Welcome to my story :) I had a hard job working out when to start this story, but this place gave me a good idea of what to do with the story's plot. Chapter One primarily follows the plot of S02E11 - Need to Know.

Chapter One


House grumpily hung up the phone and sighed. "Gotta go back to work."

Stacy sat up and frowned. "Right now?"

House rolled over and looked at her. A smile crossed his face as his eyes took in the delicious sight in front of him. Stacy was propped up on one arm with the sheet strategically hugging her curves.

"The patient's stable. Could maybe wait a half hour."

Stacy grinned, reached up and pulled House to her, kissing him. What happened next put House in such a good mood that he was singing as he entered the hospital. Nurses and doctors were shooting strange looks his way at his out of character behaviour. He ignored them and carried on up to his office.

Cameron, Chase and Foreman were gathered in the conference room. They were still waiting for House to arrive and help them work out what was wrong with the patient. His previous diagnosis had been wrong and she had returned to the hospital.

"He should have been her twenty minutes ago." Cameron huffed.

Chase shrugged. "Doubt if he makes it at all. I saw him leave with Stacy."

Cameron felt a small jab of jealousy. Her crush on House had diminished a little but she for the most part her feelings remained unchanged.

"He's probably just walking her to her car." She said awkwardly.

Chase snorted. "Oh yeah. That sounds like House."

Cameron shot him a look. "He's not an idiot. He's not going to hook up with a married woman."

Foreman took a drink of his coffee. "I hope he is getting some. Maybe he'll mellow out."

Cameron so wanted to argue this fact. She was about to when a cheery singing interrupted her. She and the other two watched as House entered his office, hung up his coat and entered the room.

"What took you so long?" She asked abruptly. "It's midnight."

House ignored her tone. "Traffic. Cinco de mayo." His attention shifted to Foreman. "You owe me a hundred bucks."

Foreman turned to Cameron, incredulous. "You didn't take the test?"

House moved to the whiteboard. "Fear trumps anal every time."

Cameron felt uncomfortable with the attention on her and the disbelieving looks she was getting from her two colleagues.

"It's not a big deal. I had the viral load and antibody tests. It's ninety nine point nine per cent that I don't have HIV."

House looked at her. "You have the test and its negative, you gain a tenth of a point. But if it's positive you lose…nearly one hundred, right?"

Cameron switched topics rapidly. "No arrhythmia. So Ritalin isn't the big problem. Someone else is going on."

House felt annoyance niggle at him. He hated when someone else changed the subject on him.

"Fine. Let's play doctors." He said.

Chase relayed the details of his actions. "I removed the clot which caused the stroke. Problem is, we don't know where it came from."

Cameron joined in. "Did ultrasounds of her heart, arms and legs. All clear."

Foreman had remained silent but decided that now he would speak up. "Could be a protein C deficiency."

Cameron shook her head. "Wouldn't explain the movement disorder."

House, annoyed that he had been made to leave Stacy, gave the matter some serious thought and stared at the board.

"Nothing explains everything." He mused. "What if it's a crime syndicate? Let's say Ritalin and the fertility meds plotted a caper. Ritalin takes care of the psychosis, the flailing-"

Foreman interrupted. "I still don't think Ritalin-"

House knew what he was about to say and interrupted him. "Fertility meds are competitive by nature. They gotta do something bigger. Something really unexpected."

They all caught onto what he was saying and Cameron was first to comment.

"Fertility treatments have been known to cause Endometrial cancer."

Chase picked up on her point. "Which could cause clots. Which could have caused her to stroke."

House nodded. "So ultrasound her uterus this time. See if there's something growing in there that doesn't look adorable in a onesie."

The three nodded and got up from their seats, heading to the door to go and do what he had instructed them to do.


Cameron turned to face House.

"I love you."

Her jaw dropped. She couldn't believe she was hearing this from her usually insensitive and harsh boss. She should have known it was a trick because a second later House was inserting a swab into her mouth.

"Get your test results tomorrow." He instructed.

Cameron left the room with conflicting emotions swirling around inside her. House watched them go. It would be a while before they returned with anything useful, so there was no point waiting around when he had a beautiful woman at home. Hurrying as fast as he could to his bike, House limped through the hospital.

It didn't take him long to race through the near deserted streets and get home. When he got inside, he spotted the woman he had been thinking of stood in the kitchen. She was wearing one of his shirts and was currently making a cup of tea. She was waiting for the kettle to boil and had a small smile on her face.

House crossed to her, discarding his cane on the sofa as he passed, and wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Miss me?" He whispered.

Stacy hummed. "I did."

"I like coming home to you. It's like old times." House mused.

Stacy rubbed her arm with her hand. "Only we're both older and you're greyer."

"I don't know whether I should be offended or not."

Stacy chuckled. "I like it. It makes you look…sexier."

House brushed his cheek along her shoulders. "I haven't aged as well as you have."

"I think you've aged well."

"You just want to get into my pants." House joked.

"Shut up and kiss me." Stacy smirked.

An hour later, House was propped up on one arm as he watched Stacy redress. "Do you really have to go?"

"I need to get home. Two hours is the most I get away with. I'm not a doctor after all." Stacy replied, sliding on her tights.

House felt a sneer cross his fact at the thought of Mark, the husband that Stacy would be returning to.

Reluctantly, he watched as Stacy fixed her hair and make-up and left the room, planting a small kiss on his lips as she passed. He heard the front door shut and put his head on his pillow with a sigh.

The nights when she left him were the worst. In those dark times he wished he had never started the whole affair in the first place.

But she had been one of the only women to see the whole him. There had only been two privileged enough for that. Three if you counted Wilson.

As he slept, he dreamt of wonderful days curled up in a large bed and carefree, happier days. Of a time when he spent most of his time wrapped up in long, curly hair and silky, smooth skin. He dreamt of soft kissable lips and slender, elegant fingers running up and down his back.

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