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"Little more to the the my right..." the blonde said, relaxing on the bench reading the latest karate magazine.

"Remind me...again how your...helping," complained the brunette between grunts.

"I'm supervising," she replied simply, not moving from her position.

Just then, their friend known as Jerry Martinez burst through the doors, mid-sentence, followed by a bored looking Milton. Eddie followed close after on his phone, seeming not to be paying any attention to what Jerry was saying.

"- then I was all like 'No way would she choose you over me, I mean come on.'. Then he was all like 'No you come on'. Then I was all like -" Jerry was interrupted.

"Jerry, does this story have any purpose?" Asked an annoyed Milton, crossing his arms.

"YES! So anyway, I was like 'I'm totally swagalicious. Who wouldn't want a piece of this'," gesturing to himself.

"Obviously not the girl you're talking about since she said, and I quote, 'Not in a million years'." Eddie said, joining into the conversation without looking up from his cell screen.

"Yeah, but in a million years then she'll date me. I still have a chance." Jerry replied, grinning widely and earning eyerolls all around. Well, except Eddie.

Ringing sounded through the dojo, bringing Eddie back to what exactly was going on.

"Hello...Uh huh...No WAY...but that's stupid...fine...BRT," Kim said into her cell phone.

The guys all gave her weird looks as she ran to her locker and collected her mini purse.

"That was Grace. A new shop just opened up and she wants us to check it out" she said looking at them.

"I thought you and Grace hated each other..." Jack said questioningly.

Kim just shrugged. "It's complicated"

"Oh, I love that movie but I feel that 'A Walk To Remember' is way better," the strawberry blonde said.

Everyone gave Milton a weird look.

"Julie and I have weekly movie nights and it was her turn to pick." Milton explained.

"Well, see you guys!" Kim said as she sped out of the dojo.

"But practice is about to start and we have finshed moving the - and she's gone," Jack sighed

"Hey Jack, I need your help," Eddie said, walking towards him.

"Sure. What's up?"

"You know Melissa?"

The brunette nodded.

"Well I asked her out, she said yes, so I need you to help me plan the perfect first date," Eddie said.

"Hey! I have as much dating experience as Jack. Why didn't you ask me?" Jerry asked, hurt.

"Or me. I am the one with the girlfriend." Milton added.

"No offence guys but Jack probably knows more about girls than any of us. He's the closest to Kim." Eddie said.

Milton nodded in agreement while Jerry folded his arms and muttered, "I'm just as much a ladies man as he is,"

"Well, you need to find out what she's like. If she's like Grace or any of the other cheerleaders, she'll probably want to go to a romantic movie then go to a fancy restaurant. If she's like Kim she'll be OK with grabbing a burger then heading off to the skate park. But even so, she's still a girl so remember to pull a few cheesy romantic gestures," Jack said.

"How would you know what Kim would like in a date? It's not like you're dating each other," Jerry's eyes then widened, "Are you?"

Jack rolled his eyes, "Let's just get ready for practice,"

"You guys are dating! Otherwise, you wouldn't avoid the question!" Jerry said, pointing at him.

"NO, Jerry! We're not!" Jack said while walking to the changing rooms, deliberately not facing the others.

"He totally likes her," Milton said, hoping the brunette hadn't heard.

"I HEARD THAT!" Jack called out.


"Hey! Where's Kim? She's over forty minutes late!" Rudy said, he himself only just walking into the dojo.

"Rudy, you're only just walking in now. Where have you been?" Jack asked.

A huge smile crossed the sensei face. "Me and Bethany just had a date and I guess we lost track of time. That stuff happens when you're in love. Love." He said dreamily.

"Sounds like you're not the only loverboy here." Jerry said, nugging Jack with a goofy smile.

Jack rolled his eyes. He opened his mouth to say something when a voice cut him off.

"Come on Kim! You look great!" Grace grunted out, dragging Kim into the dojo.

The guys stopped what they were doing and looked at the situation at hand.

"NO...WAY!" The irritated blonde replied, still being dragged.

Finally, Kim gave in. She stood up, brushed herself down and glared at Grace, "You happy now!"

"Very!" was the perky reply.

The eyes of the guys widened, even Jack's jaw dropped. However, he soon closed it before he started to catch flies.

Jerry wolf-whistled.

Grace had forced her to buy and wear a purple, 3/4 thigh length dress with silver jewels at the hem. Kim had insisted for it to have straps. She was not going to go all out like she did for Ricky Weaver.

"I still can't believe you made me buy this!" the blonde huffed.

"I still can't believe you wanted to wear jeans and a t-shirt for the Talent Show." Grace retaliated.

Kim rolled her eyes.

"Wait, Kim your entering the Talent Show? But, you don't have a talent!" No prize for guessing who made that stupid comment.

As Kim's fist was just about to connect with Jerry's jaw, Jack caught it and slowly lowered it down.

"Kim's going to sing!" Grace squealed.

"Don't tell people!" Kim said.

"Why not? You're a great singer!"

"Hey, why don't you let Eddie sing a duet with you? He is surprisingly a good singer," Milton asked.

"Sure, I guess," Kim muttered.

"I did not see this coming! I'M IN!" Eddie replied, happily.

"Hey, if you guys are gonna sing, I could always let you use one of my bands songs. You know, to give taste to the music world once again!" Rudy said excitedly.

"We're not gonna sing 'Love Ninja' for the Talent Show, Rudy" Kim replied blankly.

"Fine! It's not like I care or anything!" Rudy said, clearly upset as he stomped to his office and closed the door.

There was a moments silence before Kim spoke.

"I'm gonna change..."

She walked to the changing rooms.

"YOU'D BETTER NOT SPOIL THAT DRESS!" Grace screamed out as Kim closed the door to the girls changing room.

"NO PROMISES!" was the muffled reply.

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