My ficlet was supposed to be a one-shot but since you asked I added a little sequel. It's pure fluff.

Thanks again to Cags for the beta work.

A yellow dress.

A pair of pink socks.

A blue sweater.

Colonel Samantha Carter-O'Neill thought she had never washed and folded so many clothes like she had done in these past five years.

The amount of laundry is destined to double in a couple of months. To triple to be exact.

She unconsciously rubbed her swollen belly and continued her work, while thinking about all the changes that had happened so far.

For years she had been afraid she wouldn't be able to balance her workaholic nature with the needs of her hypothetical future family.

She struggled a little during the first months in her relationship with Jack but his continuous support, his trust and his love helped her to overcome her fears and doubts.

Perhaps the most difficult thing to learn had been to delegate part of her projects to other people; that it was right to put a stop to her usual endless working hours and go home to her family.

A family.

She really had a family now.

Sometimes it was hard for her to believe it had really happened.

Sometimes she was afraid it had all been a dream, that she would just wake up and find herself still trapped on Fifth's ship.

It was real though.

She smiled, picked up the basket of clean laundry and moved forwards to her daughter's room.

She set the basket over the chest of drawers and leaned against the doorjamb, watching her husband reading "The Wizard of Oz" to their little girl. When he finished the chapter, Jack turned toward her letting Emily see Sam.

The sandy-blond haired girl beamed with joy, showing her megawatt smile that was the exact copy of her mother's.

"Mommy! Can you tuck me in, can't you?" Emily said holding out her arms.

Sam sat on the free side of the bed and took her daughter in her arms, cuddling her and giving her soft kisses that made her giggle.

"Time to sleep now sweetie"

Emily bent down, kissed Sam's large belly and said "Goodnight babies. I love you!"

Both her parents tucked her in, gave her a goodnight kiss and left the room.

In the hallway Jack hugged Sam, as much as her enlarged belly allowed it, and told her "Go to bed. I'll be there soon". He then went downstairs to lock doors and windows.

Lying in bed Sam's thoughts went back to her dead father. She missed him terribly.

Her eyes became teary.

Damn hormones!

She felt Jack spooning her, laying a hand on her bump and being rewarded with a kick from one of the twins. It seemed they always knew when their dad was near.

Jack tenderly kissed her forehead and whispered "He would be happy for us".

How he managed to always know what she was thinking about was a mystery to her but she didn't complain about this talent. It was just another reason why she loved him so much.

Jack wiped away her tears with his thumb and then started massaging her lower back, easing the tension in her body.

The need for sleep slowly started overtaking her. She closed her eyes and smiled.

Yes Dad. You were right. Now I have everything I have ever wanted.

I just wish you were here to see it.

I love you.