It was unseasonably warm so I shrugged out of my black jacket and hung it over the fence of the lacrosse field. I had been feeling blue since my cat had run away a couple of months ago. Add to that the fact that my boyfriend had said he needed "space" and I was pretty down. After the game, I grabbed my jacket and walked home. Crap! I had picked up the wrong jacket and was locked out. Just then a cell phone rang in the jacket pocket. It was a guy who said he had taken my coat by mistake and wondering if I could return his coat and pick up mine. Some gentleman, I thought. But, I wanted inside my apartment, so I agreed.

I rang his bell and stepped inside when I heard him call to come in. His copper-haired head peeked around a doorway with a crooked grin and he said excitedly, "come 'mer; it's happening!" My heart beat crazily as I stepped into the room. There on a soft blanket was my precious kitty, giving birth! The guy grinned at me and lifted me to spin me around and around – both of us laughing.