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Dean's eyes fluttered open as he croaked out the first name that came to mind.

"Cas..." He mumbled, and proceeded to awake suddenly, shooting up to a shaky standing position.

"Cas! Sam!" Dean's beloved family was nowhere in sight, and neither was his prized Impala. Dean's mind raced with a thousand theories, and eventually his memory returned of what had happened. He had been driving on the highway with Sam and Cas when a bright light had come at them... Dean had swerved into the nearby field, the one that seemed to appear out of nowhere... Dean looked around saw that the field where he currently stood seemed awfully familiar. He realized that at least twelve hours had passed, for it was daytime now. Dean scanned his surroundings before pulling out his phone from his back pocket. After three rings, Cas picked up.


"Cas, hey man. What the Hell happened?!"

"I... I don't know. Where are you, Dean?"

"In a field out in the middle of who knows where! Where are you?"

"Dean... The field we drove into?"


"I'm in that field as well." Stunned silence sat between the two. Dean shook his head, and groaned.

"Cas... I think there's a problem. Let me call Sam."

"OK Dean." Cas hung up quickly and waited for Dean to call back. Soon enough he did, and he told Cas that Sam was apparently also in the field, yet no one could see each other. The three decided to try to walk to the nearest town and see what happened. No one had any idea what was going on, so they might as well find something to eat. Castiel just went to follow the other men, even though they couldn't see each other. As Dean reached a little diner on the outskirts of town, he called the others to make sure they were seeing, and entering, the same building as him. Dean walked into the charming little nothing of a place, filled with loners and...

"Cas?" Dean walked quickly up to the table where Cas sat, and grinned.

"Cas, you sonuvabitch, thank god you're here!" Cas smiled back at Dean, and stood up, placing his hands on Deans shoulders and drawing him in for a hug. Dean hugged back, grateful to see his friend.

"Of course I'm here, Dean." Cas said reassuringly into his ear, pulling back from the hug and cupping Dean's face. Before Dean could react, Cas dived in for a kiss. Dean was shocked at first; why was Cas kissing him? Before Dean realized he was enjoying it, he heard a shout.

"What the Hell, Cas?" Cas stopped moving his lips, and drew back from the shell shocked Dean with a quizzical expression on his face.

"Dean?" He asked, turning towards the voice, and Dean turned too, because there stood... Dean.

Sam reached the little diner with little trouble. He slid into the barstool and orded a cheeseburger, grateful that no matter where you were, those were always on the menu. Before long, however, shock came his way. Stumbling through the door after a push from an unknown force came Castiel, and yet... Cas was young. About fifteen, as Sam saw it. As if that wasn't surprise enough another figure , the pusher, made himself known. It was Dean, and he looked like he was seventeen again. Weirdly enough, Anna the angel followed Dean, holding hands with... Sam. Sam recognized himself as fifteen years old, same as Cas and Anna. If that wasn't the universe's strange allotment, he didn't know what was. Dean and Cas slid in next to Sam, and young Sam and Anna followed. Sam kept his best "there's nothing weird going on" face glued to his face, pretending to watch the game while listening to the conversation.

"Anna, I need my hand to eat!" Young Sam complained.

"Says who?" taunted Young Anna.

Young Dean chuckled, and Sam saw in his peripheral vision that Young Dean had turned to Young Cas.

"You've got some food..." Sam saw Young Dean raise his hand to Young Cas's face, wiping away some mysterious food. If Sam didn't know better, he'd say there was a little... What was the word? Surely not...

Then Young Dean leaned in and kissed Young Cas, as if it were the most normal thing in the world. To the young incarnations of himself, and Anna it was.

"Come on you two, don't get us thrown out of another place..."

"Do we have to talk to you about PDA again?"

The four kids then promptly left, dragging the blushing Cas and Dean out of the restaurant.

When Castiel entered the diner he immediately called Dean, to no avail. Cas was worried about his friend, of course, but he decided he should wait a little and call back later. Calling Sam didn't register as a thing he should do, either. Cas had chosen to walk to the diner so as to not be separate from the men, even though no one could see each other. Of course, the view that presented itself to Cas was not at all what he expected.

In the center of the floor at the diner, Cas saw Dean on one knee with a ring. His friend was proposing! But to whom? Who had he managed to find that would cause this situation? A sharp pang of jealousy settled in Cas's heart, surprising him. As Cas turned to a different angle to see the woman in question, Cas was shocked as he saw not a woman... But himself. He was as shocked as, well... He was. This new Cas nodded, though, and Dean pulled him up into a tight embrace. Cas was about to go over there and New Dean saved him the trouble. As he pulled away from the hug he caught sight of Cas, and seemed to have an attack of some sort. After he got the initial shock out of his system, New Dean stormed over.

"What the Hell, Cas?" He asked furiously, adding an extra "s" to imply the double factor. Cas answered him.

"I don't know."

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