This is just a side story for the main thing, its just a little thing you need to know to understand the rest I guess. Hope you enjoy^^


Once upon a time there was a mighty kingdom that was holding a big party for their newborn baby prince and princess. All the citizens where at joy for the newborns.

This kingdom was none other than the Candy Kingdom, a beautiful place to be living in, there was always happiness and nothing bad had happen since after the big war between the Candy kingdom and the Nightosfeer kingdom a 1000 years ago.

In the war many candy people died battling with the living dead! But that was the past and peace was over the kingdom now.

But this peace didn't really last to long after they wgere born, when the royal twins turned 16, a new war came across the two biggest kingdoms in the country, it was no surprise since the Candy- and the Nightosfeer kingdom kept on arguing with one another since after the big war. The king and queen kept the fact that their neighboring kingdom and theirs where not really at peace after the war was over.

King Baker had been a ruler for over seven decades and was to old so he could not take care of the kingdom, and the queen did not want to rule alone but take care of her beloved husband, so prince Bubba Gumball took over, this left princess Bunnibel Bubblegum to no help for her kingdom.

After two years of terrible war the Candy kingdom decided to ask the Human kingdom for help, but they refused to help unless they gave their daughter's hand of marriage to their only son; prince Finn.

The king agreed with the condition and ignored the protests of the outrageous Princess.

Hope you liked it and stay tuned;3