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Anyways here's my new fan fiction. Hope you like it!


This is the story of my life, the story of a living hell. How it ended up like this, I don't know. All I want to do is fall, fall and change, maybe even end.

It all started on the day I was born. I was brought into this world innocent and pure, but was soon tainted. My mother walked out when I was seven. My father became an addict, unable to work. The rest of my elementary school life was spent barely getting by with the welfare checks from the government. Sometimes I was certain I was going to die of starvation.

Middle school wasn't much different. I began to lie about my age and take part time jobs to help the family budget. My life began to look up from there. We managed to afford better food and even an apartment meant for more than one person. I had no friends though; I had no time for trivial things like that.

I haven't seen mother in eight years. This is my life, and now it continues as I transfer to a new school and begin high school.

I know I know! Its short, but I'm already working on the first chapter so an update will be soon.

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