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Sullust Moon Sulon

Katarn Family Farm


The warm evening air was a welcome comfort to the two bodies lying out on the grand after a long morning of working around the house as well as in the fields. Watching the planet Sullust overhead while resting on his back Kyle Katarn former Operative and solder for the Rebel Alliance now a Jedi for the New Republic finds his self thinking of his past and the things he lost on the way, but looking down at his wife resting on his chest he is also reminded of the thing he has also gained.

"My life is good I've become what my father wanted me to be a Jedi, I have a wife who loves me and also putts up with me and my dark moods...but way do I fell like something is missing with both me and the force?"

Snapping up in a setting position Kyle's thoughts are brought back to the present as he is hit by a disturbance in the force unlike anything he has ever felt before. Pulled from her sleep by the sudden movement of her husband Jan Ors Katarn does not need the force to tell her that something is wrong. The stone expression of his face and the tightening of his jaw was all that was need for her to tell he was feeling something in the force and it was something he did not like. Placing a hand on his arm in order to get his attention and smiling at her success.

"What's wrong? Looking down at his wife and thin back up at Sullust's "There's a strong disturbance in force unlike anything I've felt in a long time and it's coming from Sullust."

Looking up at Sullust while rising from the ground and then back at her husband with a calculating looking in her eyes before pulling out her com link and speaking into it "Wee Gee get the Moldy Crow prepared for flight I want it ready within half an hour." Shutting off the comm. and looking over her shoulder while walking back to the house "Are you coming or do you planed on setting there all day looking at Sullust."

Moldy Crow

Sullust System

Sullust Orbit

Looking up from the screen in front of her and out the front view port at the dark planet getting closer and closer Jan can't help but stare as the planet gets darker and darker. Taking a fast look at the sensor bored and then one over at her husband

"From what little I can get from the sensors it would appear that all of the old dormant volcanoes are going off down there all at once. Nodding his head in agreement "Yes that is just about the same thing I am felling in the force, but what we need to do is look for the focal Pont of all of this destruction. I fell that's where we need to be."

Looking back down at the sensor read out and pursuing her lips in frustration at the lack of information she was getting. "Wee Gee are you getting anything" On the sensor screen the massage came up just as an electronic warble was heard behind her

(The in system holonews reports that the first volcano to erupt was the long dormant volcano to the south east of the city Dagon. The volcano Zia can be found at sixty degrees South Latitude and hundred degrees east longitude. The reports also go on to say that there has been no life in that area or work done there for over fifty-five thousand years Lady Jan.")

Looking up from the screen and over at Kyle "so what do you think?" Looking over at his wife with a smile on his face for a question she all ready know the reply for was the only answer she was going to get. Spinning back to the control boards and muttering under her breath about Jedi and their dumb ideas.

Sullust Surface

Volcano Zia

Early Evening

The thought of walking in to a volcano that was dormant seat a little uneasy with Jan, but the idea of walking into one that was active and still unstable was more than uneasy but downright stupid. Looking back down at the data pad in her right hand and then over to her companion in the same environment suit as her.

"Wee Gee reports that the sensors aren't getting anything. What about you?"

Looking over form the wall he has been studying and back at his wife. "Yes I feel some life farther down, but have you notice anything particular about this volcano? Like for one this walk way has been belt by someone or something and look at the walls I've never seen any writing like this."

"Yes I've been scanning some of it on our way down here, but I'm not picking up any life down here. Not with all of this gas and smoke any way."

Moving on farther down the volcano path way they come to a dead end made by a cave in. As Jan tries looking for a way around the cave in Kyle looks on as if he can see through them.

"We don't have much time left. This volcano is not done with its awakening, and I also sense that the two lives on the other side do not have much time. I can cut these rocks out of the way and hold the way open, but I need you to get them out of there."

With a snap hiss the small space is a washed in the yellow glow coming from the light saber. Cutting high and then retching out with the force in order to keep the roof from falling in Kyle now has to split his attention between the roof and moving the boulders and rocks out of the way. Soon as the way is cleared Jan is on the other side.

"The cave in has made a small shell around them cutting them off from the smoke and gas, but they are also unconscious which has help them cut back on their air intake."

Moving past Kyle with the second body that appears to be female and laying her up against the wall next to its companion after getting an oxygen mask on her. Just as Kyle gradually moves the boulders and small rooks back in to place in hopes of buying them some time to start their way back up before the roof can cave in some more.

Moldy Crow

Sullust System

Sullust Surface

Taking one more look around the small two man room to see if he had remover everything in the room, and then another look at the two people laying in the room before using the force on them in order put them both into a deep force sleep Kyle step out of the room and keys in a lock on the room. The walk to the cockpit seamed fast as he thought over all that he had just learned, and those questions he still had no answer to.

"So how are things going on your end?" walking into the cockpit.

Looking up from her work station next to Wee Gee with a look of frustration "I'm coming up with zilch all we know now is that the scans we took are hieroglyphic, but of what unknown. They do not match anything in the Sullust historical records or anything else in the New Republic historical records. The weapons and clothes are mead up of elements not found in this galaxy or any other found in New Republic records. The side bag we found with them was mead of martial found in this galaxy; but, the cube found inside of it is unknown just like the weapons and clothes. A ship scan of Zia shows high level readings that you would find at a worm hole, but no worm hole. Everything keeps coming back to the same conclusion, and that is that our two new passengers are not from this galaxy."

Slipping into his wingmen's set and looking over the scans and other readings coming in from the ship sensors Kyle can feel Jan eyes on him wetting to hear what he has to say about their new passengers. It's not the force that tells him this; but, the six years of marriage and the years of working together for the Rebel Alliance and then the New Republic. "Well they are human that is for sure; but, they feel so alien to me in the force but the force is also very strong with both of them."

How strong are we talking about?

"The force is as strong with them as it is with Skywalker if not more so." Kyle can feel the shock coming off of Jan as she tries to think through what she just hard. "I tried to look into their mines but was blocked and pushed out. In just about everyone it's easier to enter a mine when the target is out the way they are because the mind has not had time to set up any kind of defiance; but, what surprised me was that they pushed be out without using the force in fact I feel that neither one of them has aver used the force in their life."

Coming out of shock all she can ask is how.

"I do not know. The shielding must be something unique to them or something they have learned to do in what every military they are a part of; but, it's also one of the reasons way they feel so alien to me."

"So what are we going to do with them?"

"I have them both in a deep force sleep, for now I can keep them in it into we can come up with a batter plan. Right now we are needed at Dagon. They are having problems with all of the seismic activity and high increases in reawaken volcanic activities being in close proximity to the focal point of this event." The soft vibration of the ship coming to life can be felt through the floor and walls as the ship starts its slow rise from the volcano rock it had been sitting on in what was quickly becoming a lake of molten rock.


Two Weeks later

Office of Fu Pal

Looking out over the city of Dagon from his executive office at the passing speeders and other transports moving slower then what they were two weeks ago Director Fu Pal of Dagon security held up a hand to stop his Aid from going on. "That is all… you can leave the data pad and have the rest of the day to yourself. I'll read over the rest of it before the day is done that's all." With the sound of the office doors opening and closing Pal looks over his shoulder at the data pad sitting on his desk and back at the city outside of his office window. There's no point in him reading the report when he already knows what is in it and what has been over looked or taken out by his aid. Turning to his desk he can see he has an incoming com on his level five secure line his most secured com line.

Right on time as always he thinks to his self as he answers the com. As always there is no way to identify his caller for there is nothing but a shadowy body and a voice. "Director what do you have for me?" and just like every other time there is no feelings in the words spoken, just a cold indifferent to everything, but Fu is seen as nothing but a game pace in a larger game.

"The time table for the op will have to be moved up I have been informed that in two days time the JEDI along with New Republic Ships will be in orbit of Sullust. The ships sent were the capital ship New Dawn and the two support ships Iron Hand and Freedoms Run with them are two Jedi masters and three Jedi Knights and when you add Kyle Katarn to them then we have three Masters. On the other hand all of our people are in place and all of Black Novas people are in place as well.

"And the targets are still in place?"

"Yes sir the ship has been under twenty-four hour surveillance no one has gone in or left it in the past two days."

"I want those two Director and I want them alive I will do what I can in slowing down the Republic. You may start your mission Director and remember what awaits you if you should fail me." And with that the line went dead.

Looking at the black screen for a moment in thought before calling and saying eleven words "You have go Black one, I say again you have a go." After closing that com line he opens another on line. "Director Fu Pal I need you in my office so we can go over something that just came in." And not a second later Director Fu Pal hears is own voice saying "I understand I will be there shortly."