Me: It's been such a long time. 5 months?

Ikuto: YES! You completely left us for Fairy Tail! YOU B***H!

Me: Do you want me to make this TadAmu?

Ikuto: NO!

Amu: Yes.

Me: Okay!

Ikuto: You're kidding right?


:-:Chapter 3: Have I Meet You Before?:-:

:-:Utau's P.O.V:-:

As I walked around I started thinking that Kūkai looked so familiar. Was it becuase of his hair? "Utau." I turned around and saw him.

"Hey Kūkai." The air all of a sudden got intense. I saw him rubbing his head while looking on the ground.

He sighed, "I was wondering if you'd like to go to this Ramen shop three blocks away. What do you think?" I nodded with my cheeks tinted pink. I knew they were pink because they were warm.


"THAT'S YOUR GUYS THRID BOWL! Are you sure about this? I mean...YOU'RE ONLY TEENAGERS!" Kūkai and I shrugged our shoulders. I was going to beat him! No one! And I mean no one best Utau Hoshina at eating Ramen!

Kūkai looked at me with some of the noddles in his mouth, "Amazwing. I'm swe somewon...eawong as...much Ramen as I do." he said. I didn't understand a single thing other then 'as much as I do.

I rolled my eyes and tried to look away. He just...isn't worried about becoming over-weight does he?!

"You're probably thinking I'm a fat ass aren't you?"

I looked at him not knowing what to say. He laughed, "Well, sorry to disappoint you but I run every single day. If anyone here's the fat ass it's you." I gasped but I could clearly see the 'I'M KIDDING! GOSH!' in his eyes.

I rolled my eyes and continued trying to beat him at out little eating contest. I could feel his stare. "Sto-stop looking at me!" I shuddered. I hardly shuddered so this was a complete shock to me.

I heard people saying about how cute we looked together, so on instinct I shouted out, "WE'RE NOT A COUPLE!"

"Kūkai!" The door burst opened and here came in the slut; Saaya Yamabuki. "Ready for our date babe?"

I scoffed while Kūkai smiled, "Yea...uh...I don't remember asking you out." Saaya pouted.

"But...didn't you leave this note on my locker?" Saaya handed a small note to Kūkai. As Kūkai finished reading it he let it fall to the ground with his face now dull. As I picked It up I started to read it out loud, "Dear Saaya, I was wondering if you'd like to go out sometime. Maybe this Saturday? If yes then that's awesome! Later!"

I looked at Kūkai and I assumed he hadn't written this at all. "Who gave you the note and when?"

Saaya looked hurt, "You did. Remember? And an hour ago."

"Saaya. I never gave you a note and that's not even my handwriting." Saaya glared at him, "Are you trying to tell me this was a prank?!"

"No. He's telling the truth. He's been here since we left school which ended about and hour and thirty minutes ago." I said. She looked at me in disgust. She should look in a mirror.

"And who are you?!"

"Utau." We stood standing there while glaring. After about three minutes she finally gave up on the date with Kūkai. "Oh well. Whatever. I guess I'll just go for Ikuto considering he's single right now. Later."

I got frustrated. "Stop bitching around and open your eyes! You can't have everything!"

Saaya got angry and just walked off. After that, Kūkai didn't talk at all. Not a single word came out of him. I couldn't blame him. Everybody gets mad and stays quiet when they are asked out by Saaya.

Me: I know. This is super short! Considering I had 5 months and all that shit. :P Kill me if you want. But would you be kind enough to give me a few ideas ford the next chapter? Anybody?

Ikuto: Shut up Mizuki! Nobody cares.


Kūkai: Why are you so evil?

Me: I DIDN'T HAVE ANY IDEAS! Gosh! So mean!