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Chapter Six


House sat in his office, his eyes closed as the jazz music he was listening to filled the room. He imagined playing along with it. He was broken out of it when the door to his office opened.

He half expected it to be Foreman, Cameron or Chase, but it wasn't. It was Stacy. She was dressed in a sleek black dress that highlighted her curves and her piercing eyes were fixed with him, her lips curved in a smile.

"It feels like it's been quite a while since I last saw you." She purred.

House smiled. "It does."
Stacy walked over to the blinds and pulled the cord. The blinds immediately plunged the office into darkness. Her fingers pushed the lock until she heard the click she wanted to. She walked into the diagnosis room and locked that door too before returning to where the man she was having an affair with was sat.

She slid into his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck. "It has really been too long since I've kissed you."

House hummed, his eyes focussed on her lips. "It has."

"Time to correct that, don't you think?" Stacy smirked.

House nodded and leant in. His lips brushed her own and Stacy pressed hers firmly against his own, deepening the kiss.

House felt a little guilty as he suddenly realised that the woman he saw behind his closed lids as he kissed was not Stacy, but Hermione. He didn't care to know what that meant.

Hermione smiled as she handed one of her younger patients a teddy bear he had dropped. The little boy was a cancer patient meaning that Wilson was attending. She straightened up and nodded at the boy's doting parents.

She hated seeing children so young with such a horrible disease. But that was why she became a children's doctor, so she could cure them and save the parents from the grief of losing their child. Sadly, with this little boy was beyond their help and all they could do was make him comfortable.

Hermione left the child's room and handed his chart over to the receptionist. She took a shuddering breath and composed herself.

"Are you alright?"

She turned to face Wilson who was looking at her concerned. "I'm fine. It just never gets easier."

Wilson nodded sincerely. "I know."

"I'll be alright." She assured him. "I said yesterday that I've dealt with worse."

Wilson noted the tears that still were gathered in the corner of her eyes. "Come on, I think you need a break."

He turned to the receptionist with his most charming smile. "Doctor Granger is having a little trouble emotionally. It'd be best if she took a moment to compose herself rather than throwing herself back into work, don't you think?"

The receptionist nodded dazedly. Wilson shot her another smile and returned to Hermione's side. He carefully steered her out of the ward and to the lift. They were silent as the lift ascended to the fourth floor.

"Where are we going?" Hermione asked.

"My office." Wilson replied. "I've got a stash of great hot chocolate. I used it when a patient needs calming down or I've had a particularly stressful day."

Hermione nodded quietly and followed him towards his office. She was surprised to learn that it was only a room away from House's office and diagnostic room. She noted that all the blinds were pulled and gave a small frown.

The door to House's office opened and the black haired woman she had met a couple of days before, Stacy, left the office. Her dress was slightly rumpled and her lipstick slightly smeared. House stood at the door and Stacy pressed a quick kiss to his lips.

Hermione felt as though a knife had been driven into her heart and her head began to spin. She did still have feelings for House after all, and seeing him kissing another woman with no warning that he was seeing anyone was a big shock to her already fragile system. She gave a small frown. Hadn't this Stacy woman said she was meeting her husband? So he was helping a married woman have an affair.


As Stacy walked away, House looked up and his grey eyes met her pained, chocolate brown orbs. Hermione quickly diverted her eyes and sent Wilson a small smile as he turned to face her and gestured for her to enter to his office.

House watched as Hermione walked into Wilson's office. The image of her face when she had seen Stacy leaving from their impromptu make out and quickly following sex session was burned into his retinas. Her eyes had been full of sadness and tears clung to the corners of her eyes and lashes. Her face, though, was impassive and had changed to a small frown before she turned to look at Wilson.

He had seen that expression before. When he had admitted he had cheated on the test. She had tried to be impassive, but her eyes had given her away. They always gave her away. He hated being the cause of that expression and had vowed back when he had cheated that he would never make her do that expression again. He had broken his vow.

"Here you go." Wilson smiled, handing over a white and blue striped mug full of steaming hot chocolate.

Hermione gave him a small smile in return. "Thank you."

She took a sip, whispering a small cooling spell as she did, and let the luxurious, chocolaty liquid pool in her mouth. It was one of the best she had ever tasted, close behind Mrs Weasley's hot chocolate, the Hogwarts Elves' concoction and Fortescue's special brew. Of course the others had had magic to help them craft their hot chocolate.

"Where did you get this? It's delicious." She asked.

"An old patient gave it to me a couple of years ago. She was a bit eccentric and liked to say that a little bit of magic was inside the hot chocolate." Wilson gave a small chuckle.

Hermione choked on her next sip. "Went down the wrong way."

Wilson shook his head. "She was lovely. Passed away last year."

"I'm sorry." Hermione whispered, putting her hand on his arm.

Wilson put his hand over hers. "It's alright. She was alone. No living family or friends. She seemed happy. She was sure she was going to be reunited with them."

Hermione gave a small smile thinking of her old Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore. "Death is but the next great adventure."

Wilson looked at her. "That's very insightful."

"It's just something my headmaster used to say. He was very old, and he died when I was in my sixth year." Hermione told him. "He was very wise."

"He sounds it." Wilson agreed. "What did he die of?"

Hermione gave a deep sigh. "It's a very complicated story, but he was murdered. The man who did it was later killed."

"I'm so sorry." Wilson frowned.

"Don't be. It was over twenty five years ago." Hermione waved him off. "The school still honours him on the day he died."

"That's nice." Wilson smiled.

"He was very much loved and respected by the community." Hermione chuckled. "He was an amazing man."

The two stayed in Wilson's office and talked for a bit. Hermione was having a quieter day as was Wilson so the two spent well over an hour chatting amicably about all sorts. He was fascinated to learn about life in England and she was intrigued to hear about how he met House and became an oncologist.

House limped out of his office with his team. They were heading off to do some more tests and House was going to ask Wilson if he wanted to go for lunch. He paused when the door to Wilson's office opened and Hermione left it with Wilson in tow.

"House? What is it?" Cameron asked.

The three turned and their eyebrows rose.

"Is that-" Chase began.

"Yeah." House said.

"Why is she with Wilson?" Foreman questioned.

"Don't know. I'm going to find out though." House began to walk towards the two.

"I think he's jealous." Chase chuckled. "I think he likes her."

"Whether House likes Doctor Granger or not has nothing to do with us. We have a patient waiting for us to diagnose her." Cameron snapped.

Foreman shot a look at Chase as Cameron flounced off down the corridor. "I reckon she's jealous too."

The two men shook their heads and followed after their colleague.

"Hermione, Wilson." House nodded as he reached the two.

"House." Wilson smiled. "Hermione and I were just heading down to lunch. Care to join us?"

"Love to." House smirked.

Hermione gave a tight smile and began to trail behind the two men as they walked to the lift. It wasn't House's fault she was jealous. She had no right to be jealous. Their relationship had ended twenty three years ago; she had no claim to him. If he had found someone, she ought to have been happy for him. The fact his other half was a married woman was none of her business. If Stacy made him happy then good for him.

House discretely looked back at Hermione. Her brow was furrowed a little and her eyes were flicking side to side as she thought hard. He hated putting her in a position where she had to compromise her own happiness. He decided then that he would be more aware of where Hermione was in relation to him and Stacy.

"Here." Luna handed Hermione a glass of red wine. "You look like you need it."

"Thanks." Hermione sighed. "How was the function?"

"It was nice. The manager gave a speech, they auctioned off some brooms and players jumpers for charity and then we danced." Luna shrugged. "Same thing as always. How was your day?"

Hermione took a large gulp of wine.

Luna snorted. "That good?"

Hermione shook her head. "Greg's in a secret relationship with a married woman."

Luna's eyes widened. "Oh. How do you feel about it?"

"I don't have any right to feel anything about it. I'm not with him." Hermione shrugged, drinking some more wine.

Luna frowned. "You still love him though. What do you feel?"

Hermione huffed. "Jealous. I have no right to though. I'm going to be happy for him. If he loves her then good for him."

"I guess it clears up a few things." Luna added.

"How?" Hermione tilted her head and then draining her wine glass.

"You can date Wilson now." Luna pointed out.

Hermione promptly blushed.

"Don't you want to?" Luna asked innocently.

"Maybe." Hermione admitted. "He has to ask me out first."

"He will." Luna replied serenely.

Hermione rolled her eyes. "How do you know?"

Luna chuckled. "A mother always knows."
Hermione laughed and slapped her arm playfully. "You're not my mother!"

Luna winked. "It's a universal thing."

Hermione shook her head as her chuckles subsided. "I've got to go. I'll see you tomorrow. Night, Luna."
"Night Hermione. Thanks for looking after the kids tonight." Luna watched as Hermione headed to the door.

"Thanks for helping me clear my head."

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