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After the men arrived at the motel, Sam almost immediately went out to grab food. Glad to be alone again, Dean started talking almost immediately.

"I think there was something wrong with one of the alternate universes. Specifically..." Dean trailed off, but Cas helped him find the words he was looking for.

"Specifically the one in which Sam was not accepting of the more... intimate aspects of our relationship." Dean swallowed a bit, and nodded. Cas started speaking again, "I was thinking the same thing. I think we should summon Hechashiah. He may have and explanation."

Dean nodded again, pulling out his bag while saying, "I'm way ahead of you." He spilt the contents onto the rickety motel bed. Castiel nodded, and began to set up the summoning with the ingredients Dean had brought. While Cas worked, Dean sighed and sunk onto the bed next to the one holding the summoning ritual. He rubbed the heels of his palms into his eyes, and groaned.

"I just don't get it." He murmured, "Why would he show us the universe where Sam rejects me when I do what he wants me to do?" Cas, not looking up from his work, responded.

"Maybe he's trying to be honest, Dean. Most likely, however, this was not meant to happen. I genuinely believe there is something... Wrong with the Sam in the other universe." Dean just nodded, rising up and moving to bed holdi the nearly complete altar. Cas finally finished, stepping back from his work immediately breaking out in rapid fire Latin. It was obvious that Cas didn't care enough for theatrics. Hechashiah appeared immediately, directly in front of the two men.

"What?" He asked, his voice void of pleasantries. Cas stepped back, allowing Dean to take the floor.

"Hey, Hech. We've got some questions." When Dean said 'Hech's it was not meant to be endearing as it was with Cas. It was supposed to be demeaning, and that point was clearly portrayed by Dean's tone. "Like why, when you're supposedly setting us up," Dean gestured toward Cas and then back at himself, "you'd show me the one universe that makes 'Dean&Cas' and for sure no in my eyes?" Hechashiah chuckled.

"I'm pretty sure that 'Dean&Cas' has happened, though. So obviously it isn't that bad. Does Samuel know?" Hechashiah asked, mischief dancing in his eyes.

"No, Sam doesn't fucking know. No one can know. Is that what you want? Some goddamn" -Hechashiah and Castiel both audibly winced- "drama in your angelic television? Cuz you may not know this, but this isn't scripted. It's fucking life. I'm not going to lose Sammy cuz you wanna see your characters get it on." Hechashiah took a step back from the seething hunter, visibly confused and, though he'd never admit it, just a tad frightened.

"What are you talking about? Samuel wouldn't judge you. I tried to show you that with those universes." Hechashiah had the beginnings of worry etched onto his face as he spoke. Dean stopped his seething, straightening up immediately.

"What?" He asked in a shaking voice.

"I suspected so. Brother, Sam did not accept the relationship of myself and Dean in the alternate universe Dean visited. We believe something was wrong with the Sam in that universe." Hechashiah nodded, acknowledging Castiel's words. The angel of beginnings winked at the other men, and Sam suddenly appeared.

"-con cheeseburger, and- what the fuck?" Sam jumped, realizing where he was. He then inwardly shuddered, feeling sorry for the lone attendant and the homeless man in the burger place he'd just been at. They probably thought they were crazy.

"Samuel. I'm Hechashiah. I don't believe we've met in person. However, our level of friendship really doesn't concern me. I'll be transporting you, Dean and Castiel to one of the alternate universes because there's something wrong with you. Well, alternate you." Sam just looked around, bewildered, as Hechashiah snapped his fingers and the universe the men were currently inhabiting melted away.

Sam blinked as angrily as one could blink, frustrated by the whole situation.

"Why the hell are we back here, Dean?" He asked, turning to his brother. This time they'd all landing standing, but still in the same goddamn field. However that worked. It wasn't as if they'd left from there.

"We aren't back here. I'm back here. You've never been here before." Dean skirted around Sam's question. H honestly, though unrealistically, hoped he wouldn't have to answer. He couldn't give Sam the whole truth, just in case there was nothing wring with the Sam here. Just in case Hechashiah accidentally sent them to a universe that was perfectly fine. A universe where Sam just wanted to get away from Dean, and took any chance he could? Dean was kind of worried that the Sam here was the same way.

"Dean..." Sam said angrily.

"Fine, fine. Hechashiah tipped us off that there was something wrong with the Sam here. He wasn't sure what, and I never saw him, so we agreed to go check it out." Dean said hurriedly. It wasn't a whole truth, but it wasn't entirely a lie, either. Cas stayed silent as the men trudged toward the town, not saying anything until they reached the diner that stood on the edge of town. Squinting his eyes at the main road, Cas stared at a figure with fiery red hair, tying her jogging shoes on the sidewalk. Dean followed his gaze to the girl, and chuckled.

"We'll, I'll be damned. It's Anna!" Cas nodded, and turned to Sam.

"You should go ask her where we are. It's reasonable to assume that she knows us; she may even be related to me in this universe as well." Cas told Sam reasonably.

"Uh, dude, it's your sister. Who scares the hell out of me. Hasn't Dean been there already anyway?" Sam countered.

"So what? In case you haven't realized, Sammy, I don't have the best memory. Do you really expect me to remember where an apartment I've been to once is?" Dean asked, and Sam fumed.

"Then why don't you ask her, Cas?" Sam pleaded.

"I cannot. How would it look if I asked where myself was?" Cas responded. Sam sighed. Cas had a point, and so Sam sauntered up the the red headed woman while his brother and Cas hid behind .

"Hey, Anna!" He called, praying that Anna did indeed know him in is universe. Otherwise he'd have quite a bit of explaining to do. Anna looked up from her second shoe, and immediately looked back down.

"What do you want, Sam?" She asked briskly. Anna sounded pissed.

"Umm... I was looking for my brother and Cas." Sam stammered, starting to see why there might be something wrong with the Sam in this universe. How fucked up could he have gotten? What could he have done that made Anna react this way?

"Seriously? I'm guessing you can't call them because you got rid of there numbers? Honestly, Sam, I'm not sure if I should give you their address. You know Dean hates himself because of you. I've tried telling him that you're just a dick-" Anna finished tying her other shoe and looked up, directly into Sam's eyes- "which you are, by the way. But your brother, the ultimate martyr, still blames it on himself. I don't understand why you're so pissed at him. So he's gay, so what? I've seen you have gay friends before. Hell, Alonso's gay, but you haven't been bigoted around him." Anna huffed.

Sam sighed, and responded apologetically, "I... I know. I get that now. I guess I just didn't like that I didn't know Dean as well as I thought I did. I guess I was just mad that I didn't see it coming. I was hoping to go apologize." Anna eyed him suspiciously, before finally giving in and telling Sam the address. Sam thanked her and apologized profusely, having finally gathered what Dean and Hechashiah had meant by saying something was wrong with the Sam here. Now Sam thought so too.

Sam rejoined his brother and the angel, giving them the address, and they started their trek toward the apartment, which was luckily not that far from the diner where this whole mess had really started. When they reached the place around twenty minutes later, Sam stopped the other two men.

"Dean, Cas, I need you to be honest with me. What really tipped you off about this me? Because, Anna, she said some interesting things..." Sam trailed off.

"Ummm..." Dean stammered. He knew he had to tell his brother the truth, but he honestly didn't want to. Luckily for him, Cas saved the day.

"The Sam in this universe does not keep in contact with the Dean and myself in this universe because of the romantic aspects of their relationship. Based on Dean's knowledge of you, he realized that something must be wrong." Cas explained.

"Oh." Sam said, and then began to lead the group up the stairs. Though Dean looked normal, inside he was a wreck. Sam hadn't said anything on how Dean was right to suspect something. Maybe he wasn't right to suspect something! Sam, on the other hand, was disgusted with the Sam from this universe. He didn't feel the need to say that, though. Of course Dean and Cas already knew that! Sam was itching to just lock them in a broom closet so they could sort out their obvious sexual tension. Of course, he never would. Then he wouldn't be able to help thinking about his brother having sex, a thought he tried to push as far away from his mind as possible on a regular basis.

Sam nearly passed the door from being wrapped up in his own thoughts, but caught himself just in time. Turning toward the door with Dean and Cas behind him, Sam knocked. A few moments later, alt Dean opened the door. Taking in the fact that the other Dean and Cas were with him, he almost immediately realized that this was the other Sam.

"Hey, Cas, honey? I think we got some company." Dean shouted to Cas, who was presumably somewhere in the apartment.

"What?" Cas called back, walking toward his husband and the open door. As he rounded the corner and came into view of the open door, he just nodded. Neither one of the men seemed all that surprised.

"Oh. I supposed you're here to talk about Sam?" Cas asked. Sam spluttered.

"Wha- how do you know that?" Sam asked.

"Your angel buddy, Hechashiah stopped by. Told us you needed to ask some stuff about Sammy." Dean replied, very nonchalant, "So come on in and ask." The three other men complied, following the couple to the living room. Alt Dean and alt Cas sat down on the two chairs, alt Cas shooting a pointed look at Dean with a raised eyebrow, his eyes flickering back between to couch that sat two and Dean. Dean sighed inwardly, and sat down. Sam sat on a third chair near the alt men and Cas sat down next to Dean. Both Sam and Dean recognized that there was no need for Cas to sit; he had his mojo in the universe this time because they'd been sent there by request. Part of the request was for Cas to have power. However, nobody commented on the unnecessary sitting. Sam just did his best to hide his grin, and Dean did his best not to kiss the damn angel.

"Ok, ummm..." Dean stammered, trying to push down the heat rising in his cheeks, "Sam. We think there's something off with him. Our Sam-" Dean gestured to the giant in the tiny chair- "wouldn't ever abandon his family. Especially not cuz I'm- err, you're into dudes. So we need to know where he is, to see if anything's wrong." Dean bit his tongue and glanced over to Sam, hoping he hadn't noticed his older brother's slip up. Sam looked no different, but inside his mind was racing. 'Did Dean just accidentally come out? I'm pretty sure he said 'I'm', at first at least. I'll have to ask him later.' Sam pushed the thought to the recesses of his mind, to be considered later.

"I hope you're right. That'd explain a lot. Lemme give you his address. He live in an apartment complex a couple of blocks away." Alt Dean said, rising to go get a pen and paper. He came back moments later, handing the address to Dean. The three men thanked the couple and left for alt Sam's apartment.

They reach the place easily, and alt Sam is home when they get there. They didn't waste time trying to explain what was going on to alt Sam, because, as Cas explained, it was likely there was something wrong with Sam's soul. It would be easier for Cas to use his powers to knock alt Sam out, then use his powers to "read his soul". Cas did so, taking no joy in alt Sam's unconscious groans. Dean grimaced at the sight, and Sam just looked horrified.

"It's missing." Cas finally proclaimed, taking his hand out of alt Sam's abdomen, which looked as though it had never been touched. He continued talking, "Not all of it, but some. I think I have an idea of what has happened, but I'll have to speak with Hechashiah. If I am right, then we can fix it." Sam and Dean nodded, and Cas used his angel radio to contact his brother. Hechashiah popped down quickly; he'd been waiting for his brother's call.

"Castiel. Please tell me you have fixed the problem." Hechashiah said hopefully.

"Not yet, brother. I believe I know what's wrong. The Sam here is missing part of his soul. Not all of it, which I believe means that the absence is not this universe's fault. I'm afraid some time in our future Sam may lose all of his soul, and it is reverberating across the universes." Castiel responded, and Sam and Dean looked horrified.

"I see. How are we to fix this?" Hechashiah asked.

"I'm afraid we have to seal off our universe until the events that are set in stone from the loss of Sam's soul happen. Otherwise more Sams in different universes will lose their souls. To repair this one, we must erase our knowledge of the future as well." Castiel answered solemnly. Of course that would mean that he and Dean would forget the progress they had made. Cas knew it had to be done, however. Before Dean could protest, Hechashiah nodded.

"So it must be done. I'll keep myself from doing this again, too. Set some unknown mental boundaries. Goodbye, memories." Hechashiah sighed, and got a far off look in his eye. Suddenly he seemed to snap back to his surroundings, immediately eyeing Castiel with pity.

"I have taken the liberty of looking into the future." Hechashiah grimaced.

"I'm sorry for the sorrow you will endure, Castiel. I'd tell you to keep in mind that it was orchestrated by Father, but I'm afraid even I will forget that. And it'd be rather hypocritical of me to tell you to do what I can't." Hechashiah chuckled, and snapped his fingers. Everything turned white, and nothing that had happened would be recovered. For now.

After the angels fell, so did the seal on the universe. With Hechashiah's power gone, the seal on their memories dissolved as well, and Dean and Sam and Cas remembered what supposedly was gone forever.

When Dean found Cas in the woods, the first thing they did was kiss. The second thing they did was return to the Impala where an injured Sam was stretched out in the back, and tell Sam what had happened all of those years ago. Sam was overjoyed that Dean could finally be happy.

And all it took was a few forgotten memories.

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