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(With Harry)

Harry was in the bakery when some high schoolers came in. He groaned when he saw that one of them was Jessica Stanley. That girl had a huge crush on him. She would flirt with him and badmouth those she disliked. He disliked how she dressed. Luckily Teddy wasn't around today.

"Good evening Harry." She said as she puffed her chest out.

"Miss Stanley." She nodded.

"How are you today?" She fluttered her lashes.

"I'm well." He answered politely.

The brunette removed her jacket to reveal a see through top. Harry looked away when he saw what was going on. He was horrified. He had just grabbed his phone when a yell caught his attention.

"JESSICA ELIZABETH STANLEY!" A woman yelled from the bakery doorway.

"Mom!" Jessica gasped and grabbed a jacket to cover herself.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" She asked angrily.

"Harry made me wear this!" She lied with tears in her eyes.

"Really now? This video suggests otherwise." Her mom said as she played the video.

"Are you sure you want to wear that?" Lauren asked as the changed in the school locker room.

"Of course I am. Harry will finally be mine."

"What if you get caught or he says no?" She bit her lip in worry.

"I won't be caught and he'll say yes. I know he likes me."

"You are underage. He might say no."

"He won't." She said confidently.


"Who the hell took that and sent it to you?" She asked, horrified.

"Doesn't matter. All that matters is your behavior and inappropriate behavior." She said. "Get in the car, now!"

"Yes mom." She ran out in tears.

Her mom took a deep breath before looking at Harry. "I apologize for my daughter's inappropriate behavior."

"Thank you ma'am. I don't blame you."

She smiled sadly and left. She took her daughter home. Jessica's friends had left when her mom arrived. Harry sighed tiredly and cleaned up the area. Jacob was there and went over to him.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine Jake, just tired."

"I can't believe she was wearing a see through top with nothing underneath." He said as he began helping.

"I can. She wears shit like that all the time." He said.


"Seriously. Yesterday she came in with shorts that were short enough to be underwear, a tube top that ended under her boobs, and knee high boots. I didn't see her but the customers talking about it."

"That's nasty. She's just a child." He said, knowing she was just a few years older than him.

"I know."

"So can Teddy come?" He asked. There was a birthday party for Claire on Saturday and she asked for Teddy to be there.

"You said Billy was going to be there?" He asked.

"Yes. Sam and Emily will be there as well."

"That's fine. Just have him back by eight."

"I will." He agreed. "Thanks."

"Of course. I met Claire. Teddy is her favorite after Quil." He snorted.

"That's true. She hasn't stopped talking about her new best friend since she met Teddy.

"He's at my place with Bill. He will love the interruption." He chuckled.

"History?" He asked, knowing how much Teddy hated that.


"Cool. Thanks Harry."

"Of course." He smiled.

Jacob smiled back before he left. Harry chuckled again before returning to the counter. He did send Charlie a text and told him what happened. The man wasn't surprised. He didn't like that Harry didn't tell him beforehand but he also knew that their relationship was new and Harry had been hurt before. He was glad that Jessica's mom wasn't going to let her slide.

(With Teddy and Bill)

"I know history can be hard and you find it boring but I am proud that you are trying." Bill told his little brother.

"Thanks Bill." He smiled up at him.

"You're welcome. Just be glad I have more to teach than Binns. His class was very boring."

"I know. Harry told me."

"I'm so glad there is a new History of Magic professor."

"Me too. From what I heard she makes it fun."

"She does. Samantha loves the class." Samantha was Oliver and Charlie's oldest.

"How much longer?"

"We are done."

"Really?" He asked in excitement.

"Yes really." He chuckled.

"YES!" He cheered.

"Harry texted me and said Jacob was coming."

"Awesome." He grinned.

"Help me clean up." He rolled his eyes. 'He looks just like Tonks whenever she learned Remus was going to be near her.'


The two picked up the history books and the school supplies. They put them away. There was a knock on the door and Bill answered. It was Jacob. He had just let the shapeshifter in when Teddy tackled him with a hug. Bill and Jacob chuckled in amusement.

"Hi Jacob!"

"Hey Teddy."

"Good evening Jacob." Bill greeted.

"Hello Bill."

"I'll be in the kitchen." He smiled and walked off.

"Claire is having a birthday party this Saturday. She's invited you and Harry said you were allowed to go. Would you like to go?"


"Great." He chuckled.

"I'm done with my homework and my history lesson. Can we play?"

"Of course." He smiled.

"Yes!" He cheered.

Teddy went over to where the board games were stored and took one out. He set it up and the two began to play.