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:-:Chapter 1: Girls VS Boys:-:

:-:Amu's P.O.V:-:

"What does the woman want this time?!" Rima asked. I rolled my eyes and sighed.

"Another rare gem, meaning another mission to go on." I answered. We reached two huge reddish brown double doors with golden handles. Utau knocked on the doors and they opened automatically.

"Ah. Girls...I'm sending you on another mission! But you have some competition this time though!" our boss, Nobuko, said. We pretended to be always!

"Yaya wants to know about the new mission!" Yaya cried.

"You girls have to gain a special gem. But your competition may look like more of a problem." she answered. We raised an eyebrow. I thought she was lying about the competitors just to get us to do the mission.

"And how do these 'competitors' look like exactly?" I asked. Nobuko grinned and pressed a button. Five holograms showed up in front of us.


Name: Agent Tsukiyomi

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Midnight blue hair, azure eyes and a light tan.

Weapon: Slash Claw

Movement(s): Is as sneaky as an alley cat. Reflexes similar too.


Name: Agent Souma

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Reddish brown hair, green eyes and tan.

Weapon: Soccer ball that appears out of nowhere and follows the target.

Movement(s): Uses a rocket board to get away from enemies.


Name: Agent Hotori

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Platinum blonde hair, magenta-red eyes and fair skin.

Weapon: Golden King Rod.

Movement(s): Can charm a girl with a sparkle attack.


Name: Agent Fujisaki

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Purplish blue hair that reaches his waist, chestnut eyes and a light tan.

Weapon: A basketball will appear in his hands out of nowhere.

Movement(s): Can confuse anyone by crossdressing and changing his name.


Name: Agent Sanjo

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Forest green hair, cyan blue eyes and fair skin.

Weapon: Samurai

Movements: Can trick you easily by being mature and saying words of knowledge.


"The boy in front of you is the one you're going to concentrate on." Nobuko stated. I looked at her mouth dropped. I didn't have one. I had two!

"THE HELL?! Why do I have two?!" I shouted and asked at the same time. She simply chuckled.

"Because one of them is always making the other look out for suspicious people. Now off you go! You're mission starts in an hour!" she answered. I stormed off. I may be the leader of this group but seriously! We then went to our own rooms and started changing into our suits.

:-:Somewhere in the Forest:-:

:-:Ikuto's P.O.V:-:

Am I hearing correctly? He wants us to go on another mission?! We've been working for this guy since we were 6! 6 MAN 6! He hasn't even told us his name! He prefers to be called master.

"These are your competition." he said as he pressed a button causing a hologram of four girls appear in front of us.


Name: Agent Hinamori

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Pink soft hair, honey eyes and pale skin.

Weapon: Heart Rod.

Movement(s): Can make you think she has a 'cool n' spicy' act.


Name: Agent Hoshina

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearnce: Blonde hair that reaches waist, violet eyes and fair skin.

Weapon: A devil trident.

Movement(s): She can sing and make you get into a trance.


Name: Agent Mashiro

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Blonde wavy hair, brown eyes and fair skin.

Weapon: Juggling.

Movement(s): Charms a boy and makes him her servant.


Name: Agent Yuiki

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearnce: Ginger brown hair, brown eyes and a light tan.

Weapon: A huge rattle.

Movement(s): Can cry and get you distracted.


"Wait—Ikuto and I have the same girl?" Tadag—I mean Tadase said. Our master nodded. My mouth dropped.

"What! Why?!" I asked.

"Because she's the leader meaning her friends will cover for her and let her get what they're looking for. Now go get ready!" he answered. We nodded and ran back to our rooms. I grabbed my Slash Claw and smirked. Oh this was gonna be fun!

:-:In an Abandon Building:-:

Out of all the places it had to be here. It'll probably take a day to find that gem or whatever!

"JUGGLING PARTY!" we heard someone yell. And before we knew it we were being chased by some bowling pins. I grabbed my Slash Claw and destroyed one of them.

"SHIT!" I heard Kūkai cuss. I looked over at him and he was fighting some girl with long blonde hair sticking out of her hood.

And I mean a little. Mostly from her bangs—WHAT AM I SAYING?! Concentrate!

"HOTORI! We've got to get the gem before those girls do!" I informed and started running towards the building.

I heard his footsteps behind me and we came upon an elevator and a flight of stairs. I took the stairs and ran until we reached a room with a crimson red diamond. "Yes! We've made it without getting into any trouble!" Tadase said. I rolled my eyes and nodded. Right before I grabbed it I heard a voice behind us...

"Think again Agent H." it was a feminine voice. Does that mean...

:-:Amu's P.O.V:-:

I saw a midnight blue haired guy run into the building with a blonde guy behind him. Must be Agent T and Agent H. I started running after them, but I knew I couldn't make it on time, so...I started climbing the walls.

"WHOA!" I shouted. I was almost hit with one of Rima's bowling pins! I continued climbing until I saw two guys and a red gem. As they were about to reach it I sneaked in and eavesdrop on what they were saying.

"Yes! We've made it without getting into any trouble!" the blonde guy said. The midnight blue haired one nodded and attempted to grab the gem until...

"Thank again Agent H." I said as I stepped out of hiding. They looked at me shocked.

"Agent...H?" the blonde one said. I nodded.

"Step away from the gem." I ordered. They shook their heads. I smirked and cracked my knuckles, "Okay. Have it your way. HEART ROD!" In a matter of seconds I had my weapon in my hand. I spun it and then aimed it towards the midnight blue haired one. He dodged it!

"Nice try. But I've seen a five year old throw better then that." he said. At this point I got mad and charged at them. They didn't notice because their back was facing me. I grabbed the midnight blue haired one and socked him across the face. I continued doing this until I felt someone grab me by my shoulders and through me across the room.

"He did NOT just do that." I muttered. I felt someone grab me by my legs and smash me against the wall. Agent T continued doing that while Agent H headed towards the gem. I needed to think of something. And I needed to think now!

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