They began it with Zeus and so forth. There were so many gods and goddesses that I will only list some of the ones you are familiar with enough and then some.

Zeus: I bless you with power and authority. You can be a true leader and can share leadership. You have great support, either for yourself and others. You always choose the right decisions from your heart. You will be able to fly, create and use lightning and never be afraid of heights.

Poseidon: I bless you with carefreeness and calmness. You, like the sea will know when to be obedient when you wish but have the temper to never mask your decisions. You're not too strict and have an aura of relaxation around you, making even the tensest people calm. You can control water, like hurricanes, whirlpools, breathe underwater etc.

You can communicate with sea creatures and have great coordination on water. Basically, anything water related you can control.

(Zeus:" "You could've just said that in the damn first place *Grumble*")

Hades: I bless you with independence, fearlessness, and selflessness. You are not scared of the dark, giving you night vision. You can keep secrets perfectly and have your way with how you want to sleep, having no "demigod" nightmares unless needed.

You can control darkness, not draining as much energy like most of my kids. You can communicate with the dead, and make riches appear. But not for selfish needings. They're not cursed unless brought unwillingly. You can shadow travel and have your own blood hound.

Hera: I bless you with loyalty. Unlike my husband, you will never cheat or hurt someone diabolically unless needed. You will hold the elegance of a peacock and share your true feathers on getting older.

You will always pick family and friends over enemy. Childbirth will never be painful and marriage will bind your love more deeply than others. Divorce WAY out of the question!

Athena: I bless you with incredible wisdom, battle skills and strategies, creativity and agility. This will enhance every one of the gifts more. You are fluent in every language and to learn rapidly. You're classified as a genius more than my own.

You strategies will never fail and plans always successful. You never make bad decisions but trust those sometimes. Rational thinking can help when you need it but you should mostly rely on instincts.

Ares: I bless you with the power of weapons, capability and strength. You may be as nice as you wish, but with this you never let people walk over you. True, you'll probably still be too nice for your own good, this just helps.

You can use EVERY weapon expertly and never fail at a battle. You are equal to us in fighting and be a machine when needed. Like Carol, you will be a peacemaker. G' luck punk.

Aphrodite: Oo! Well, I bless you with the power of beauty, romance and etiquette. You can never stumble or trip accidentally. You will do EVERYTHING with grace, which is impossible not to. Duh. Sadly, I can't make you a girly girl, but you will believe in love. You can charmspeak, FOR ONLY GOOD THINGS, and have no relationship problems, only with the right boy.

Your beauty, already SO MUCH I ENVY YOU! *AHEM* Uhh, yeah, will amplify as you get older but you won't see anything other than an average girl. You have changing colored eyes if you try really hard to have, and natural beauty, meaning you hate make up. Which I don't get... (Ow! Fine Arty, you didn't have to throw ur arrow!)

Apollo: Me and my lil' sis (Yes, I consider you younger, and no I won't let it go) give you archery. I bless you with sarcasm, humor, radiance, lightness, awesomeness and seriousness. You cannot be burned by the sun, meaning no need for sunscreen and glasses. You can be able to see the future if necessary.

You can play all instruments known and can sing better than me myself. *Uh, as if* You heal at an abnormal rate and can nurse the sickest to health and know how to heal anything. You know what to day at the right time and can be protective of ALL your own. Good luck girl!

Artemis: Technically, I'M older, but fine. Well, since Apollo announced about archery, I bless you with hunting, and communication between wild animals. Akin to Hades's night vision, you can make your way through the wild and track and trace, including covering your own. You can use animals too and can survive on anything nature provides. You can classify anything in nature and are blessed to never lose aim on prey.

Hephaestus: Since I don't want to have you crippled getting older. *Pointed look at Hera* I give you blacksmithery, stonemasonry, control over fire and machinery. You can identify and know everything there is to know about how to build, disable and reconstruct.

You can be more sociable than most of my children, but you also feel very natural working in a workshop. You are going to be a great child and become known to NOT be an outcast *again, pointed look* and will always have a place with US.

Dionysus: Well, hopefully you won't be a pain in the butt like all the other demigod and hero wannabe's but I bless you on the consent of your mom. (Only good for nothing demi-thing in this entire world)

I bless you with memorization, comfortable in spotlights, and integrity. You can do any sort of art, ballet, dancing, performing etc. When acting out a character, you can capture it perfectly. You adore others expressions, and are comfortable only on stage, other than that you despise unwanted attention.

Demeter: First, you need to keep in mind about grain! Cereal is a great example. It has a great source of energy... (Everyone shoots death glare) Uhh, I'll tell you later. I bless you with a green thumb, planting skills, energy, and healthy.

You have a great effect on plants around you and you can manipulate the growth and usage of a plant around you. It can hide you from monsters and cover your scent at a certain degree. REMEMBER YOUR GRAINS!

Hermes: Well, well, well. This is sure going to be fun. I bless you with humor, mischievousness, social life, adaptation to your surroundings (for traveling) and persuasion skills to add to your charm speak, and knowing where ever you are in the world.

What I mean is if you were in Chicago, you would know what street, road, address, like that. You may be serious, but you have a light side, like little pranks, and secretly, or openly love AWESOMELY PLANNED OUT ONE! Hopefully, you can help out too, if you believe it's worth it.

(*EVERYONE GROANING* "Like we needed anymore" Ares mumbles.)

You're very social and are warm and welcoming to others. You can adapt to any place you are and have flexibility to habitats, meaning you keep a daily routine and pattern. See ya prankster!

Hestia: Oh my dear child, I see many things in your way, hopefully you will succeed in all of it. I bless you with hospitality, aura of home and closure.

You can sacrifice whatever you desire to the fire giving you enough food when needed, but you may still need to eat regularly. Think of it as an added dessert to your meal. You will always be welcomed and invitation to places when deserved. Good luck young one.

Nike: I bless you with victory and persistent. You hate to give up, and although don't make a big fuss, live for the adrenaline of winning. Victory is part of you, but it won't come easily. Work hard young one, work is the key, will is the way.

Hecate: I bless you with knowledge of potions, and magic. You know all there is to know about magic, manipulating the mist an example. You can detect when there is something in a object or area.

If someone were to use charmspeak on YOU or an almost impossible resistance potion against you, you can easily dodge it and even use it your own advantage.

Iris: You look so DIFFERENT in your purple eyes! Wonder what it would look through a rainbow... Well, lots of time to see to that. I bless you with FREE IM service!


But it can't be for just a small thing. It has to be like a message to one of us, or what people usually use it for. Don't take advantage of this privilege. But you can IM ME for anything! Talk to you soon!

Hebe: Well, young one, *chuckle*, I give you the innocence of young and you will look like a goddess, young and beautiful no matter how old you are.

Even if your body were to wear out you would still be able to radiate and sparkle with youth and energy. You are magnificent with companions and young around you.

Lets say that you are a child magnet; an awesome mother at that.

Persephone: I could sure have a companion with ME in the underworld! Don't worry, without any kids of my own, I can help you with the darkness, maybe you can help light it up there!

It sure as Tartarus needs it, thats for sure...

I give you the fragrance of flowers, and secrets of which every flower itself represents. You can also control flowers more than any plant with the help of mothers gardening abilities.


After MANY more blessings (Which you will sooner or later gather most of them), Tani was fast asleep and the meeting adjourned.

Every time a blessing was placed upon Tani, a tattoo like mark was scarred into a painless symbol unto her. It fades quickly, but if Tani were to want them to brighten it would automatically do so.

Lets say if she were to want ALL of her tattoos to show, her entire body would light up enough to rival Apollo's "SUN".

And the life of Tanilla has officially begun.