Hey again! I have nothing to say so...

Milton and Rudy burst into the dojo, almost breathless.

The others looked at them, confused.

When they both sat on the bench and got their breath back, Milton spoke up.

"Guys! The Black Dragons are starting up a fight with my fellow friends of the AV Club! We have got to help!"

"Why didn't you do anything?" Kim frustratedly asked Rudy.

"See this!" He pointed to his . "Doctor says I gotta lay off it for two weeks!"

"What happened to your hand?" Eddie asked.

"Oh, well Tip-Tip -" Rudy's reply was interrupted by Kim.

"Doesn't matter! Come on!" She said, running out of the dojo. Jack, Milton Eddie and Jerry followed. Rudy watched from a distance.

When they got to the scene, the tension between two rivaling dojos thickened.

"Well, well! If it isn't the Guacamole Group!" Frank mocked. He turned to face his companions with a goofy smile.

"See what I did there. Instead of Wasabi Warriors, I called them the Guacamole Group! I crack myself up!" He laughed. His group forced a couple of chuckles to please him but, overall, they didn't find it funny. Frank didn't seem to notice.

He turned back around.

"Frank, what is wrong with you, picking fights with relatively innocent people?" Milton said.

"Let's just pound these guys so we can go back to living our lives, and they can go back to having no lives!" Kim boomed.

Frank's eyes narrowed to slits. "Get them." He sneered.

The two sides were about to attack when, as the Black Dragons' previous victims crept away, Eddie stopped them.

"WAIT, WAIT! We'll get in trouble if we fight here! Let's just leave it. If anyone wants to fight, do it at a tournament so that it's legal."

There were murmurs of agreement.

"Come on guys. Let's go." Jack said, calmly before shooting a glare at Frank, who pretended to ignored it.

They left.

"So, you guys wanna go to Captain Corn Dog's?" Eddie asked happily.

"Eddie. Do you not realize what just happened back there?" Kim asked.

"I know we nearly got into a fight but that doesn't mean we shouldn't eat." He said.

"Eddie's right. And I need food!" Jerry added.

They headed over to Falafel Phils. Captain Corn Dog's had been out voted. They sat in their acclaimed booth as Jerry went to order their usuals.

"You know guys, Eddie's right." Jack started.

"I am?"

"We've got to find a way to stop these stand-offs with the Black Dragons." He continued.

"Jack, the problem is that no matter how many times we push them down, they always come back up!" Kim said.

By now, Jerry had gotten back to their booth. "Ooh, are we talking about vomit?" He asked excitedly, rubbing his hands together.



"That's gross, Jerry. Just gross."

Jerry laughed at how easily he could disgust his friends, like it was a good thing, before sitting down.

"We were talking about what we should do about the Black Dragons." Explained Milton.

"I think we should invite Jack's cousin, Kai, to do a dance on Frank's face." Eddie said, throwing a punch into the air.

Jack glared at him and said one word.


"Oh, come on Jack. It's been almost two years since you saw him last - how bad could it be?" Jerry tried to encourage.

"No." Jack repeated.

"It makes sense that Jack's still angry with Kai. He hasn't talked to or about the guy since." Milton said.

"What's your point?" Kim asked.

Milton continued. "Remember that poem we read in English that was by William Blake?"




Jack said nothing.

"Well, Blake once wrote: 'I was angry with my friend. I told my wrath, my wrath did end. I was angry with my foe. I told it not, my wrath did grow. It means that when you internalise your anger, it grows. That could be dangerous."

"Which is exactly why Kai should visit. After he beats up the Black Dragons in his jerkish way, Jack can pour out his anger by using him as a punching dummy."

Jack smiled and fist bumped Eddie. "I suddenly quite like Eddie's plan."

"But doesn't that make us the jerks for inviting him, just to beat him up?" Kim asked.

Jack sighed. "She's right, he's still my cousin. I can't do that to him."

Jerry glared at the blonde. "Thanks a lot, Kim. You ruined our only plan."

She smiled. "Actually...I have a plan."

The guys all leaned in.

"We're all ears."


"WERE ARE THEY? HUH! Does anybody KNOW?!" Frank bellowed down the halls.

Over by Kim's locker, the gang were trying to look as innocent as possible. Well, as innocent as you could look whilst sniggering. The rest of the students were either busy snapping pictures of Frank and his cronies or laughing. Really loudly.

"You think this is funny? HUH?!" He was furious.

That only made them splutter more.

Just as when Frank looked like he was going to explode right there, right then, he stormed off.

Jack, Kim and Milton hi-fived. However, Jerry and Eddie fist-bumped; apparently it was the new thing.

"I still think that my idea was better." Kim said, folding her arms.

Jack rolled his eyes. "We don't have a boat, we'd have no idea how to drive it, and I'm pretty sure your whole plan is illegal."

"I do know about that Jack. I know a guy who could get the job done..." Eddie started.

"We're not leaving the Black Dragons stranded in the middle of the ocean." Jack said in a monotone voice.