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Feeling sleepy yet?

The sun was steadily rising over the secluded Camp Wawanakwa, bathing both the island and its surrounding ocean in a pleasantly warm and inviting golden light. Tropical trees swayed back and forth in a gentle morning breeze along the coastline, while small critters happily scampered to and fro further inland. Even the most savage wildlife on the island couldn't help but feel an odd sense of soothing tranquility. It was almost like a slice of paradise had fallen from the heavens and landed off the shores of Canada's mainland. Almost.

There was only one thing that could ruin this image of breathtaking beauty, and it was standing on a small wooden jetty connected to the island's main campsite.

Chris McLean overdramatically spread his arms and flashed a winning smile for the camera as he began the previous episode's recap.

"Welcome back, all of my adoring fans, to another episode of Total Drama Rewind!" the host announced excitedly. "Last time around, we introduced a brand-new cast of contestants to Camp Wawanakwa, their new home for the summer! And as a real blast from the past, they were told they would have to partake in the grueling challenges from the original season!"

Chris snickered. "And if you thought our veteran cast was weird enough, then oh boy, you haven't seen anything yet! A few of the new campers include Desiree, a freaky 'psychic' who I just know is a phony in disguise; Pierce and Brooke, an adorable couple caught up in a hilariously disfunctional relationship; Melvin, a universal plaything who enjoys video games; and Winona, a drop-dead gorgeous supermodel who's deluded herself into thinking she's even more famous than I am... which, might I clarify, is totally not true!

"Lots of interesting stuff happened during the first challenge, which was the classic cliff jump- slash- hot tub building challenge. Some of the campers, like Desiree and Autumn, bonded quickly; while others, mainly Winona, left a bad first impression. We even had a couple of alliances form! But at the end of the day, the Screaming Groundhogs triumphed over the Killer Trout since their hot tub didn't collapse in on itself. Winona found herself in danger of being voted off, but after aggravating Franklin enough to get him to spill his secret of hating minorities, the little nerd was eliminated instead. What a loser, getting voted off first! Haha!"

Chris threw his head back and laughed cruelly.

"One down, twenty-one to go! How will the campers fare in the next challenge? Will Janice expand her alliance's influence like she claims? Will Miranda continue to prank Caleb, or will she move on to someone else? And can Pierce get any cooler? Find out right now, on Total... Drama... Rewind!"

(Theme Song- I Wanna Be Famous)

(Screaming Groundhogs, guys' side)

It wasn't a peaceful morning for the boys on the Screaming Groundhogs.

"I'M NOT AFRAID OF DYING, EVERYONE HAS THEIR TIME! LIFE NEVER FAVORED WEAKNESS, WELCOME TO THE PRIDE! Hell yeah, I could listen to Five Finger Death Punch all day!" Spike shouted as he danced around the guys' room.

The other boys collectively groaned from their beds. Each of them tried to block out the noise with their pillows, but the effort was proving futile.


Pierce- "It's been three days since we got here, and I haven't gotten a wink of shuteye since then. Don't get me wrong; Spike's a really cool guy, but does he ever need to sleep?!"

Spike- "I don't need much sleep to function! All I need is METAL!"

Yehuda- (He's snoozing on the can.)

"Dude, seriously, at least turn down the volume!" Emmett moaned, tossing and turning under his sheets. "How are we gonna win more challenges if we can't even stay awake?"

"What's that?! You want me to turn up the volume so we can win more challenges?! No problem, man!" Spike said gleefully, maxing out the volume on his headphones.

"Da moment our team loses a challenge, he's leavin' foist," Caleb grumbled tiredly.

(Screaming Groundhogs, girls' side)

Janice was sitting on the floor in the girls' side of the cabin with a stack of paper and several colored markers in front of her. She hummed a little tune to herself as she drew something on each of the papers.

"Whatcha doing, Janice?" Haley yawned, slowly climbing down from her bunk.

"Good morning, Haley!" the amateur strategist chirped. "I was just making some fliers to help promote our alliance! Here, tell me what you think!"

She handed Haley one of her papers. On it was a crude drawing of the two girls holding hands and smiling, with several stick figures that vaguely resembled the other campers surrounded them. Written at the top of the flyer was a message: "Janice's Super-Duper Alliance needs YOU! Applications are available starting today!"

Haley didn't know whether to feel amused by Janice's idea, or horrified at what she had gotten herself into.

"So... do you think it'll work? Be honest!" Janice demanded to know.

"... I'm really not sure," Haley answered honestly, handing the paper back to her teammate. "But if you're confident that it'll gain us more support, then yeah, I'd say go for it. Furthermore, remember that you're the all-powerful leader- it's ultimately your decision to make."

"You're absolutely right!" Janice squealed, pulling her friend in for another hug. "What would I ever do without you, Haley?"

"Probably get voted off." Haley mumbled quietly so her trainwreck of an alliance partner couldn't hear.

The two were interrupted by a high-pitched yawn followed by a mischievous giggle. A second later Miranda dropped down from her bed to face the other girls.

"You'll never believe the dream I just had!" she grinned. "I dreamed that I replaced all of Chris' hair gel with maple syrup... I'll definitely have to do that in reality sometime!"

While Miranda continued to list her dream ideas and Janice rambled on about strategy, Haley couldn't help but crack a small smile.


Haley- "Things are going pretty well for me. Despite the fact that Janice hasn't done anything even remotely strategic yet, besides this meager alliance, she already has an ego that I can easily exploit. With that said, if the others decide to target us for some reason or another, then it'll be my 'leader' who takes the blow, not me."

Janice- "Haley is sooooooo awesome! She and I are, like, going all the way to the final two together!"

(Killer Trout, guys' side)

Cletus and Roland were the only two guys awake in the guys' half of the Killer Trout cabin.

"So let me get this straight... despite the fact that you come from a small swamp community in the middle of nowhere, you somehow have access to a high quality Homebuster Defense Mk. II double-barrel shotgun with an interchangeable parts and attachments kit?" Roland asked incredulously, examining the hillbilly's signature weapon in his gloved hands.

"Yessir," Cletus stated proudly. "We gots ta keep the village well stocked in case one of them gators or other hungry swamp critters gets a little too close. 'Course they ain't worth spit against mosquitoes, but that's why we have mud, m'right?"

"Sounds like an interesting place to live." Roland noted.

"S'okay," Cletus shrugged. "Y'know, this is actually the first time I've ever been outside mah village."

Roland looked surprised. "Seriously? You seem to be adapting pretty well here; I'd never have guessed that."

"Guess that just means I'm a people person. Now can I haves mah shotgun back?" Cletus asked.

Roland snickered as he handed the weapon back to his teammate. "You're a real piece of work, you know that, Cletus?"

"So I've been told," the hillbilly replied.


Roland- "I want to take any and all precautions to make sure I stay safe in this game. My strength and talent for smithing will definitely put a target on my back later on, so for now I'm gonna be playing the social game to make sure I'll have my teammates' support in the long run. Cletus is a pretty cool guy, and I wouldn't mind working with him."

Cletus- "Roland's a mighty fine fella. He and I should go out huntin' sometime!"

(Killer Trout, girls' side)

Desiree was sleeping in her bunk peacefully, until the faint smell of smoke tickled her nose. Her eyelids fluttered open and she coughed a few times as she sat up.

"Ugh... that horrible smell! Where's it coming from? Did Chris light our cabin on fire for the sake of ratings?" she moaned, clutching her head.

"Suck it up, you'll get used to it," a raspy voice said from nearby.

"... Doubtful." Desiree muttered, trying in vain to fall back asleep. She eventually gave up, choosing instead to focus on her morning meditation.

Sheila was the next girl to awaken. "Oh, what a horrible night! As if losing the first challenge and having to sleep on these spine-killing mattresses wasn't bad enough, I now wake up to the awful smell of nicotine!" she complained. "Mimi, as team leader, I demand that you dispose of that cigarette immediately!"

"I don't think so." Mimi scoffed, blowing a smoke ring. "In case you forgot, I'm pretty much untouchable in this entire competition."

Desiree opened a curious eye. "Really? And why exactly is that?" she probed.

Mimi grinned. "I like you, dollface, I really do. You ain't half bad compared to most of the others here. But there's a little something called a 'need-to-know' basis, so you stay out of my business and I'll stay out of yours, deal?"

The fortune teller tilted her head to one side in total confusion. Sheila, however, wasn't satisfied with her answer.

"Are you implying that you have an alliance? You did, didn't you!" the snitch accused. "I thought I made myself perfectly clear when I said there will be ABSOLUTELY NO ALLIAN- mph!"

She was cut off when Desiree pounced from her bunk and slipped a hand over her mouth.

"Shhh!" she whispered urgently. "Keep your voice down, or do you want to wake Miss Grouchy I'm-Too-Pretty-To-Compete?"

"Who, Autumn?" Mimi asked without any interest.

Desiree shook her head and pointed to Winona's bed. The other girls nodded in silent understanding; they all knew in an unvoiced agreement that the model was much more tolerable asleep than she was awake.

"I'm still going to get to the bottom of your plan, Mimi," Sheila growled once Desiree uncovered her mouth.


Sheila- "My team is almost entirely worthless; the only other person who might prove useful besides myself is Roland! I'll have to whip them all into shape and instill obedience if we want any chance of winning challenges."

Desiree- "Evidently I made the right choice in befriending Autumn; she's the one single girl in this cabin that I can trust not to murder me in my sleep! I normally try to see the best in people, but I'm not finding any in who I call the 'Three Witches'."

Mimi- "My game plan is bulletproof. Since this team has an even gender ra... radio... ration... since we have the same number of boys and girls, all I have to do is seduce the guys and I'll have enough votes to get rid of someone annoying, like that washed-up skank Winona. That'll teach her not to call me ugly!"

Chris stood in the center of camp over by the flagpole, holding an air horn attached to a megaphone and wearing a cheeky grin.

"I love being me!" the host chuckled to himself before pressing the trigger.


A multitude of frightened screams were heard from inside the two cabins. Winona, dressed in a purple nightgown, marched angrily out of the Killer Trout cabin and approached Chris. She snatched the horn out of his hands, threw it to the ground, then proceeded to stomp the infernal contraption with her fuzzy slippered feet until the air horn sputtered and died under her relentless assault.

She grabbed Chris by the collar of his shirt and pulled him face-to-face with her. "Okay, McLean, you better have a damn good reason for waking me up this early in the morning!" the cranky girl hissed.

Chris pushed Winona away while the other campers gathered in front of him in their nightwear.

"As a matter of fact I do!" he smirked. "Your next challenge is a twenty kilometer run around the lake, so get dressed and run like the wind! You have one minute before- whoa, guys on the Groundhogs, you look like hell."

"That's offensive to say to someone of my religion!" Yehuda snapped irratably.

It was a true statement. Almost all of the Groundhog boys, except Spike, were slumped over with dark circles under their eyes.

"We have Mr. Mohawk over here to blame for that," Emmett muttered, gesturing to the ever-oblivious metalhead.

"Whatever you say, brah. What happens on your team isn't any of my concern. Now hurry up and change, because your challenge begins in one minute!" Chris exclaimed.

"Oh my, we'd better get moving!" Autumn gasped, rushing back to her cabin. The others quickly followed her lead.

(The Lakeside Woods)

Jayla, Riley, Emmett, and Roland had all taken a strong lead and zipped past the others in the woods without breaking a sweat. Some campers, like Autumn and Yehuda, chose to walk while the rest jogged at a moderately fast pace.

Caleb tried his best to catch up to the main group, but the sharp pain in his leg when he attempted to run forced him to remain at walking speed.

"Well ain't dis just great," he sighed. "Foist I can't sleep, and now my leg is screwin' me over again. I'm so gettin' voted off if we lose..."

"Pick up the pace, gangster boy! You're in last place!" Chris' voice called mockingly from behind.

Caleb turned around to find the nasty host trailing behind him in his shiny red ATV.

"What da heck are you doin', Chris?" the boy demanded.

"Having some fun!" Chris laughed. "Now keep limping to the finish line while I shower you with demotivational speeches!"

"... You've gotten worse dis season, you know dat?" Caleb grumbled.

Chris shrugged. "Spending time in prison does things to your head, brah."

Elsewhere, the largest group was making steady progress along the lakeside trail. Pierce was shouting at Brooke to keep up when the latter started to feel tired, Janice was tossing flyers around and yelling something about free cookies as she ran, Spike was still listening to his music and didn't look fatigued at all, and Mimi had to sit down on a small boulder to catch her breath and was coughing heavily. Melvin was running surprisingly quick, though the swarm of angry bees pursuing him may have had something to do with that.

"Ouch! Ah! Leave me alone! I didn't mean to steal your honey, I swear! Ow!" he yelped while flailing his arms around wildly.

Haley snickered nearby. "Heh, this guy is endless entertainment."

"I know, right?" Miranda exclaimed next to her. "You think he'd be on board if I asked him to start a comedy troupe with me?"

"That would be awesome! Maybe you could convince him to throw a pie at a grizzly bear or something," Haley replied half-jokingly.

Miranda grinned cutely. "Ooh, wouldn't that just be wonderful!"

At the very front of the pack, Jayla and Emmett had taken a strong lead over everyone else. While Jayla ran smoothly, steadily controlling her breathing pattern and only focusing on the trail ahead, Emmett looked just about ready to collapse. This didn't go unnoticed by his teammate.

"Yo, Emmett, you wanna stop and take a break? You can rest here for a few minutes and still not arrive last," Jayla informed him.

Much to her surprise, the jock laughed. "Are you kidding me? There's no way I'm giving up! Once I have a goal I'll do everything in my power to achieve it, and right now my goal is getting back to camp and winning this challenge!... Followed by a nice long nap." Emmett replied with a yawn.

"As long as you think you can handle it." Jayla shrugged.

The two athletes rounded a corner through the trees and, much to their shock, saw Tobias relaxing on a low-hanging tree branch and playing a soothing melody on his flute. Many small birds were perched on an adjacent branch, happily chirping in harmony with the music.

"Wait a minute... how did he... I thought... but we... how did you get so far ahead?!" Jayla stammered. "Last time I checked, Emmett and I were way ahead of anyone else!"

Tobias lowered his flute and merely shrugged. "Shortcut."

The Groundhog duo waited for him to elaborate further. When he didn't, Jayla sighed.

"Look, can you at least tell us if we're close to the campsite? We're starving, and Emmett's too exhausted to run much farther."

"That's not true! I still have plenty of stamina left!" Emmett argued, though the droop in his eyes and awkward slouch in his posture suggested otherwise.

Jayla crossed her arms. "Who are you trying to fool, me or yourself?"

"Answering your previous question," Tobias interrupted, "you're close to camp. Just keep running for another minute or two and you should get there."

"Thanks, kid. Come on Emmett! We're almost at the home stretch!" Jayla called, taking off at a sprint. Emmett quickly followed after her.

Tobias watched carefully as the two gradually disappeared into the distance, before resuming his flute solo, much to the birds' delight.


Tobias- "I'm not a kid; I'm in my late teens! (He sighs.) On a different note, I'm also planning to use a more 'under-the-radar' strategy now that Franklin's gone. It shouldn't be too hard since I can blend in easily with crowds, but I also want to prove that I can work with my team. Maybe I'll provide some assistance from behind the scenes..."

A few hours later, as the afternoon sun hung high in the sky, almost all of the campers had finished the race and were hanging out in the mess hall. Jayla and Emmett had arrived first, the latter falling asleep the moment he sat down at his team's table. Tobias arrived shortly afterward and quietly took his seat. Gradually, more campers began to pour in until all but three were absent.

Autumn and Yehuda walked in together side by side after a few more minutes. Autumn was trying to strike up a conversation with Yehuda, as she had been doing for the entire race, but the Jewish boy was too tired to listen.

"That was a very pleasant nature walk, wouldn't you agree? I'd love to do that again sometime!" the sweet girl smiled warmly.

"Yeah... it was splendid." Yehuda replied weakly, pocketing his glasses and trying to rub the sleep from his eyes.

Riley did a head count and realized that the Screaming Groundhogs were a man short. "Hang on... where's Caleb?"

As if on cue, the mess hall doors burst open again to reveal the boy in question. Upon realizing that he was the last person to arrive, Caleb sighed in defeat and let out a silent curse.

"What took you so damn long?" Pierce demanded to know.

"It was either walk, or risk further injury and possibly get pulled from da game! Sorry dat I ain't friggin' Speed Racer!" Caleb countered defensively.

Brooke timidly raised her hand. "Um, technically Speed Racer uses his Mach 5 racecar to go fast; he doesn't usually run... so yeah..."

Caleb pinched the bridge of his nose. "You know what I mean."

Brooke shivered when Pierce shot her a dark glare.

"Sorry... shutting up now..." she squeaked.

"Forget about that, guys." Haley said glumly. "Since Caleb got here last, I guess that means we've lost."

The Killer Trout cheered for winning their first challenge, exchanging hugs and high fives in celebration. The Screaming Groundhogs weren't nearly as enthusiastic, looking much more angry and bitter.

The Trouts' cheers woke Emmett up. "Huh, what? Did we win?"

"No," Janice sighed.

Chris suddenly entered the mess hall, having parked his ATV while the campers were talking. He was grinning that same shit-eating grin he uses when he knows something important that no one else does.

"Guys, why is Chris smiling like that?" Gideon asked nervously once the cheers died down.

"Glad you asked, Gidster!" Chris exclaimed. Gideon cringed at the nickname. "You see, when I mentioned that your challenge was a race around the lake... I lied!"

"WHAT?!" Sheila screamed.

"You mean to say I walked twenty whole kilometers for nothing?!" Winona yelled, absolutely furious with her jackass of a host.

"Yep!" Chris beamed. "And now for your real challenge... who's hungry?!"

He pulled back on a curtain that nobody somehow noticed before, revealing a deliciously mouthwatering buffet of various foods. The campers gasped and eyed the feast hungrily; Melvin's jaw audibly hit the table. How could they possibly resist such a treat after last night's dinner of squid's egg soup?

Only one camper didn't look surprised. Riley merely grinned to herself as the twenty others ravenously descended upon the fresh food.


Riley- "Seriously, have any of these guys actually watched the first season? I know what Chris has planned for us. I'll gladly indulge in the food- what idiot wouldn't?- but unlike the others, I'm going to eat in moderation. On a related topic, some of their eating habits are... um... revolting."

Pierce- (He's trying to shove an entire turkey into his mouth unsuccessfully. He spits it out, sprays some whipped cream on it, then tries again.)

Riley- (She doesn't look amused.) "See what I mean?"

The poor feast didn't stand a chance. The only evidence that it had ever even existed were a pile of small bones and several grease stains on the table and plates (which, disturbingly enough, Miranda was trying to lick clean).

Riley smiled to herself as she prepared to finish off the last of the turkey legs. But before she could take a bite, a gravy-coated Melvin hauled himself up off the floor next to her and faced the Screaming Groundhogs' unofficial leader tiredly.

"... Are you gonna eat that?" he groaned.

"... Here, take it." Riley shrugged, handing the turkey leg to him. The plus-sized gamer gave her a grateful smile before collapsing back on the floor.

Chris hopped on the table and started smiling again. "Oh campers, I have another surprise for you! Remember when I said that your real challenge would be to eat the whole feast?"

Nearly everyone moaned in response.

"Well as it turns out... I lied again!" the host laughed. "It's time for the third and final part of the challenge!"

"There's more? You can't be serious," Mimi complained.

"Oh, but I am!" Chris chuckled. "After getting your daily dose of healthy exercise and then completely undoing it all thanks to the free food, it's now time for the main event... the Awake-A-Thon!"

Yehuda scratched his head in confusion. "The what now?"

"The Awake-A-Thon!" Chris repeated, getting off the table. "Unlike your last challenge, this one is pretty straightforward. Whoever stays awake the longest will win their team immunity!"

Gideon seemed lost in thought for a moment before speaking. "So let me try and get this straight... the jog around the lake and the free buffet were all part of your sinister scheme to put us all to sleep faster?"

"Correct!" Chris confirmed.

The goth boy smacked his forehead in frustration. "Ugh, how could I have forgotten about this one?"

"Stupidity?" Chris sneered. "But just so you all know, things are going to be a little different this time around. Since it took Gwen and Duncan absolutely forever to fall asleep back in the original season, I've devised a clever solution to knock you all out even quicker: Sabotage!

"This is how it'll work: You will all be allowed to try and put your opponents to sleep using any means necessary. Violence is encouraged for higher ratings! Additionally, Chef and I will provide our own methods of sleep-inducing torture from time to time, just like before!"

"Sounds brutal," Brooke said uncertainly.

"It wouldn't be a true Total Drama challenge if it wasn't. Now head outside to the outer campgrounds so we can begin!"

The already tired teens and one kid silently obeyed and began to exit the mess hall. As they did, Desiree approached Roland.

"I don't want to sound overconfident, but I think we stand a good chance at winning this one," the psychic said dreamily.

"Why's that?" Roland asked.

"Have you seen the Groundhog boys? Spike has kept them awake for three days straight thanks to his music, and it looks like they can't handle much more." Desiree explained.

Roland grinned after hearing this revelation. Behind them, Tobias stroked his chin in thought, having overheard their conversation.


(The Campgrounds)

Eight hours later, Chris and the campers were hanging around a small forest clearing over by the edge of camp. The area was dimly illuminated by a few torches, giving the host a good view of the indirect pain he was inflicting on the contestants. It was a sight that warmed, or perhaps further chilled his already ice-cold heart. He sipped his coffee and grinned to himself as he watched the tired campers mill about.

Melvin was once again playing his PSP and surprisingly didn't look too out of it. Winona and Riley were also in good condition, the former resting against a fallen tree trunk and fooling around with her cell phone, the latter sitting straight and alert. Spike just danced around the campsite, obnoxiously headbanging to his music as always.

Everyone else looked extremely weary, which was exactly what Chris wanted.

"So... is anyone feeling sleepy yet?" the evil host mocked. "No? It shouldn't be too much longer; someone has to drop eventually... any minute now..."

Emmett, who was doing push-ups off the ground to keep the blood pumping, was momentarily distracted by Chris' words. It was that loss of focus that suddenly made him feel the massive fatigue growing in his arms; the jock collapsed and was out cold immediately after hitting the dirt.

"And there's our first casualty, folks!" Chris cackled.


Riley- "The Killer Trout might be short a member, but it's my team that has the disadvantage in this challenge. I hope the girls can pull through, because I honestly can't say I can place my trust in any of the boys to win this for us."

Melvin- (Playing his PSP.) "I know I'm not in the best shape, and that I ate a lot during the feast, but as long as I have a good game in my hands then I'm set!"

Janice and Haley stayed well away from the others. Haley sat on a tree stump and looked bored while Janice paced around frantically.

"We can do this, Haley, we can do this! We just need to think about things that will keep us both awake, like... strategy! Thinking about strategy will definitely keep us awake!" Janice exclaimed, unaware that what she was saying made almost no logical sense.

"Fine. So if we lose, then who do you suggest we vote off?" Haley asked, not really expecting a sane answer from her teammate.

"Riley!" Janice growled. "She says she has great leadership skills, and that's a threat to my authority! We have to get rid of her ASAP!"

"I don't think that's a good idea," Haley argued. "Riley might become a bigger threat down the road, but she's been useful so far. Voting her off this early would be stupid. We have to cut off some weaker links first, like Spike and maybe Yehuda or Caleb."

Janice grinned. "Wow, Haley, you're almost as much of a strategic mastermind as I am! Ooh, this gives me an idea! We should target Miranda instead; she might secretly be a genius like you and me under her crazy exterior!"

Haley turned her head to watch the prankster in question drawing on Emmett's face with a permanent marker, trying hard not to wake him with her incessant giggling.

"Um, yeah. Tell you what, you focus on trying to draw more people into this alliance, and leave the elimination planning to me. Sound good to you?" the shady girl proposed.

"That's perfect!" Janice squealed, hopping up and down in excitement. "I'm gonna go tack some flyers up all around the campsite! See ya!"

She turned towards camp and made it all of five steps before falling to the ground asleep. Haley sighed and rolled her eyes.


Haley- "Ugh, the only reason I haven't jumped ship to another alliance yet is because there aren't any others that I know about. And does Janice ever stop to think before she agrees with my plans? I mean, I could be organizing her own elimination behind her back and she'd never see it coming. But I'll put up with her as long as she remains useful to me. Meat shield, y'know?"

(14 hour mark)

"Come on, you worthless waste of money... work, dammit!" Winona fumed, trying in vain to get her phone out of its currently uncooperative state. She soon gave up and chucked it as hard as she could in a random direction.


"Ow!" Melvin's voice yelped off-screen. "Aw sweet, a free iPhone!"

Winona folded her arms across her chest and grumbled to herself. A short time later Gideon approached the fallen tree trunk and sat down next to her with his poetry book in hand.

"Hello," he greeted.

The model groaned. "Oh for pete's sake, didn't I make myself clear when I said that I didn't want you talking to me?"

"I heard you," Gideon replied. He smirked. "And I decided not to listen. We're going to be stuck as teammates until the merge, so we might as well try to settle our differences or at least learn to tolerate each other until then. You know, team cohesion and all that stuff."

"How perfect," Winona said flatly.

"Say, I hope you wouldn't mind if I asked you a question. How come you don't look tired compared to almost everyone else? Do you have insomnia, by any chance?" Gideon inquired curiously.

Winona snorted. "Oh please, I can last over five days without any sleep. My profession requires a lot of traveling and showing up for public events, so while you're off snoozing in your beloved nightmare realm, I'd still be wide awake for the cameras."

"That's... very impressive," Gideon said with a tired yawn.

The two were interrupted when Mimi sauntered over to the gothic poet's side. "Hey creepy guy, since I can't find Roland anywhere, what do you say you and me go behind some bushes and have a little fun?" she offered seductively.

"Can't you see I'm a little busy here?" Gideon frowned.

He was mildly surprised when Winona stood up and glared at Mimi face-to-face.

"Go find another guy to harass, Angelina Reject! He was with me first!" the young supermodel growled.

"Oh, you did NOT just go there, sister! Nobody stands between me and whatever guy I want!" Mimi retorted.

The two girls heatedly glared at each other before pouncing at the same time. Quickly forgotten, Gideon watched the escalating catfight in front of him with a small smirk on his pale face.


Winona- "Mimi is scum on this earth. I cannot wait to send her packing the next time we lose!"

Mimi- "Oooh, I hate that good-for-nothing bitch so much! She's ruining my plan to seduce all the boys!"

Gideon- "... Umm, that was the first time I've ever had two girls fight over me before... just kidding; I know that it was their mutual hatred of one another that triggered their aggression. But hey, a guy can dream, can't he? (Gideon chuckles.) I am definitely going to write a poem about this incident."

(24 hour mark)

It had been a full day since the challenge began and some of the sturdier campers were starting to feel drowsy. Roland had asked if he could grab his smithing equipment and go kill some time in the mess hall. Chris agreed, as long as a cameraman made sure to follow him around. Tobias also took a brief visit to his cabin to grab something, though nobody noticed he had gone missing in the short time he was absent.

Impressively, nobody had fallen asleep yet since Janice.

Brooke stretched to stay awake and tried to ignore the increasingly heavy feeling in her eyelids. Her eyes snapped wide open, however, when she felt a painful jab to her left arm.

"There's something I want you to do for me, Brooke." Pierce grunted from his spot next to her. "Follow that strong guy on the Killer Trout to the mess hall and knock him out. I'd bet your tight little ass he could stay awake longer than either of us."

"But how... how am I supposed to do that, Pierce? He's twice my size! What if he sees me coming?" Brooke stammered meekly.

"I don't care how you do it as long as it gets done. And be aware that if you screw this up, and he doesn't beat the shit out of you, then I'll have no choice but to do so myself!" Pierce threatened.

Brooke was gone so quickly that she left a dusty afterimage of herself in her wake. Pierce snickered to himself, then stretched his limbs and yawned, preparing for another few grueling days of the Awake-A-Thon.

It wasn't meant to be. Tobias slowly emerged from a bush behind the nasty teen with his flute raised to his lips, concealing a smile. He began to play a soft, soothing melody that echoed throughout the clearing, and within seconds Pierce was snoring.

Miranda was quick to arrive on the scene with her marker and a make-up kit afterwards.

(30 hour mark)

The sun had begun to set once again over the horizon. Melvin's PSP had begun to run low on battery life, prompting him to swap it for a Nintendo DS, but nothing much else happened beyond that. Desiree had resumed meditating, and even though her eyes were closed, she would periodically open them and wink to show that she was still in the running.

Autumn eventually stood up. "I think I'm going to go for a little walk through the forest. Would anyone care to join me?"

"So you could find a way to put someone to sleep without anyone else knowing about it? Pass." Jayla scoffed.

Caleb shrugged. "Eh, I'll go with ya."

Autumn looked worried for a second, but forced herself to keep her smile. "That... would be nice. Very nice. Let's get going, then- I know a wonderful little path that gives us a great view of the cliffside."

The two campers found the trail Autumn mentioned and walked side-by-side down it, simply enjoying the view of nature around them. Caleb in particular looked mesmerized by all the new things surrounding him- sunbeams peeking through the treetops, squirrels darting back and forth in feverish pursuit of one another, the crunching of dirt underneath his shoes- all things he had never witnessed before now. Autumn, however, would occasionally steal a nervous glance in his direction, but was otherise enjoying the nature walk as much as he was.

"Dis is beautiful..." Caleb whispered in awe. "All dis activity... I've nevah seen anyting like it back in New York City. I mean, I've visited Central Park before, but Wawanakwa is somethin' else entirely."

"Is it quite lovely, yes," Autumn agreed. "But I... oh dear, how should I say this... Caleb, um, did you ever... um... do anything violent or illegal in your gang back home? Only that I honestly don't feel very safe being alone in the woods with someone who at one point might have... you know... killed another human?"

Caleb jolted when he heard those last few words.

"Whoa, Autumn, where da heck is dis comin' from? I ain't the one dat runs da gan- err, group; I was just a courier! Dat's da truth, I swear!" he pleaded.

"I... see..." Autumn nodded slowly. "So, just out of curiosity, do you know who's in charge of the... Grey Angels, I think you called them?"

"Know 'im? I'm related to 'im!" Caleb smiled proudly under his bandana. "Da head honcho is my pop, Adam Arvixis, otherwise known as da toughest guy in da woild! I heard he once stared down death itself and death blinked."

"... So your father is in charge of an organized gang? Oh dear. Well, um... I guess he has to make a living somehow," Autumn joked weakly.

Caleb noticed her frightened behavior and decided to change the subject. "Let's talk about somethin' else, shall we? Like... who was your favorite camper from last season? Mine is Silent B; da guy would be a huge asset if he evah decided ta join da Angels in our quest for justice."

"Oh, well, my all-time favorite contestant is definitely Dawn! I simply adore her!" Autumn gushed. "She's such a nice, caring, and selfless person, and her ability to read auras and communicate with animals is simply extraordinary! I do hope to meet her in person someday!"

Caleb shrugged. "Eh, Dawn was alright I guess. I know a lot of people love her ta death, but I can't say she would be one of my top five picks in da season. She nevah really did anythin' important durin' her stay on da island. But if you like her, den dat's poifectly- ACK!"

The gangster's son felt the hand gripped tight around his throat moments before he was hoisted off the ground by it. In a shocking display of strength, Autumn yanked Caleb up close until their faces were separated my mere centimeters.

The fading sunlight cast a menacing glow in the nature lover's eyes as she began to speak.

"You have insulted the goddess," Autumn whispered dangerously. "Your heresy cannot go unpunished."

"What da hell are you doin', goil?! Is dis some kinda joke?! 'Cause I ain't laughin'!" Caleb yelled, frantically kicking his legs and struggling to break free from the iron grip restraining him.

Using her free hand, Autumn reached into a pocket on her dress and dramatically unsheathed a small hunting knife.

"None shall foul the name of the great moonchild."


Desperate, Caleb kicked Autumn in the stomach with all the strength in his one good leg. Stunned by the blow, Autumn staggered backwards and involuntarily released her hold on the lone Groundhog boy. Caleb seized this opportunity to limp away from her as fast as he could back down the way they initially came from.

Autumn watched him flee with a frightening grin on her normally sweet face.


Caleb- (Rocking back and forth in a fetal position.) "I have nevah been so scared in my entire life... what da hell is wrong with all da goils in dis game?!"

Autumn- (Staring directly at the camera.) "Dawn is the greatest thing to ever happen in the history of this show, and by extention the earth. All who defy her grace must be completely and utterly annihilated from existence. (She shakes her head, as if waking up from a dream.) Ohhhh, my head... what just happened? How did I end up in here? Maybe I was sleepwalking again... my parents said I mysteriously started sleepwalking around the time the fourth season began airing. I remember feeling tired before, but I don't remember ever falling asleep..."

"Alright blacksmith boy, here's the deal: I allow you entrance into my sacred realm and give you access to my oven of omnipotence, and in return you forge me my very own Rainbow Dash rocking horse. You got that?"

"I- wait, you want a what now?" Roland asked in bewilderment. "Umm... okay then. Deal accepted."

The Killer Trout's strongest member was standing with Chef Hatchet in the middle of the mess hall kitchen. The burly cook proved to be a fair negotiator, managing to keep eye contact and state his terms clearly despite the fact he was dressed in a fairy tutu outfit (which he didn't seem bothered by at all, even though the suit was several sizes too small on him).

"Glad we could reach an agreement," nodded Chef. "Now if you'll excuse me, pretty boy wants me to go and shower your fellow maggots with fairy magic and sleeping powder and whatever the hell else is in this wand o' mine. Says it's about time we turn things up a notch. Ciao."

Roland couldn't help but grin like a kid on Christmas day once Chef had taken his leave. He wasted no time shoveling heaps of iron and charcoal from his duffel bag into the larger-than-average oven, then set up his anvil nearby. Now the only question left was what to make.

"So many possibilities, so much time," Roland mused, scratching the stubble on his chin as he thought through his options. "Hmm... maybe I'll start with something practical. A sword and shield will work in case I ever find the bear... but would that stop the sasquatch? I could always build a grindstone or use some abrasive paper to smooth out the edges. Yeah, that'll work! I'll have to thank Chris when I get the chance; this challenge was a great idea. Wish I could've socialized more, but that's hard when everyone else is either tired or asleep. So for now it's just me, myself, and all the time in the world..."

"Which I'm sorry to say will be cut short," a timid-sounding voice said from behind.

"Huh?" Roland spun around just in time to get whacked in the face with a large frying pan.

Brooke stared down at the newly unconcious blacksmith for several seconds, then quietly walked over to the oven and turned it off to avoid starting a potential fire in the mess hall.

"... I'm so sorry. I don't have anything against you, but I didn't have a choice." the abused girl whispered tearfully.

Sighing to herself, Brooke left the kitchen and took a seat at her team's empty table. She put her hands to her face in shame, soon breaking down into a silent sobbing fit. Brooke continued to cry until the faint notes of a flute somewhere close by reached her ears.

"Huh? Where's that coming from?" she asked herself rhetorically.

The music continued to play from everywhere and nowhere at once. Already drowsy and guilt-ridden, Brooke soon gave in to sleep's welcoming embrace.

Sitting in a corner of the room, Tobias lowered his flute and smiled slightly.

"Get some sleep. You need it."


Brooke- "I got rid of Roland, but I still fell asleep... I hope Pierce dosn't get mad at me for that..."

(36 hour mark)

Thirty-six hours into the challenge, Mimi, Gideon, Yehuda, and Haley had all succumbed to Chef's fairy magic/sleeping powder and fallen asleep. Melvin's DS had only minutes left in the battery, so he pocketed it and was now engrossed in an old Game Boy Color instead.

Winona still didn't look very tired. She sat next to the sleeping Gideon, filing her nails and looking bored as usual.

Sheila was fruitlessly trying to explain her views to Miranda while the latter tried balancing a rock on her nose for fun.

"Alliances have and always will be bad news. They're nothing more than groups of bullies who gang up on those who are too weak to fight back! What's the purpose of being on a team in the first place if all we do is divide and fight amongst ourselves? It sickens me!" Sheila ranted.

"Yeah, I don't plan on joining any alliances either." Miranda agreed.

"So that's why I'm taking on the mantle of responsibility and destroying any alliances I find! Mark my words, Franklin was only the beginning. Nobody will be safe from my prying eyes!" Sheila squawked.

Miranda grinned. "I could make so many dirty jokes about that last part! Like, 'Why did Sheila sneak into the-'"

"Shut up and pay attention!" the strategist hunter barked. "I'm trying to enlighten you on how to play the game properly, and if you don't heed my warnings, you too may fall to a villain's diabolical schemes!"

"As long as I have fun, then I'd consider my time here a success." Miranda replied, still more focused on her rock. "Oop, almost lost my balance there!"

"Ugh, is there no one here who has half a brain? I wonder why I'm wasting my time with you." Sheila grumbled.

"I'm wondering about that too. Why are you trying to help me, anyway? We're on different teams," Miranda asked.

Sheila huffed. "Because everyone on my team is too stupid and useless to talk to. And nobody else on your team wanted my company... idiots."

"Aaaaawwwww," Miranda said in sympathy. "Poor you. Speaking of which, did you see Caleb when he got back here earlier? He looked like he'd seen a psycho killer in the woods or something!"

"Well that's his problem, not mine." Sheila scoffed.

"Now I think I understand why people don't like you..." Miranda muttered.

Both girls were asleep five minutes later.

(60 hour mark)

Two and a half days in and the weather was cloudy, reflecting the equally bleak atmosphere of the campsite clearing.


That was the sound of Melvin screaming as his last gaming handheld sputtered and died before his eyes. He was out cold not even a second later.

"Oh campers, I have come bearing presents!" Chris announced as he arrived to check up on his victims. He was carrying an armful of pillows and sipping a fresh mug of coffee, much to the remaining campers' great envy.

"Are you bribing us with pillows? That's cruel, McLean... smart, but cruel." Jayla said, eyes narrowed in hatred.

"Thanks a bunch!" Chris exclaimed merrily, throwing the pile of pillows to the ground. "Enjoy!"

The campers' weary eyes were drawn to the pillows; each of them trying their best to resist the soft and fluffy temptations, and the promise of a good night's sleep that came with it...

"PILLOOOOOWWW!" Desiree shreiked, lunging forward and grabbing one of the luxury items tightly. She was snoring in seconds.

"Come on, guys... we can do this..." Riley yawned.

Melvin suddenly kicked in his sleep.

"No... no, stop... stay away from me, you big green ginger man... I found the Triforce first..." he murmured.


Jayla- "This is the longest test of endurance I've ever gone through... I'm impressed with all the people left. They each deserve, like, a medal or something."

Winona- "Come on, this isn't that hard. These guys wouldn't last a week in my life."

(65 hour mark)

Most of the remaining eight campers were absolutely exhausted by the third night of the Awake-A-Thon. Cletus created makeshift targets out of tree bark and fired at them with non-lethal rubber buckshot; the noise produced by his shotgun was pretty much the only thing keeping him awake. Riley watched him, looking both tired and slightly irritated.

"Okay, what the hell was Chris thinking when he let you bring a gun onto the show?" she snapped at him.

"I dunno fur sure, but I think there was something about danger equaling ratings in mah contract, or somethin' like that." the hillbilly replied, taking a quick break to reload his weapon.

Chris arrived to check up on the campers a short while later. When he saw the eight campers still awake, he was visibly shocked.

"What in the name of-? How are there still that many of you left?! You guys should all be asleep by now!" he fumed. "Well, desperate times call for desperate measures."

The sadistic pretty boy made his way to the podium and pulled a huge book out from underneath it. He blew the dust off the cover before opening the book. A pop-up picture of a maple leaf sprung up.

"Ah, this brings back some good memories," Chris sighed in fond rememberance. "After so many seasons, I finally get to pick up where I left off in the most boring book imaginable! 'The History of Canada: A Pop-up Book'!"


Caleb fell asleep at the mere mention of those words.

"... Okay then, I guess the weak cripple can't take it! Ahem... Chapter Two: the Maple Leaf. The maple leaf has been a symbol of Canadian society since the beginning of the eighteenth century."

Autumn blinked once, then twice. Three times and her eyes didn't open again. Yawning gently in her sleep, she subconsciously grabbed Tobias and pulled him close to her chest to snuggle up against.

"... It was first adopted as an emblem by early French Canadian settlers along the Saint Lawrence River..."

The shy looked fortified at first, flushing red in the cheeks. But as Autumn continued to cuddle him, he soon gave in to the warmth and comfort her body offered and fell asleep without making a sound.

"... Fun fact: Maple leaves grow on maple trees!"

"Ugh, I can't take anymore of this!" Jayla yelled suddenly. She immediately joined a sleeping Desiree on the pile of pillows without any second thoughts.

(73 hour mark)

"... And that concludes Chapter Fourteen: Canadian Bacon. This is some great progress; we're almost a quarter of the way done with the whole book!" Chris grinned.

Riley got up and approached him.

"Hey Chris, can I see that for a second?"

"I guess so," Chris shrugged, handing the book over to her. "Why?"

Riley spun around and threw the infernal book right at Cletus. It hit him square in the face and knocked the unsuspecting hillbilly out instantly.

"That's why," Riley said triumphantly, dusting off her hands.


Riley- "Chris said it himself; desperate times call for desperate measures. I swear, the next person I meet who says 'Canada' and 'history' in the same sentence is gonna get punched!... Unless it's my history teacher."

Riley and Winona faced each other, both sitting on separate tree stumps. Riley crossed her legs and tapped her fingers against the side of her stump, while Winona was busy applying a fresh covering of lipstick.

"So... I guess it's just you and me left," said Riley.

"You don't need to point out the obvious; I already know that. Just like I know that I'm going to win." Winona stated casually.

Riley raised a brow. "You seem confident in yourself."

"Duh! Having a career that forces me to stay awake for more than half a week regularly? How could I not be confident?" Winona snickered.

"I don't know... how about I ask those bags forming under your eyes?" Riley smirked.

Winona's glare intensified. "I'm going to greatly enjoy seeing that smirk wiped off your face when you fall asleep, sister!"

"Too bad you won't be awake to see it." Riley countered.


Winona- "Okay, the truth is that I really do feel tired right now. But there's no way in hell I'm letting Riley know that. I need to hold on just a little bit longer, and then this whole abomination of a challenge can be done with!"

Riley sighed. "Okay, I have an idea. How about we both try to fall asleep at the same time? That way Chris wouldn't know which team to send to elimination, and we both can get some well-earned rest while he loses his mind figuring out what to do."

"You might be onto something there," Winona noted with slight admiration.

Chris cleared his throat to remind the two girls he was still there.

"If you two somehow manage to pull that off, then no one will win, and I'll have to send both teams to elimination instead!" he chimed in happily.

"... Too risky," Riley conceded.

"You suck, McLean." Winona grumbled. "Ugh, I'm not even in the mood to yell at you."

Finally, after two more unbearable hours, one of the girls swayed back and forth on her tree stump, then fell asleep and collapsed on the ground with an oddly content smile. That camper was...










... Riley.

"Yes!" Winona shouted in joy. "Franklin was wrong; I just single-handedly won a challenge! I'm the only one left! WOOHOO!"

"No you're not!" Chris interjected.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Winona asked in disbelief.

She thoroughly scanned her surroundings before locating her final adversary: Spike. The metalhead had effortlessly withstood the entirety of the Awake-A-Thon, dancing around the edge of the forest and still engrossed in his headphones' music. He didn't even look tired at all.

"Aw, what the... God dammit! How could I have forgotten about that guy?!" Winona screamed.

She fell asleep a mere few seconds later.

Chris walked over to Spike and hoisted the latter's arm skyward in victory.

"After more than three days, we finally have our winner! The Screaming Groundhogs have won their second consecutive challenge and are safe from elimination! How does it feel to literally be the last man standing, Spike?" Chris inquired.

"SCREAMS OF THE FLOCK, CRY OUT FOR DESIGN! THIS POWER TO ONE, A SAVIOR TO NONE! Woo baby, Mechina forever!" Spike whooped obliviously.

"... Screw this, I'm not even gonna bother." Chris muttered, heading back to his personal trailer.

Once the campers had all awoken, the Screaming Groundhogs celebrated their new immunity streak with another hot tub party. The only member not present with them was Pierce; he had locked himself in the washroom after a certain someone had written "HOMO" across his forehead in permanent marker, to say nothing of the embarrassingly bright make-up caked all over his face.

Once the party had died down somewhat, Yehuda climbed out of the hot tub and headed to his team's cabin to get dressed. He found a curious piece of paper tacked to the door once he arrived.

"Hello, what's this?" Yehuda asked himself, carefully ripping the paper off the door to get a better look at it. "'Join Janice's alliance... applications starting today... well, that sounds intriguing! It'd be perfect to have a safety net in this game!"

Before he knew what happened next, the door to the girls' side of the cabin seemed to swing open on its own. An arm emerged from within, grabbing Yehuda by the wrist and forcefully pulling him inside. He could almost swear he heard the door close by itself afterward.

"Are you serious? Do you really want to join Janice's Super-Duper Alliance?" a voice whispered in the near-total darkness of the interior.

"Umm... sure?" Yehuda responded hesitantly.

Janice flicked on a lightswitch and glomped the Jewish boy.

"YAY! I now have as much power as Heather did before! Trust me Yehuda, you're not going to regret joining this alliance!" the loose cannon squealed.

"I certainly look forward to working with you, Miss Janice." Yehuda said honestly.

From her bunk, Haley hid a sinister grin.

The Killer Trout boys were hanging out in their own cabin later that evening. Despite their second loss in a row, none of the five looked particuarly worried about the upcoming bonfire ceremony.

"So it's unanimous? We're voting out Mimi," Gideon stated.

"I reckon that would be the best choice," Cletus agreed. "She ain't really all that useful. Or purdy, fur that matter."

"I feel as if I could get an STD just by looking at her..." Tobias shivered.

"You have my support... Ow!" Roland pledged, flinching and rubbing his newly bruised face.

"Mine too." Melvin added.

"Then it's settled: Mimi leaves tonight." Gideon concluded.

Just then there was a knock on the door. Cletus got up from his bed to open it, revealing their target in question now standing right in front of him.

"Hello, you big strong hunks of man meat!" Mimi giggled as she brushed past the swamp boy and stepped inside. "You have a plan on who to vote off yet?"

"You." Gideon said simply.

Mimi laughed; it wasn't a pleasant sound. "I know, I really am a walking wet dream, aren't I? But let's get down to business. I want you guys to vote for Winona at the campfire ceremony."

"Why the heck would we do that? Winona might not have won the challenge, but she still did better than the rest of our team." Roland frowned.

"So she stayed awake, big whoop. The bitch might have been useful today, sure, but mark my words, this will probably only be a one-time thing. She'll be back to her whiny and bitchy self the next time she needs to do any kind of real hard work. And did I mention that she's a bitch?" Mimi explained.

"We'll... think about it." Tobias shrugged

Satisfied with his answer, Mimi started towards the door, but turned around to face the guys one last time before she left.

"Tell you what, I'll sweeten the deal. If you handsome men all vote with me to get rid of Winona, I'll be sure to give each of you a very... sensational... reward." she winked.

Once Mimi was gone, the boys all turned to face each other again. Nobody spoke for a minute.

"You know, I think this is the first time I didn't enjoy having a girl talk to me." said Melvin.

Before anyone could comment, the door opened a second time. Desiree popped her head into the room and cutely fluttered her eyelashes.

"Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that the girls and I are voting for Mimi tonight since her smoking problem is a fire hazard, and because none of us like her. Kaythanksbye!"

She shut the door, gone as quickly as she had appeared.

(Campfire ceremony area)

Once night had fallen, the Killer Trout assembled at the campfire pit together. None of them looked too concerned about the possibility of being voted off, though Sheila was in quite a sour mood at having lost again. Thankfully (or not), Chris didn't take so long to arrive for the elimination ceremony this time.

"Killer Trout, you are here tonight because you all suck." he began. "You haven't won a single challenge yet... come on, I might like watching you guys fail, but I don't want another Toxic Rats."

"Why weren't you killed in prison?" Winona grumbled.

"Because I'm awesomesauce. So Autumn, what was your little 'episode' earlier in the woods all about?" Chris probed.

"I'm afraid I don't know what you mean," Autumn admitted. "Was I sleepwalking? My parents say I've been doing that recently."

"I wouldn't exactly call it 'sleepwalking' if I were you. Gideon, how does it feel knowing that your whole team lost to who is likely the most useless member of the Screaming Groundhogs?" Chris continued.

"Fate works in strange ways. Spike may have many weaknesses, but he also has several hidden strengths. This challenge just so happened to play to those strengths." Gideon answered.

"Then it's too bad for you there aren't any challenges involving weird poetry! Sheila, are you upset with the outcome of this challenge?"

"Very much so! Starting tomorrow, there are going to be some changes to this team!" Sheila barked.

"Interesting." Chris nodded. "So, I have on my tray a total of nine marshmallows. If I call your name, then you get a marshmallow, and you're safe. If I don't call your name, then no marshmallow for you. Instead you get to walk the Dock of Shame and take a ride on the Boat of Losers! It's not as much much fun as you'd first think. In short, the person with the most votes is out of the game, and you can't come back here. EVER."

Desiree raised her hand. "I have a random question. How did you get rid of all the toxic waste on the island before this season started?"

"Meh, I just shipped it all over to Ezekiel's farm. Cheap and easy solution." Chris shrugged.

The ten Killer Trout gasped in shock.

"You monster..." Autumn whispered with a barely noticable twitch in her eye.

"Moving on, I think we've answered enough questions for now. The first marshmallow of the night goes to... Sheila!"

"Like I had any doubt," Sheila grinned smugly as she caught the fluffy treat.

"The next seven marshmallows go to... Autumn."






"And let's not forget Timothy!"

"My name's Tobias, Chris..."

"You know what, I changed my mind. Let's forget about him altogether."

Mimi and Winona were the only ones left without a marshmallow. Mimi smiled contently to herself, smoking another cigarette, while Winona was understandably dumbfounded.

"What the hell kind of bullshit is this?! I lasted longer than any of you dimwits in the Awake-A-Thon, but now I'm in the botton two again?!" the model shrieked, visibly upset.

"Winona... Mimi... only one of you will receive the final marshmallow. Whoever doesn't get it will be eliminated from the game... though to be honest, I don't think your teammates would really care who gets the boot. Neither of you are pleasant people, and only one of you is pleasant to look at!" Chris chuckled at his own joke.

"He's obviously talking about me," Mimi said arrogantly.

Winona ignored her, instead glaring at Chris. "Pervert..."

"The girl who won't be leaving us tonight... is none other than..."

























The model caught her marshmallow in one manicured hand and flipped off a thunderstruck Mimi with the other.

"What?! But... But I had all the boys vote with me! The bitch should be gone, six to four!" the wannabe beauty queen stammered, nearly choking on her cigarette.

Chris checked the votes again. "I'm counting nine votes for Mimi, one vote for Winona. And the security footage made sure no one could've tampered with them. That means you're out, Mimi. Toodles!"

"No. NO! I can't be eliminated second! I have the looks, I have the brains, I had the perfect game plan! Where did I slip up?! Were my implants not big enough?! Should I have flirted with each guy one at a time, instead of all at once?! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!" Mimi hollered frantically.

"... Y'all finished yet?" asked Cletus boredly.

"Yeah, I think I got it out of my system." Mimi nodded. "Still don't understand why I've been eliminated, but... whatevs."

Mimi walked down the Dock of Shame, still trying to appear seductive (and still failing horribly). She calmly boarded the Boat of Losers, which wasted no time in sailing away from the island as fast as possible.

"That was a lot more dramatic than I thought it would be," Tobias noted.

"Let's hpoe this doesn't become a recurring thing." Desiree agreed.

The nine remaining Killer Trout got up from their stumps and headed back to their cabin, thoroughly exhausted but more determined than ever to win the next challenge. None of them wanted to hear Chris' insults again anytime soon.


Tobias- "I have to agree with Sheila; we need to get our game faces on. Rest assured that I'm gonna try my absolute hardest during our next challenge. Plus, the less we see of Chris, the better."

On the short trek back to the cabin, something fell out of a pocket on Autumn's dress without her noticing. Desiree politely stopped to pick it up for her, but the normally happy expression behind her veil changed to one of confusion as she examined the object in her hands.

"Hey Autumn, you dropped a... knife?"

"Oh, thank you!" Autumn said gratefully as she took the knife back.

"Why are you carrying a knife around? I thought you said you were a pacifist," Desiree asked curiously.

"It was a gift from my grandfather. He said it would bring me luck wherever I went," Autumn explained. "And don't worry; I only use it to practice whittling in my spare time. I'd never intentionally hurt another human being."

"What a relief! You had me nervous there for a second." Desiree giggled. "I guess my mind was overreacting, anyway. I mean, can you imagine it? Autumn the dangerous psychopath?"

Both girls shared a laugh as they entered the campgrounds.

Unbeknownst to them, Caleb was watching the two from a window in the Screaming Groundhogs cabin. He glanced nervously between the nature lover and the fortune teller, before his eyes settled on the former.

"I need ta warn da others about dat goil... she ain't right in da head. Dammit, I shoulda said somethin' earlier!" the gangster's son cursed to himself.

"Caleb, dude, stop staring out the window and try to get some sleep," Emmett yawned from his bed.


"... Dat ain't happening anytime soon." Caleb replied.

Chris was once again on the Dock of Shame to finish off the episode. He sipped yet another coffee, but soon decided to empty his mug into the water.

"Meh, drinking coffee isn't nearly as fun when there's no tired brats around to watch you do it. So, Mimi thought she could flirt her way through the game despite being even uglier than Beth, but that plan didn't end up being effective at all. The Killer Trout sure have a lot of cannon fodder, don't they? I have a bet with Chef that they'll get rid of Desiree next.

"Getting back on topic, I will now give you the usual questions: Will the Screaming Groundhogs continue their newfound immunity run? Will Yehuda have second thoughts about joining Janice's alliance? Why is Brooke such a crybaby? And do you think I can convince an intern to insult Dawn in front of Autumn for my own amusement?" the host grinned sadistically.

"All of these questions probably won't be answered on the next episode of Total!"




Cletus- "Mimi."

Desiree- "Mimi."

Tobias- "Mimi."

Sheila- "Mimi."

Melvin- "Mimi."

Winona- "Mimi."

Roland- "Mimi."

Autumn- "Mimi."

Gideon- "Mimi."

Mimi- "Mi- I mean, Winona!"


Mimi- 9

Winona- 1

Sorry if this chapter seemed a little sub-par, but I have a VERY busy schedule. (Job at butcher shop + holidays = insanity)

And that does it for Mimi. Out of this whole cast, she was the only one who could really be considered a filler character. While she certainly wasn't enjoyable to read about, I actually liked writing for her for some odd reason. But in the grand scheme of things, Mimi didn't have much to add to the plot, so this is as far as she goes. Also, you can probably tell that I'm trying to make Chris as horrible as possible this season without going overboard. (Mischievous face)

And yes, I did the unthinkable: I trolled Dawn's fanbase. But before you all form an angry mob to hunt me down and offer my corpse as a gift to the Great Moonchild, let me clarify real quick. I like Dawn as much as the next person does, but the behavior of some of her fans is downright obsessive and creepy at times; trust me on that one. Not to mention that every other TD fanfic I read nowadays has Dawn either win the entire game and/or fall in love with someone's OC. Besides, I mentioned on my profile page that I'm a troll.

One last thing: I'm pretty certian that I could push these chapters out much quicker, with the same quality, if I reduce their length a bit. So would any of you mind reading slightly shorter chapters in exchange for faster updates? Please let me know.

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Next Time: Things heat up in the dodgeball challenge as the campers take out their frustrations on one another. In light of this, there will be new friendships formed, along with a special cameo by two veteran contestants!