There's something you need to understand about prophecies my child. They are nothing like and yet exactly as they seem. Life is filled with paradoxes my dear, and there are some things you just cannot change.

In the Kingdom of the Light there are no seasons. The leaves of the trees are always golden; the shimmering silver of lakes and rivers never freeze. The Kingdom of the Light is an eternal summer. A summer created by seraphs. Time also passes differently than you might expect, being that there are no seasons to mark a calendar. The world of Razia does not spin on an axis; it does not exist in the universe we know. For Razia, years are arbitrary and marked by the succession of kings.

How then, could the prophecy come to be that in 100 years a boy of Ahrima's decent would unite the two kingdoms? How could such a thing be predicted when neither the Light nor the Dark have an agreed concept of time? This story, I hope will open your eyes so that you may understand the events that took place to make the Dark and Light align once again.