her off. I was across the room and I hear this loud 'Shannaro!' right before she damn near punched you through the floor." He broke off and started laughing again so Kushina filled in the rest.

"So, there you are, flattened to the ground and Sakura is standing there glaring at everyone all pissed off. So up you pop, you grab her hand, get on one knee and ask her if she would consider becoming your third and final wife. Her face turned so many shades of pink I thought she was going to burst but all she did was ask why." Kushina made a sour face and gestured for Minato to take over, the next part wasn't her favorite thing.

Face completely serious but his eyes dancing with mirth, Minato did as request. "So you told her that loud, beautiful, hard hitting women with yelled catchphrases belonged as Uzumaki." His lips twitching and ignoring the face Kushina was making at him, Minato kept his eyes locked with Naruto. "So, I'm expecting her to punch you again but she just looks all shy and asks if you really think she's beautiful. So you give her this huge sappy grin and say, 'of course, you remind me of my mother and she's the most beautiful woman I know.'" Minato's lips twitched but he managed to avoid laughing. "Your mother was conflicted about it of course."

Glancing over his shoulder, Naruto fought down a laugh when he saw his mother pouting. He'd been satisfied with his life and even happy but perhaps it really was a good thing his father had made his move and changed things. "Do the girls know, cause in my actual time, all three of them could read me like a book."

"Yes, though the transition might be difficult. Your personality is a bit different, you were a bit more refined and focused but that would be because you didn't have to deal with such a traumatic life this time. We're hoping that your memories will merge though so that we don't have to constantly tell you about things/"

Naruto nodded absently as he idly tickled a squealing Karura while his mother kept her from getting away. "So, anything I should know before I head home?"

Minato exchanged glances with Kushina and shrugged. 'Not that I can think of," he said. "Sick of us already?" The smile accompanying the statement showed he was just joking.

"Nah," Naruto said shyly, looking between his parents. "It's just that Temari-chan once lectured me about responsibilities and as much as I look forward to spending time with you, I have a duty to tell my wives, and that just sounds strange, about what's happened."

Kushina surged forward and kissed the top of his head affectionately. "That was well said Naruto, go on, I love spending time with my grand-babies, go see the wives."

Tossing his parents a casual salute in farewell, Naruto bounced out the window and began making his way home, his hands in his pockets. Looking up at the clear blue sky, he couldn't help a bright grin. A grin that quickly disappeared when he saw figure flying above the village wearing a very distinctive red and black cloak. The figure made some sort of gesture and Naruto whipped around in horror as the village began tearing itself apart. His last thought before being buried under a good portion of the village was that his father apparently hadn't completely taken care of everything after all.


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