Truman stared at his hands, shocked and frozen in place. He'd relived it so many, how could he be forgetting Sylvia's face? He didn't want to forget her face, sometimes it felt like she was the only person that had ever cared about him. He knew that was ridiculous of course, his mother loved him, Meryl loved him, and he had a great best friend in Marlon, but still...he didn't want to forget Sylvia.

"What can I do?" He whispered in frustration.

"Truman!" Meryl called breaking through his reverie. "Truman where are you?"

Truman shook himself, "In the basement honey!" He called as an idea suddenly occurred to him. He could recreate Sylvia. Maybe he wouldn't ever make it to Fiji and have a chance to reunite with his high school crush, but at least he could make an image of her so he didn't lose the memory of his face.

He stood determinedly hearing Meryl on the steps to come into the basement. Tomorrow, tomorrow he would start making a picture of Sylvia.

"Truman what have you been doing?"

Meryl appeared and Truman made his way towards the stairs. "Just tinkering with the mower. What's for dinner?"

Meryl grinned saccharinely at him seeing that he was making his way upstairs. "I made your favorite, Kaiser chicken crumbles."

"Sounds great." Truman responded his mind already working on how he would create a picture of Sylvia.